i have found you in my softness-
where the sea ends // where she woke
to wash the residue of my drowning
like it was not enough of a war for her //
like my dirty wasn’t dirty enough and i 
wasn’t pure enough // you led me to 
your angelic mouth and asked me to sin-

every part of me was burning and i
just wanted to jump in deeper // like 
the paining of this violent sea between us
was much greater than the soreness we
have always endured // like the fight 
in my bones could get me through anything-

there is a specific sound the word safe makes 
in my mouth // there is a specific taste it leaves-
your name is like the hymn i never learnt, but oh
i needed it // its like praying for the first time and 
finding salvation // its like not knowing what you 
believe in-

i am hopeless and breaking // i am
uncertain and confused and aching, alone-
but we are the sun and the sky and sea, together
and there is no moon tonight but we love it // there is
only crashing in me // only earthquakes, tsunamis
and other calamities // i am the sea, dear heart-

you have found me at my softest // you have 
given me this softness // i am shaking- 
i have given you pieces of me // you will
always have parts of me // please don’t set me free.

New design keychain arrival! But they miss out my Alashi Kuniyuki….!!!! Sob…!! They must re-print Akashi for me!!!! ಥДಥ I will kill the printer! #刀剣男子 #刀剣乱舞 #tsurumaru #kiyomitsu #kashuu #fanart #drawing #toukenranbu #加州清光 #鶴丸 #三日月宗近 #小狐丸 #蛍丸 #hotarumaru #kogitsunemaru #mikazuki #keychain #mywork

By me..
واضح المحتوی ؟ 😅😆
وبعد ده كلو..
كتبت ديكور ! 😢😭💔
ندمت اني مدخلتش تصوير؟
نوعا ما..
كنت هندم اكتر برضو لو مكتبتش ديكور
انفصام في الشخصية..يارب خير 😩💘
ممكن علی اول الترم تلاقوني غيرت القسم 😂✋
بس خايفه يكرهوني في الرسم لاني هحس اني مجبورة..وانا مبحبش حد يجبرني علی حاجه بحبها !
#oilpainting #mywork #my_art #رسمتي #كلنا_رسامين #رسامين_عرب #الوان #زيت #قماش #assignment #مشروع #كرف #ما_شاء_الله #ديكور #تصوير #فنون #فنانين_عرب #رسمي #يارب

Making News

That unread fresh news,
and the smell of the paper, unused;
Sliced and diced for consumption,
yours and mine,
our lives,
on the front page of the edition;
Cryptic crosswords,
or posing for stardom,
or murdered for fame;
Everything, from the incredible to the lame;
Selling us, spread out,
like jam and butter,
with piping hot cups of tea;
And the curious silly faces,
with spectacles pulled high up on their noses,
reading with concentration,
between the lines, our audience;
Like us,
they too imagine making money;
Marketing their lives, outside of their stories;
Drooling over our commercial success,
in comparable theory.