longingly/lovingly snapped
collar bone spears in our hearts,
for all the times we spoke without
pools of blood in our mouths,
like i swallowed the sun and burned,
you picked thorns from fresh rose
bushes, to feel a pain we never felt-
never left, our taste for destruction
but our tender arms gave way with
the endurance of a war that didn’t begin;
we, once from holy lands, now fallen soldiers
with flightless arrows and heavy chests;
no cuts and bruises to show for it-
just the unfathomable aches of what we
couldn’t be and how we’ll be buried with it.
my nerve endings, now shocking trees,
like the hollow in my bones ache
to the rhythm of a foreign heart-
like mine, betrayed // slayed by you,
with my victim // culprit hands soaked
in the blood of this distance left uncured.

I’ve been wanting to draw Rose Quartz since I started watching Steven Universe some time ago, but didn’t find a moment up til now. I still like Garnet best of all the gems but the pinkness of Rose spoke to me. She also loves plant life which made her extra special to me so yeah, I just had to.

I have no wild speculations to offer when it comes to lion but I’m pretty sure he is a part of or created by Rose. Because, you know, obvious reasons…