This girl is complete! She will be the subject of next Monday’s speedpaint so keep an eye out for that! Her sweater is low key super inspired by the bomb ass one Coraline wore 😅 She is available in my Etsy shop which you can find the link to in my bio 💖✨ #art #myart #artist #artistic #drawing #mydrawing #draw #sketch #sketchy #mysketch #sketching #doodle #doodles #mydoodle #cute #beautiful #girl #mywork #work #wip

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Stratus Fighters, First Look!

This is a pretty awesome achievement after the first 2.5 days since alpha officially began. @liamsgames and I are so lucky to have a team of people who are not only super talented but are also just really great people in general.

What you’re seeing here is the product of a couple of weeks’ planning and a few days of actual implementation on our end of year project. We are currently on a one-week holiday break, then when we return we must power on to see Alpha to completion.

Note: The split-screen views will eventually become 4-way multiplayer, but for now it is different camera angles on the one ship. This was used for level design purposes to ensure the level was easy to navigate when the player’s screen is only a quarter of the full viewport.


TAEKOOK SERIES: if tae was the school’s bad boy and jungkook the student council’s vp.

in which kim taehyung is a mistaken bad boy, actual softie, likes to look at the clouds and giggle about the shapes they form, he collect flowers (pictures, he wouldn’t kill a poor flower) and, all in all, is a clumsy guy with bad luck —-that’s what jungkook finds out while looking out for him, and what makes him fall a bit in love (just a bit).

“they just decided to stay away from me, you know? it’s easier to judge someone and believe that they are right, than judge one’s self and see your flaws; i’m not as bad as they think.”

“you’re not bad at all, kim taehyung.”

(jungkook frowns while looking at taehyung large hands, knuckles red and a bit dry; there are some scratches but nothing serious. “how did you get that? did you actually get into a fight?”

taehyung laughs for real, rectangle-like grin lights up his whole face, while he shakes his head from side to side, hands finding jungkook’s arm and squeezing lightly. “are you insane?” he manages to get out between breathy chuckles. “if you count punching a vending machine as a fight, then yeah… and i totally won, by the way.”)

As every white feminist puts on their party hat and starts an early celebration because “omg finally a female president in the United States!!” just remember she’ll be stopping women of color everywhere from reaching their dreams/goals/aspirations by 1) bombing the shit out of women in the middle east 2) turning every conversation into a ‘but look at me rich white woman- i suffer too–my diamond glass ceiling is finally shattered!! We made it!’ 3) stomping on black kids futures, landing poc in jail, and breaking up and deporting families.

so if you really care about women/poc/anti-racism and equality- check yourself cause you about to wreck us all.