we’re back to the years of the church
                                                 -let me explain-

[Yves in a church with stained windows, searching for 
something without a name] with hymns in the background;
the heart of holy in your mouth, waiting to be swallowed-
the fading marble turning soft in your hands / your hands
lining the alter, waiting for god. waiting for something better
than this.

the halcyon years remind me of the paint on our torsos, and 
how we looked doused in gold / i remember your golden mouth
and the way it sang, without saying goodbye- yes, i know we’re 
back to the years of the church, and how we prayed

                                               - but hear me out-

[Yves in a church with fruit in their hand, waiting to be devoured /
waiting to be communion]; always hungry. you with all the pits,
and how they crash into each other in your stomach. i, with my
emptiness, and fullness all at once- that summer i let out the doves

from under my armpits, and gave them a reason to fly / you found
a place to hide, and we both lied from between our teeth. we both laid
in different beds. with different arms around us, and it didn’t feel like 
death- here i am awakened, in the church years, with Yves- waiting

for you under the orange tree- with your golden mouth. with
the thing without a name. with the halcyon years. with the
church in my chest. with the doves painted blue. with
my hands folded. with my knees on the floor-
                                                where are you?

PILGRIMAGE // FOR @yvesolade

Το στριφτό.

Δε καπνίζω, ποτέ δεν κάπνιζα. Ωστόσο, πάντα μου κινούσε το ενδιαφέρον ο τρόπους που έστριβαν το τσιγάρο οι άνθρωποι γύρο μου. Το έκαναν με προσοχή,με αφωσίωση.. θα ήθελα να ήμουν το στριφτό τσιγάρο κάποιου,έστω, για μιά φορά. Να μου έδινε όλη του την προσοχή, και να με άφηνε να τον σκοτώσω για λίγο, να του δώσω λίγη απόλαυση και στο τέλος να βοηθήσω το μυαλό του να χαθεί.


TAEKOOK SERIES: if tae and kook had peach accounts

in which kim taehyung talks about his not-so lowkey crush on jeon jungkook in peach.

“he totally didn’t post that; i mean, his peach is on public, why the fuck would he talk about me!?”

“it says tae totally checked me out… nice;  i don’t know about you, but the only tae i know that would do that is you.”