now, loving with pressed lips-
a dream still lies awake in me / with me,
despite the waves between us.

like a broken record player, a prayer
with every sigh / every word / every breath,
where you don’t even speak in silences
anymore and i’m still drafting poems in mine.
you, so engraved in mouth, i’m reciting the quiet, love.

i’m reciting every flame of hope like a moth, in a frenzy;
ready to be consumed by all that you have-
i’m making wishes with your smallest gestures
of affection; say you mean them with an
unfathomable depth, like that of your heart.

tell me, that the graze of our fingers
is a dream for you too, love / for me -

in this waiting / longing under my skin.
in this open heart surgery / hospital bed /
flashing lights dreaming, in my damaged chest.
in these dirty clavicle desires of tenderness
where my bones rattle and ache without you.
in this spinning feeling / this drowning in you-
so helplessly with tired arms and emptiness, tell me.

i’m holding open maps to my chest,
placing my empty hands, hoping it hurts less-
love me / tell me- am i the only one dreaming?


Directed by Sam Wilkes:
Cinematography and editing by Adam Benevides:
Script by Sam WIlkes with words by Zachary Leachman:
Cast: Taylor Glasheen and Jasmine Benton
Music titled You’n’me by Moody Womb:
Sam Wilkes MicroProductions.
Part of a series of short films which explore LGBTQ stories. My desire is for these microproductions to be diverse in subject matter, vision, style, and message. There is not a singular way to tell the stories of such a diverse community and these shorts simply seek to take snapshots of lives.

I’ve been wanting to draw Rose Quartz since I started watching Steven Universe some time ago, but didn’t find a moment up til now. I still like Garnet best of all the gems but the pinkness of Rose spoke to me. She also loves plant life which made her extra special to me so yeah, I just had to.

I have no wild speculations to offer when it comes to lion but I’m pretty sure he is a part of or created by Rose. Because, you know, obvious reasons…