think / in carcusses; angel wings on the back 
of a broken animal, like me- to the point of
almost unimpressive, to the god of winter /

unscathed, he talks with a flapping glitter tongue,  
as i watch, in amazement- afraid of feeling more
than a quiet burning sensation in my chest /

i go back to reading the night instead of dreaming;
full of jealousy, for the girl with a golden throat- please 
don’t say a word before i spit flowers in pain; its too much /

his throne, bright with my anguish- shines, as
he walks proud, barefoot on my chest, for days-
never speaking of love till my last breath / into stone. 

i lay bare for a man, as a meal; most happy, as he
devours my dreams into specs of stringy flesh in 
his teeth- he kisses her throat goodnight / and i die


And then there is that one person you love. So much that they consume all your thoughts day and night. So much that you you just could lie down with them for an eternity. So much that you would do anything to be with them. But then you realize it. Realize the truth. They had been lying. Lying all along. Lying about the fact that they loved you. Lying about how they will love you forever. Lying that every damn time you asked them how much they loved you. Every damn time. It is always that one person you love the most who leaves you broken in the end.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write.

TAEKOOK SERIES: if tae was the school’s bad boy and jungkook the student council’s vp.

in which kim taehyung is a mistaken bad boy, actual softie, likes to look at the clouds and giggle about the shapes they form, he collect flowers (pictures, he wouldn’t kill a poor flower) and, all in all, is a clumsy guy with bad luck —-that’s what jungkook finds out while looking out for him, and what makes him fall a bit in love (just a bit).

“they just decided to stay away from me, you know? it’s easier to judge someone and believe that they are right, than judge one’s self and see your flaws; i’m not as bad as they think.”

“you’re not bad at all, kim taehyung.”

(jungkook frowns while looking at taehyung large hands, knuckles red and a bit dry; there are some scratches but nothing serious. “how did you get that? did you actually get into a fight?”

taehyung laughs for real, rectangle-like grin lights up his whole face, while he shakes his head from side to side, hands finding jungkook’s arm and squeezing lightly. “are you insane?” he manages to get out between breathy chuckles. “if you count punching a vending machine as a fight, then yeah… and i totally won, by the way.”)