MAXON WEEK 2K16 : day two (Maxon and America)

“They slow dance when it rains. I have no idea why, but every time the sky turns gray, you’ll find them together.” I smiled. “I remember once Dad barged into the Women’s Room, which is completely improper. You’re supposed to be invited in. But it was raining, and he wasn’t going to wait to sweep her away. And one time he dipped her in the hallway, and she just laughed and laughed. She was still wearing her hair down then, and I’ll never forget how it looked like a waterfall of red. It’s like no matter what happens, they can find themselves again there.”

(credits to @eadrikschreave for the polaroids edit)

Too much.
Have you ever been too much, can you ever feel too much, can you ever do too much?
Life is full of unlimited restraints, unbelievable standards and ridiculous images.
People will hinder you, judge you, lie to you, beat you with the words they forget to filter, without the mind to know the difference between the soul and the bullet.
What have you done too much that creates such a fuss in this society?
Be kind.
Have empathy.
Be passionate,
Being merely human will get you thrown to the curb nowadays.
For some reason turning into machines and monsters is the acceptable road to success.
Your path to success is being yourself, without the weight of being too human for anyone, anything, any situation.
We are all different, unique in ways many will not understand nor accept.
Do not let this world take that from you.
Leave your soul untouched by the ignorance of today and your mind open to growth,
For you are beautiful, and if you are too much for anything or anyone, do not allow them to hold you back. -Z 💙 #poetry #words #mywork #queenzyung #writers #life #live #love #create #passion #toomuch

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