everything tastes of heartbreak/heartache- takes
a chunk of my belly and feeds it to the boy i call
beautiful [in whispers]; no one’s listening, and i’m
calling him beautiful like it is a right. it is my
right to feel the honey drip down my hands as
i write about aching; everything sounds so vulgar
when it’s about love. i make breakage for a living
and pose as a creator. i create worlds in which i am
worthy of a lover, and then i swim to where  
they kissed the back of my neck- it tickles/they
taste the 2 week unwashed feeling of my hair
and rest a secret where it is most unreachable. i
twist till i fall in my dream, and wake up in an
empty bed; everything tastes salty after a shower.
the memory of a wrong number calls sometimes- i wish
it were mine/the sky unfolds into my spine; my careless
anatomy never knew what couldn’t be loved- now, the
ache subsides as i twist the other way around, tied
in yarn- no place to spread out.



Hey guys!  Here’s the first few photos from our Rey cosplay photoshoot at Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes!  :D 

My daughters Eden (first two photos) and Roxie (third photo) doing their best interpretation of Rey on Jakku! 

More to come… Let me know what you think!

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