A new series of drabbles, to explore Korra and Asami’s reactions to the stuff the fandom posts about them, or internet trends in general. I’ll generally stick chapters up when random funny trends happen (to start with I’ll cover Asami, Korra and Korrasami in the first three chapters)

This is loosely inspired by katanlene‘s image on the same theme, as well as another artist I’ve seen do something very similar.

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you, softly at the end of a high tension power line,
and i with a million moons in mouth // or the other way around-

where the sun hits us in our sleep, and we, like birds 
crossing it all, not caring for the world, anymore- sing,

on a dying tree; my country where autumn doesn’t exist
and i tell you, how i love it (you) // and we wait for it

with warm water and flower beds // we wait for it
with an open chest // and we wait for it; for you,

to feel more of this arrangement, and be angered by it-
why am i the one, with want on my fingers, and a fight

that’s ready to break winter’s teeth //  kiss my bloody
knuckle at least, why don’t you // carry the stinging

in your heart, and heal it // or feel it- say something more
than okay // choke on my pain, and try to speak- 

something more than maybe // this unidentified feeling 
and this silent re-living, from the words once presented

seem like nothing- and so, to the next person in my den //
to the one i speak with care, know there will be no poetry for you-

the words are gone, and i am gone with them // you 
will find her, and she will be someone new // there will be 

no poetry anymore.

Modern AU: Street Artist

Inspired by Iuliia Koloskova.

Anna is a spray paint artist, able to quickly and skillfully create beautiful city skylines, out-of-this-world landscapes, and fantastical designs.  Elsa finds the art beautiful, the artist cheerful.  Though Anna moves from place to place to sell her wares, she typically sets up shop near Elsa’s building on Wednesday afternoons, allowing the blonde to watch her until evening.  Elsa buys many of Anna’s paintings, tipping the redhead in ever increasing amounts with each purchase. One late evening, as Anna is ready to close shop, Elsa summons the courage and asks Anna to dinner.  The smile she receives is even more beautiful than her paintings.

Inspired by Bryson Andres

Elsa is a street musician, never seen without her violin.  She wanders from store front to street, playing covers from a wide range of genres: rock, pop, classical, country, etc.  She plays for spare change.  Some give generously; others, not so much.  Many wonder why she isn’t playing in more prestigious settings, because she truly is talented.  The truth is simple: she’s stranded in this country and is barely making ends meet.  She lives day to day; her playing is what keeps her fed.

Enter Anna, music professor at the local university.  She catches Elsa’s soulful rendition of Adele’s “Rolling In the Deep” while hoping to get some hot chocolate and is intrigued, especially since no one should be out in this kind of cold playing anything, and certainly not a stringed instrument.  The pair converse, Elsa in broken English, and Anna offers to get her some hot chocolate as well.

  • This eventually leads to Anna inviting Elsa to stay with her for the time being, out of the cold.
  • The “time being” slowly becomes the entire semester.
  • Elsa starts tagging along with Anna to the university, comfortable staying in the redhead’s office while the latter goes on to teach.
  • The pair stay after hours often, practicing.  Elsa on her violin, Anna on the piano.
  • As a birthday present, Anna offers to have Elsa’s violin restored.  She asks permission because she doesn’t want to cause offense by simply outright doing it.  Elsa is in tears, gratitude pouring from her.
  • Though not an official student, Elsa is a regular at the university, and is getting better at learning the language.  Through a weird loophole, she is able to enroll at the university as a part-time student, despite questions of her visa.
  • In the end, Elsa’s long-expired visa is no longer needed.  She is nationalized a citizen of the US, happily married to the luckiest music professor around.

I’ve been wanting to shoot indoors for some time and after realizing that lyjerria was an artist herself, I proposed the idea of me capturing her working on some of her pieces. She was down with the idea and so we made it happen. As usual none of this except for the concept was planned, I specifically told her to do her thing as she usually would and I’ll keep out of her way and to leave the rest to me. It’s also presented the opportunity to work on my first black and white set, which is long overdue, so thank you to lyjerria for helping me make this happen. Check out her artwork here and her instagram here.

By MrCheyl - @mrcheyl