Daddy gave me this when I went to visit him yesterday. 😳😻 It’s so beautiful, I love it so much.

He said it was better if someone gave you things like a wand/an athame or tarot cards, etc than if you bought them so he wanted me to have the ones he used to use. I’m such a lucky little girl to have such a wonderful and considerate Daddy. 😳😻😻🙈


My mom was stressing me out really badly so I came back to the botanical gardens today to study what I read yesterday some more.

Sorry if it seems weird that I’m posting so much about this kind d of stuff. I just haven’t been so excited or connected to something religious in… I don’t even know when. 😊

It feels so good and I kind of want to document every second so I can always remember it. 😃

However, I will be keeping most of this kind of stuff to a side blog, so this will always primarily be a ddlg/kink/pink blog. Scout’s honor. 👍

If you want to avoid these occasional posts all together, I am tagging all of them with mywicca just like I tag my stuffie posts mystuffies and posts about Daddy as mydaddy. 😊✌💟

I finally psyched myself up enough to go to B&N to get a copy of Buckland’s yesterday and I did some scouting tonight to find details about the botanical gardens (my a parents are super religious christians so while I’m home for the holidays I have to find somewhere else to read it). I’m going to try and go to the gardens tomorrow to read some and just be outside and just be alone (the house is full for the holidays and I’m an introvert 😲). Super stoked! 😃