No one can make your decision for you. They don’t know what you know. They aren’t walking in your shoes. Do what is right for you.

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Forever in awe of Him

I’m a mess. Yet He still waited for me to turn 180 degrees and come back to Him.
I damaged myself yet He gave me unthinkable amount of chances.
I focused on the volume of the world yet He called me His daughter.
Lord, I am not worthy.
Why do you even bother Yourself on reaching me out?
I gave You pain back then. Why did You hugged me tightly when I gave You nothing but doubt and pain?
Nothing will ever compare to what You’ve done.
You restored me. You gave me hope. You gave me a new life.
Lord, let me give You my life as an offering.
Lord, You alone are enough.
Because of You, I learned how to forgive.
Because of You, I learned how to wait. I won’t settle for what is “good”, because You will give me the “best” at the right time.
Because of You, I now appreciate my season. I now appreciate every hardship, joy, bitterness, love, and suffering.
Because of You, I now see life in a different perspective!
Because of You, I now see everything I do as a ministry. I will do everything for Your glory and honor.
Because of You, I learned to weep for the lost. Compassion consumed me the day I accepted You for the second time.
Because of You…because of You Lord, I am changed.
Have Your way in me Lord.
I am Yours. All I am is Yours.
I am forever in awe of You!

In order for one to truly know joy, one must know pain. As believers we know that nothing we have been through has been in vain. The test is just a birth experience. The labor and process to victory can be very painful. But we know as believers that with God we are more than conquers, we are overcomer’s. If your feeling overwhelmed know that it is God who is on your side getting you through each step and process. Your tears were not in vain. For it says in Psalm 126, “Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy. They weep as they go to plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the harvest.” Your harvest for every tear and pain is on its way. So be strong, trust in the Lord, and look to Him for guidance. God loves you so much. The process to victory may not be easy, but it is worth every tear. Happy Monday!!🙏📝🌍😘 #trustgod #mywalk #blogger #believer #nonebutjesus #prayerworks #godlovesyou #loudee2381 #faithwalk #kingdomthinking #godisfaithful


As of 10:37 PM, I’m still finding a way on how I can manage my commitments. After a week of class suspensions, there’s no guarantee that I’ll be at ease. So okay, I have a photography workshop for tomorrow. I need to learn taking legit shots because I was assigned for the documentation of the HRSS events. The video ambush also adds up on my checklist so we can have a bit of a teaser for the upcoming freshmen orientation. One down! But I also want to be with my group tomorrow. If you’ll read my posts back then, we only planned of building a group. A small group wherein we will share inspiration and lift each other up thru God. I have been with my squad for years now but I just still can’t fathom how God blessed us so much by making our group bigger. God gave us Christine, Baby, Fobbie, and hopefully, Divine will be with us tomorrow. I can’t wait for what God will do next! And the last one is, I have to meet some friend of mine. I just don’t know how to fit everything in a day not including my acads! But despite all of this, there is this overflowing joy that I can’t contain. Call me a crackpot but yes, I’m kind of happy now that I’m occupied with many things. I love all the activity that God is giving me. Though physical tiredness won’t be out of the picture, never will I become spiritually drain. God has opened new doors for me and I just can’t thank Him enough for making me whole again!