mywakingmind asked:

"Share 10 facts about yourself then pass this onto 10 of your favorite followers"

1. My name is Sloane, or if you happen upon me while I’m drunk I’m Gaston (as in beauty and the beast “villain”). And if I’m high I’m sloane Rae young (said in an old Chinese lady voice, you have to hear it to understand)
2. I’ve only dated one guy, he completely screwed me up.
3. I was born grown, middle age. I’m always that friend that acts like the parent of the group.
4. I style my own hair, color and cut.
5. I literally cannot drink beer.
6. My Canadian dog understand German and Harry potter spells.
7. I used to cut myself, I’ve been recovered for 7 1/2 years :)
8. I hate that I love Taylor swift.
9. My favorite inspiration decade is the 20s. Flappers and feathers and shimmy dresses? Yes, please.
10. I’m meant to live in a city.