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I really like what you said about Roy. At least with Kory, I could maybe rationalize the differences in her character. Like maybe after her and Dick split and the Titans broke up, she felt really isolated and alone and just withdrew into herself. But with Roy it's like "Who the fuck is this guy?" DC kind of ruined Roy's character even before the reboot (killing his kid and making him evil was a genius idea/sarcasm), but this is like he is a completely new character.

Thank you!

With Kory (oops, sorry, KORIIIIII), I can see that. She was fighting with that side of her when the Titans were splitting up pre-reboot, wasn’t she? They were all moving on and she had nothing to turn to. That’s why she decided that going into space was for the best. So that part makes sense. But I wish they had had her say outright that she didn’t want to talk about it- not that she had magical alien cat amnesia. That she’s probably lying about because whoo, Kory sure loves lying, doesn’t she? It’s not like pre-reboot, there were many little moments about Kory lying and how it wasn’t natural for her to do it (Moments with Tim, Vic, etc.)

There are many problems with Kory, of course, and I’ve hit my head against a wall repeatedly because of them. Because everyone defending this book does not understand what I’m angry about and aghhh. But I’m equally insulted about Roy and Jason. I have mixed feelings about Jason’s characterization but I want to punch Roy in the face. Repeatedly. AND I SHOULD NOT WANT THAT.


I love Roy as Speedy. I love Roy as Arsenal. I love Roy as Red Arrow. I love Roy in the Teen Titans cartoon. I love Roy in the Young Justice cartoon. In Brave and the Bold, Justice League Unlimited. As Lian’s father, as the drummer of Great Frog, as an insecure teenager, as a member of the Navajo tribe, as the Titan’s archetype bad boy, as a successful ladies’ man, as a recovering drug addict, as agent of Checkmate, as Arrow-kid and Titan and Outsider and Justice League member.

AND GUESS WHAT OUTLAW!ROY IS? NONE OF THOSE THINGS. Okay, recovering drug addict AND alcoholic? Instead of Ollie being as a father figure to him, he…was more of an associate with stocks in Queen Industries and stuff? He had dreadlocks, tried to commit suicide and and then became a MERCENARY?! His only friend is JASON?! Might as well make him a Teen Titan because he’s nineteen?! He acts like such a dudebro and not even an endearing one.

I tried to read it as a new character- because that’s what all the reboot fans tell me to do. Okay, but if I’ve never heard of Roy Harper and just read this. I’d throw it down in disgust because this guy irritates me to no end and am I supposed to find his whining relate-able (not to mention how I’d feel about Kory and all that male gaze)? I’D PROBABLY BE WARY OF READING COMICS EVER AGAIN. WHAT WOULD MY BLOG BE WITHOUT ME POSTING AND REBLOGGING ABOUT COMICS ALL THE TIME?! WHAT, I ASK YOU?!

Want to hear something funny though?

The Outlaws defenders also say that ‘of course he’s different- he’s nineteen years old and hasn’t had time to mature yet!’ But…nineteen year old Roy Harper pre-reboot was working for the government and helping out in runaway and rehab centers. He was good-natured, if not overly flirty, and was just Speedy part-time. He had also just found out he had a daughter, and the mother was a dangerous villain around that time. So I don’t want to hear that excuse. No, shut up.

This isn’t Roy, plain and simple, and this isn’t a character I feel any attachment to and that’s a big accomplishment because I LOVE ALMOST EVERY CHARACTER I READ ABOUT.

Originally, one of the reasons I was so excited for Outlaws was because the cover showed Roy with both arms. I was expecting that DC had realized ‘wow, almost every single person hated Cry for Justice and what we did to the Arrow Family! We should use this reboot to fix that and do what the majority of the fans want.’ I was crossing my fingers for Lian. And then, of course, they screwed that up by giving us frat boy Roy Harper and clean shaven business boy Oliver Queen- with no mention of any one else in sight.

We can handle five (oops, sorry, FOUR) Robins but two Speedys? Two Green Arrows? Two Flashes? OMGZ, SO HAAAARD. COMIC BOOK READERS ARE TOO FRAGILE TO DEAL WITH ALL THAT MATH.

*grumble grumble never talking about this again grumble grumble stupid feelings about comic book characters grumble grumble my friend Cory is staring at me weirdly because I’m typing too fast and grumbling at my laptop screen and omg why is my finger bleeding!?!?*

Ps. I get carried away sometimes.


I will download these now, guys. Thank you so much. :’)


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Alsoo: Incredible Hercules #112-141 which costars the 7th smartest person in the world, AMADEUS CHO. Mighty Avengers #21-36 - you get a panel of Hank telling Reed IT’S ON BITCH!, Avengers: The Initiative - more kids, though ending of 1 is eek!

I will read these too! I’ve heard wonderful things about Amadeus Cho. And I want to read The Initiative, but I’ll wait just a bit. I’m really not in the emotional state for sad things for now, but in once Thanksgiving has past I’ll probably finish New X-Men and then give The Initiative a go.

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What lantern corps do you think you would be a member of?


I’d have to say… Green?

I mean, I’m a very determined person, and as much as I have a sincerely empathetic heart (at least I’d like to think!), I’m much more defined by my willpower in overcoming obstacles. I mean, I have a huge level of self-discipline, and I don’t let myself get away with not running every day, eating well, and getting all my work done.

So…… yeah. Otherwise, I’m a step away from a Blue Lantern, I’d say.

Plus, I think my sister Jenna placed me as a Green, if that’s any justification, haha.

  • Bart sees the best in people, and that’s not something many others can say. Not even these characters, who are all heroes. And as the daughter of a villain, Rose is always under that shadow. Yet Bart never judges Rose for her past, he sees the best in her and knows she’s a good person. 
  • They have this weird mix of humour around each other. I can’t even explain the kind of banter that they have. But it’s snarky and silly at the same time, and it just works for them. AND I LOVE IT.
  • Rose obviously cares about him a lot. I think he just kind of grew on her when they were on the Titans, and she cared enough to go to his funeral when Rose is supposed to be the type of person who tries to push feelings (especially of grief) away. And he just gets under her skin and ahhh.
  • Bart’s crush on her was precious. Yeah, nothing else to add to that.
  • Their relationship would be so entertaining because let’s face it, it would be silly and awkward and spontaneous because neither of them would have a clue what they’re doing.

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Would you rather live in the Marvel or DC universe?

The asker of the best questions has spoken!

I would rather live in the DCU, and that’s not due to the stated company bias that I have.

I mean, I imagine myself living in a terribly-cheap-fucking-flat in NYC in years to come, and this flat would constantly be at utter ruin/risk if I lived in the Marvel U….. Like, I would be out of pocket living there, one, happily anticipating seeing awesome heroes to boot, and then my cheap-fucking-flat would be utterly destroyed in the fight between Earth AVENGERS and ALIEN/OR OTHERWISE EVIL over the course of my renting, I’m sure.

And then I would be sad/broke/angry/bitter.

I might actually become a supervillain because of it. IMAGINE THIS SHIT.

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Hal’s money problems never cease to entertain me. He can be so full of himself and then be “Oh wait. Could you pay for this? I have no money.”

Oh god it’s the greatest thing. There should be an issue when he and carol go grocery shopping and he just like tugs on her sleeve and is like “oh can you buy me this pleaseeeee. I don’t have any money.” and then just starts throwing stuff into the cart like a child.

back from school at last

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But I was just pronounced dead last night!

But no death counts until the release of Avengers!

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Hi. I’m alive and I enjoy your posts.

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Brotha it ain’t over yet, not yet NOT EVER :’(((((

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I enjoyed your Machine Man spam earlier, yes!

That I saw

The world has no idea how much happiness people caring about my obscure shit give me


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Hello! I love all your spams and your hatred of rp tumblrs.

This is the part where I’d insert a brofist image

if I had one :’)

Well I don’t exactly hate them, because everyone deserves their right to have fun, but if they didn’t shove their fun in my face the world would be much nicer :’)

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what is your favourite pizza topping? mine is seafood or supreme

Oooh, this is a good one!

Idk, I’m actually pretty picky about food (don’t like seafood/spicy stuff/etc) but I’m bound to enjoy really simple topping like salami and cheese and pretty much everything AS LONG AS THE DOUGH IS GOOD I’m a baked goods lover :’)

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The Speedsters and Arrow families are FAR superior than the Bat family.

I absolutely agree.

The Flash Family, of course, is closest to my heart, and the speedster actually function as an openly attentive and loving family unit. I think it was in Millar’s The Flash run where he has Jay say that “Flashes always get married” and basically have happy families, and that’s ALWAYS stuck with me. I just love them and their unapologetic affection toward one another so much… It actually sings of a happy family.

And the Arrows? Well, they’re more unconventional but perhaps, in some regards, more welcoming than even the Flashes. I mean, they absorb wonderful people like Mia into their fold out of the love of their hearts without batting an eye, and they see it like… “Why wouldn’t we?They’re just precious and earnest and hilarious, and they seem much more like a real family than the Bats do.

I mean, don’t get me wrong: I love the BatFam. But they’re often isolated from one another, and they’ve never really felt like a genuine family to me.

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Definitely eleven. I am super obsessed with names.

Awesomely, me too <3 <3 <3 I love this question.

These are my favorite girl names: Fallon, Rosalind, Lilian, Ada, Gabrielle.

And these are my favorite boy names: Whickham, Alaric, Jack, Isaac, Fifel.

Of those, my absolute favorites would take precedence in order of how I listed, so my kids would take the aforementioned names according to their sex and birth order. (If that’s confusing enough, hahaha).

Husband/lover, you get no fucking say.

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Who's your least favorite DC character? Or who do think is overrated?


There are some shitty DC villains I could pawn this question off on, but I won’t be so cheap.

My least favorite DC character? Of the popular ones… it’s likely Hal Jordan or Tim Drake. They don’t impress me, simply. Otherwise, my disdain for B-listers like Bombshell and other less-impressive Titans are well-publicized, haha :]

In terms of overrated-ness? I’d say….. hmmm. I’d say…. maybe Green Lanterns in general? The Johns reboot made them much more important, but I couldn’t care less for Lantern lore. I’ve never been invested in their UNIVERSAL PRESENCE or their constructs. To be honest, I’m just not much interested in space and shit.

So, hopefully that answers that? You’re welcome to follow up if I glossed some of it. :]

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Are there any future storylines or certain characters that you want to see on Young Justice?

Ok, well, I’ve sort of resigned myself to the fact that Rose Wilson would never make a TV-friendly character, but I would clearly and unsurprisingly love to see her in YJ. But knowing that she won’t be, I would instead love to see Cissie King-Jones, my favorite comic YJer. Also. I know there are rumors of it, but if Donna Troy showed up in YJ, I’d basically just die. It’s another genuine dream of mine.

In terms of storyline, I can’t say for sure. I mean, it’s cool that they’re already wrangling with the “big baddies” of the DCU, but I’d probably be on my seat if they ventured into Earth-2.

Like…. imagine all the awesomeness!

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What's you least favorite comic storyline?

Hmmmmmm, ANOTHER toughie. I have to take a few minutes on this one.

I guess I’m gonna have to say….. Shadowlands for Marvel (Daredevil), and maybe Joe Kelly’s Candor arc for Supergirl.

There a lot of things Joe Kelly did later for Supergirl that were ok/interesting (as in Kara/Boomer friendship), but that shit on Kandor was all “wtf no” for me.

I’m sure there are worse storylines, but I’m emotionally wrapped up in Supergirl, ok, and that one was particularly bad XD

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What are your hopes for Chelsea during the winter transfer period?

I hope that their defense improves from “questionable” to “faring well” (I won’t get my hopes up and look for “great”), and I hope that their strikers (I’m maybe taking to you, Sturrigde, you would-be star, you) could finish a bit better.

I think our squad might be looking good, if so.

Especially with DEFENSE.

myvioletnature replied to your post: Thank you thank you thank you, futbol gods

I was definitely jumping up and down when they gave the penalty to Chelsea.

I was right there with you!

And when Lampard was all “I’m taking this penalty, fellas. STEP BACK” even after missing his last one in the Newcastle match, I was pretty much beside myself with pride. Especially when he netted it right up the pike on Hart!

So, after such a lousy start to the match, I was just so very pleased by the result :D

Still sighing in delight about it, honestly.

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Which comic book character are you most attracted to?

Hot questions. Aw yiss :D

This is hard. Everyone’s so fucking attractive in comic books, haha. But I’ll be fair and only give ONE for each sex.

In the male category, I’m going to say….. well, it would be easy to say  Dick Grayson and be done, but I’ve personally always had a thing for Roy Harper. The wilder, the better in my book.

For the femmes….. Gonna have to say Zatanna. She’s breathtaking.

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I legit had no idea what was going on in that Candor arc. I just read it and was like “God, I hope this isn’t important later.”

And thankfully and not surprisingly, it was totally irrelevant to all that Supergirl became.

Even in Kelly’s own arc :/

Like………. what even was that story? And why? I just… still don’t understand :/