"Mai nameu igee Taeil."

so i made this block b gif bc i love my ot7 ok and plus everyone is complaining about every blog turning into an exo blog but exo is perfect???? i don’t see what the problem is tbh but yeah anyways onto my follow friday

i’m really sorry if i forgot you weep most of you know that i have really bad memory? but i love you all so yeah if i forget you holla at me and i’ll add you huHUEHUhuheuh ok

tumblr crushes:

kochira | shineecstasy | taemin-the-b2st |luhandjobs | exo-planet | changyuns | myvillageidiots gogetaklu | iotirido 

color / mixed blogs:

sandeulsbutthole | jayesuequieteningjaygvyongwhalaysunicornmeanteaexopoopdeoxysexofartsabyuntaecreampuffdesucaelestialwootbendery-oongie | jiny0ungkitty-kwon | -apple | hyminh | catsgomao | exobukkake | changyuns | myungswoo | himchans | exogens | gujunpyo | zhaoning | woohyu 

b&w blogs:

decessofujidesu |  sleptwithabusanboyhayaru | thedeviousplotblockbeatswoofuckingjihosexinseoulfucku-youeverydayhephapteayongbw-koreatvradio | mianhedaekkeoya | indistinct | jiahengs | oppasochinchin

favorite snsd biased blogs:

snsdism sone-unnie foryourwish wtfblooda suntae yoonas tae-sex snowylifewish fany-tastic hyosicas snsdkid yoonachan mrfrogfrosch sunyeon jennytaetae soshizone hyminh tiffanimu heartfany 

favorite mblaq biased blogs:

myvillageidiots waatter lifeisblaq fairyprincessjoon joonaddict babocakes ask-mblaq mireuu j-oon lady-of-love dailyleejoon aplusgoddess iamsocoolness

tvxq biased blogs:

yinxiong heartvxq tohohohoshinki jaejo0ng changminsshi haegurlhae leaderjung yunjaetime fiction-located-in-heaven

infinite biased blogs:

hurricanepelvishoya myungdesu myungchef namstarwaifu yeob0 sowondeul inspiritkevin sungjong infinitelyhoya naminspirit sungjongie seoulprince vi0lin nameu naekkeoha-ja musingtragedy infinitemyung -fuckyeahinfinite- sohoney fysungjong

yg (bb/2ne1) biased blogs:
ja-seeyum heyhellohoney niqahiqa to-anyone blackjackvip tuaeniwon forever-2ne1 mame-v fyeahgdbomtop ohmygoditsbeastbang sniffmyseungri
misc blogs:
myloveniel eunsara milkymaknae therealjonghyun oomaximaoo sunae gunminee jungshins crywishes shi-ro hyunews justifiedbysong caroxnguyener emma-cat remapmysoul epiksense misswae cheesedragon 500203 digitalhikari hitareru eternally-sad sunsu am-bros beautifulseoul hyomins spencerthebro taeccool

i really really love these blogs. it was very hard for me to decide which blogs to feature in this end-of-year special… so i really hope you go follow these blogs. it was especially hard because of how much my taste in music and interests changed over the course of this year… but i’m especially glad i’m where i am today after meeting all these wonderful people on tumblr! 

go follow them if you want to follow some really quality blogs. ^^ very nice, creative, witty people. blogs with a sense of humor. people and blogs that are worth visiting, worth following, and worth talking to. 

happy new year everyone! ^^

So…  I don’t usually do “Follow Fridays” but I felt like doing one now…  Even though it’s technically Saturday on my side of the States right now, it’s still Friday for some of you guys, right?

waitIdon'tevenfollowtwoofthem So you guys should follow the following people:


And some other personal favorites:


And, I mean, I’m not Tumblr famous or anything…  And I probably have loads less of followers than all the people above…  But I like their blogs a lot and if you’re looking for new peeps to follow, then follow away~ :D

Onew approves this message.