don’t panic | leverage [hbd emma & charlie]

So I started this back in February for @ainslayhayes and @sophiedevereauxs birthdays and never managed to finish it but apparently coming home after working a twelve hour shift and attempting to stay awake is conductive to vidding so.

You girls are the best and I’m so glad that I met you both through vidding. Keep on keeping on. :)


you’re laurel, but you’re not my laurel | quentin + black siren

I started this back in July because @clarkebiprincess had just gotten into Arrow and she brought a little life back into me concerning my once love for the show and especially for Quentin and his relationship with Laurel.

So I present you this - cut short because after a certain point I had no idea what to do with it, haha.


home | logan + rogue

I am trash for these two the end.


through the valley | the 100

So I started this back in December at the request of @ofhouseadama and I wasn’t sure that I would ever finish it. I have so much trouble doing videos like this. It doesn’t help that I have trouble vidding The 100 as well. 

It ended up having a lot of focus on Clarke (which is not a surprise) and Octavia (which is also not a surprise). 

It’s not my best work but I do love the voice overs.


One day I will actually get around to finishing one of the many Laurel videos I have sitting on my computer. This was just a quick edit to promote my new editing instagram which you can find here. There will be unposted/unfinished videos, thumbnails and collab parts posted there. :)


home | jorah + dany

Oh, to vid a show when you no longer watch it.

I stopped watching GOT during season four but these two have always and will always hold a special place in my heart. I love them so much and no one believes in Dany as much as Ser Jorah Mormont and I hope that one day he can return to Bear Island with her at his side. 

I am honestly so in love with this video.

A big shout out to my collab partner Randi who took this journey with me.


daylight | nyssa + laurel

So I have always wanted to make a video like this and I felt like this was the perfect song to use. I still ship Nyssa and Sara, but there is a deep bond between Laurel and Nyssa. They both stumbled into the other when their lives were in turmoil and ended up learning a great deal from one another.


to build a home | leverage

Fuck all of the glitches, I give up. I don’t know what it is about vidding Leverage and long videos but they glitch and I can’t fix them so - moving on. I cried while making this just because I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO VID THIS SONG and now I have and it’s to one of the best shows to ever exist. This show is one of the best things I ever managed to get into and I love it. I love the cast and the characters and everything about this show.

 So I guess this is my way of saying thank you.


hold back the river | nate + sophie

I cannot express accurately enough in words how much I love these two. They’re probably one of my top otps and every time I watch Leverage I fall in love with them all over again. I’ve been working on this for a few weeks, picking at it and trying to get it to look decent.

I wish more people actively vidded this amazing show (and this couple) but alas, since I really only know of two or three people then I’ll just have to keep vidding them myself.


technicolor beat | kelly + yorkie

Something quick I edited after watching the episode. :)


i’m gonna do my thing | dinah laurel lance

This was so fun to make. Youtube is the devil and put glitches in the video, but I really don’t care because I love it.

tagging: @laurivcr and @laurellanceisalive


i bear it so they don’t have to | clarke griffin

I am so glad I finished this. I worked on this for almost a month, picking at it here and there. It’s not entirely perfect (character studies are a weak point of mine), but I like it. :)

dedicated to: @clarkebiprincess and @ofhouseadama.


how did it all change [when I felt your touch] | alex + maggie

MERRY CHRISTMAS @clarkebiprincess!!

I had this song on the back burner for something else but I was listening to it and I thought ‘I’m going to use this for Zoe’s Christmas’ and so tada. I hope you enjoy it!! I know you really love these two and slowly but surely you’re dragging me down with you.


surrender | lucifer + chloe [2x09]

It’s taken an entire season and a half for me to find a song that I wanted to use for these two. I love them so much. Lucifer is honestly one of my favorite shows that’s currently airing and I really hope there’s a season three and lots more of these two beautiful souls.

I just - feelings. 


never let you down | kane + abby [hbd emily!!]

I have had the worst time trying to work on anything since my last video and then I was listening to this song earlier and inspiration hit me like a freight train and so some odd hours later here we are.

I would like to dedicated this to a very, very special person who has a birthday in a couple of days and who is amazing and wonderful and deserves all the best things. Happy early birthday @ofhouseadama. <3


mess is mine | nate + sophie [hbd to me]

God I love these two so much that I think I made a video last year of them for my birthday, haha.

Consistency is the key to life (when vidding).

But no - there’s honestly not enough content out there for these two and so why not use my birthday as the perfect excuse to add something to the universe for these guys?

If you haven’t watched this amazing show yet then please go do so because you won’t be disappointed.

tagging: @sophiedevereauxs and @ainslayhayes


talk | ian + mickey

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to manage anything resembling happy for these two. They just lend themselves to melancholy. 

Watch on

whiteblood | lincoln + octavia

God, I love the both of these characters so much that it’s a little ridiculous. They’ve both been through so much and they compliment each other so well and they care so much for one another and it’s a completely selfless love and I honestly need more of them.

Happy early valentine’s day!


i was not magnificent | leverage

I rendered this about five or six times and no matter what I did, there were always glitches and so I apologize for that.

Recently, I took the time to rewatch this amazing show and I was reminded of how much I love it. I love this band of misfits so much that it honestly aches sometimes when I think about them and the fact that we only got five wonderful seasons. This has always been a song I’ve wanted to work with but I never knew how or with what until I was listening to it the other morning and it just hit me.

And so I dedicate this video to Charlie and Emma, the Hardison and Parker to my Eliot.


fight song | arrow ladies [hbd charlie!!!!]

I am so incredibly proud of myself for finishing this (and posting it up a day early). Arrow went from being a show I really disliked into something that I love and I am so glad that I get to enjoy this fandom with a great number of my friends and included in that group is the wonderful, amazing Charlie.

We’ve known each other for a long bit now and she is just hands down one of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing through vidding. 

Happy Birthday, Charlie ~