My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. myvagisharry (5%)
  2. mischiefwithzouis (3%)
  3. doctahstyles (3%)
  4. harryshipster (3%)
  5. sailingniam (3%)
  6. horangejuices (2%)
  7. iheartyou-xo (2%)
  8. styles-gonewild (2%)
  9. jamesmullingar (2%)

I love you, you love me (well maybe you love me I’m not sure but if you don’t love me back that’s okay I’m used to being friendzoned I get it), we are one big family. <33333333333

why did i gain so many followers today wowwowowowowow i gained 5 

anyways im going to sleep 

oops shower first

amanda my inbox awaits y u no reply into it