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Tagged by Shira:

  1. Do you like dinosaurs? i don’t have fetish over dinosaurs and though they look scary, they seem pretty interesting too. only dinowoo is qt ^;^
  2. How cute are you? lol idk lol lol
  3. Pasta or rice? rice!
  4. South Korea or Japan? uhhuh definitely south korea
  5. How many albums do you have? an estimated 30 i guess
  6. Hanging out or tumblr-ing all day? tumblr! cos even if i hang out with friends, i’d be busy on tumblr still :)
  7. That 1 particular member who always screws your bias list? ladsjkfghkdlk kim sunggyuuuu ;ww;
  8. Favourite ice cream flavour? raspberry sherbet!
  9. Pretzels or cream puffs? do you believe i had never tried pretzels in the whole (almost) twenty one years of my life….
  10. Do you think i’m nice? idk you much but i think you’re pretty awesome! so that makes you nice i guess :)
  11. What do you like about yourself? i have fangs. fffff :D



  1. 5 places you wish to travel to beside s.korea?
  2. your favourite habit?
  3. top 3 otp?
  4. Reading or singing?
  5. your number one bias in the whole history of kpop?
  6. if you were born again in the next life, who or what do you want to be?
  7. your favourite k-drama?
  8. top 3 girl crush?
  9. which kpop company you’d want to get yourself into if given a chance?
  10. what is your inspiration?
  11. fondest memory of your current fandom.


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