If Infinite had to Study for Exams
  • Sunggyu: *Studies hard, revises weeks ahead of time, makes summary sheets, flash cards, goes through all past practice papers, helps others with revision when they need*
  • Dongwoo: *Does revision, does a practice paper* Hey look, the new movie is out! *goes to watch movies*
  • Woohyun: *Muttering "I've gotta ace this, I've gotta come first" to himself while forcing himself to sit down and study*
  • Hoya: *Studies hard, goes to dance practice, keeps studying*
  • Sungyeol: Why is everyone studying?
  • Myungsoo: *Studies* Sungyeol, we have our exam in two weeks...
  • Sungjong: *Is nowhere to be found. Is he studying? No one knows...*

otp : *makes eye contact*

me : omg staph

otp : *smiles at each other*

me : staph it you two, can you not my gosh staph

otp : *stands next to each other*

me : omg staph flirting! i said staph it!!

me : *dying from fangirling too much*

i want to go home,
not to a place, not to a person;
maybe to a place, maybe to a person.
definitely to a feeling,
definitely to some feeling.
i’m begging you;
let me go home, let me feel home,
—  because i’m sick of being in this cold house all alone

that moment when you’re reading fanfiction in class and it happens to be fluff, so you can’t stop smiling because your otp is just being too fluffy and then the person next to you is just there giving you weird look