myungsoo's all used to it lol


Myungsoo saying Sungjong was cute during rehearsal and (bragged that) he also recorded Sungjong’s rehearsal~~

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So I feel like when it comes to support myungsoo might be the one who gives most to sunggyu I feel like myungsoo loves when sunggyu dotes on him and gives him a thumbs up Did you see the video when sunggyu thumb down he paper airplane and he got sad afterwards lol What's your opinion on the myunggyu relationship

I completely agree with you anon. I think one of the keywords in the myunggyu relationship is support. I’ve noticed a lot of times where Myungsoo has shown his love and adoration for his leader. For example, he showed up at the filming for Sunggyu’s second solo album

of course I think he mostly just slept and played around, but you can tell it meant something to Sunggyu that he showed up. There was also the time during This is Infinite where Myungsoo voted to keep Sunggyu as leader when most people didn’t

I mean This is Infinite could’ve been called This is Myunggyu really. That show was full of Myunggyu love. It seems to me they’ve only been getting closer over the years.

But I’m not done with the support thing. More than that I think they take care of each other a lot. For example, they feed each other… a lot. I’ve noticed everyone in Infinite feeding each other actually and I think it’s such a small but really caring and sweet gesture. And there’s no shortage of it with these two

Keep eating boys. Also one more little considerate thing I’ve noticed and wanted to point out was this time where Myungsoo fixed Sunggyu’s chair for him, most likely so he wouldn’t accidentely fall on his ass

It’s just a little thing, but I think it shows a lot of consideration. More than just all of this though, these two show some of the more obvious signs of affection that we’re used to. 

They’re super playful and silly together

Also they give each other lots of hugs. And I mean a lot of hugs

And is it just me or do they just seem so satisfied to be hugging? lol anyway of course it doesn’t stop with just the hugs there’s actually also some kissing with these guys

look at Gyu’s fingers on his neck..

There’s also the looks with these two. I mean the look on Myungsoo’s face when Sunggyu goes in to give him the eskimo kiss alone…

also, as a bonus. Sunggyu can be a bit touchy feely with Myungsoo sometimes.

and he has also been caught smelling him???? 

looks like he approves too…

Anyway, the point is I see a special affection from Sunggyu when it comes to Myungsoo. At least compared to the others in the maknae line. I see something different here. I think Sunggyu is extra affectionate to Myungsoo, which could simply be because Myungsoo is someone that requires more affection than others. I think like you said anon that Myungsoo does want his affection and his appreciation. And I think he gets that from Sunggyu. 

I think Sunggyu often comes off as a proud older brother when it comes to Myungsoo especially

I just think this pairing is the epitome of brotherly love and sweetness.

[FAN ACCOUNT] 150728 SBS MTV The Show + INFINITE #Bad6thWin

This was a much better experience than the Lotte Lovely Young Concert I blogged about earlier (for obvious reasons). 

It wasn’t my first time at SBS MTV The Show, the first time I went was on the 14th but INFINITE wasn’t on then, I think it was SNSD’s first win for ‘Party’ and the crowd was much rowdier lol.

Today’s line-up included INFINITE, GOT7, 9Muses, GFriend, Stellar and SONAMOO just to name those that I actually knew, lol. 

Had a lot of interaction with Zhou Mi and VIXX’s Hongbin too, the MCs. Hehehehe. Zhou Mi was so cute though, I kept waving to him and at one point I was subconsciously doing a finger wiggle and he pointed straight at me and copied my finger wiggle too HAHAHAHAA >__< Hongbin was adorkable, waved to him so many times in-between stages and every time he thought we were waving at someone behind him, and he’d turn around and point to himself (”me??”) before waving back lol. 

Anyway, back to INFINITE. 

Can I just emphasize again how freaking A-M-A-Z-I-N-G they are live?? 

Every time they perform ‘Bad’ it gets more energetic and badass!! Sunggyu’s vocals were so steady, even my friend who wasn’t an Inspirit could testify to that. The boys vocals improved so much, especially Sungyeol and Sungjong!! Dongwoo’s rap was so charismatic, Myungsoo was sexy af, Hoya’s dance break …… *queue the sound of my ovaries exploding*. 

AND LET’S NOT EVEN TALK ABOUT WOOHYUN’S ADLIB. Every time he does it he adds a new scale to the octave he’s just that good. The atmosphere was so much better than at Lotte and I could go all out with my cheering + fanchants without fear of my life this time ^^ I think I could actually hear myself scream-cheering on the broadcast lol. 

Since INFINITE were the last to perform, the ending ment was right after, and the little interactions between them were GOLD. Dongwoo was being such an energizer bunny that Myungsoo kept having to fluff his hair back into place ^^

I love their reactions every time they win 1st place, they still remain so, so humble and appreciative of Inspirits (’: Sungjong gave the thank-you speech and Sungyeol was giving his mic to him too (lol), Sunggyu was kinda off to the side doing a little victory dance and WooSoo were hugging each other at the back. Hoya’s victory pose was hilarious though, he looked like he was constipated on the toilet at one point but it wasn’t in the official footage xD 

Anyway, during the encore stage, I was so proud of Myungsoo because he was encouraging the rookie groups (I think GFriend was behind him) and even bowing to some of them, it was so heartening to see :’) 

AND THEN JANG FREAKING DONGWOO. OMG. SOMEONE STOP THAT BOY FROM RUINING MY BIAS LIST. Once the cameras stopped rolling, he ran off the stage and around the studio (where does he get all that energy from???), past the standing area where the official fanclub was standing to where we (ticket winners) were seated, which was at the back of the studio, and pointed right at me (I know he was pointing at me because I was the only one standing /  waving and throwing hearts at that moment) AND WAVED BACK. #HELP. #FEELSEVERYWHERE.

Myungsoo just kinda watched the whole scene with amusement and secondhand embarrassment at Dongwoo’s antics lol. >____< Once Dongwoo got back on stage Myungsoo fluffed his hair back into place again and Dongwoo immediately started his usual random dancing and Myungsoo was all “but hyung  I just fluffed your hair back….. ㅠㅅㅠ” IT WAS ADORKABLE. 

Woohyun, Hoya and Sungjong saw my giant heart from the stage and threw hearts / waved back too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I could cry right now. Omg. The stage ended and it took 10 minutes to get a (very reluctant) Hoya to leave LOL. Him and Dongwoo would keep coming back to wave at us, it was so funny!! At one point Sungyeol / Sunggyu (can’t remember which member exactly) had to pull Hoya by the wrist to get him to leave the stage HAHAHAHA. 

The staff filed us out of the studio and I went around the side of the SBS building since I spotted Sunggyu, Hoya and Woohyun by the glass elevators. Sunggyu was spacing out and he was wearing his f*ck off t-shirt again lol, which kinda made it funnier because I kept waving to him. He eventually snapped out of it and smiled back though, hehehe. 

Woohyun and Hoya were mucking around, and Hoya had Woohyun in a punishment pose with his knees on the floor and his arms raised like a kid being punished, but later Woohyun got his revenge (I think he was mouthing something like “너 형한테 감히 …. 이로와!!” / “How dare you do this to hyung, come here!!!”) and made Hoya do push-ups on the lobby floor. XD They kept waving to fans until the lifts arrived, aww :’)

I left the venue before I got to see the other members because it was getting too crowded for comfort, and I was hungry.

All I can say is …… WHY DOES INFINITE KEEP MESSING UP MY BIAS LIST ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Especially Dongwoo omg, I died today with the direct fan interaction I had with him ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 


(Gonna write this tear-inducing speech in second-person as if talking to them because I can)

Looking at the timeline of all your title tracks, with their respective music videos, you turned our heads with every single comeback. “What are they gonna do next?” was our question, but you never disappointed with your music and hard work. Even if some concepts were different from others, we could still listen to the song with our eyes closed and say “Yes, this is an Infinite song” because they all have that something that makes them different from everything else.

Thank you for keeping that something in your concepts, songs and music videos, and not letting us down.

There is something that Dongwoo recently said, when shown the first pictures of Infinite as a group. I chose that quote because it shows how important all the steps of your Evolution (lol) were in becoming who you are now.

Aren’t you the boys that danced in front of the stores in Gangnam just to get your song played in a shop? And aren’t you the same boys that promoted “Be Mine” in a crossroad? Making people love you by helping them put their headphones on and understand your songs and being surprised like little children when you saw that your album was the “week’s best”? Didn’t you guys sneak out of the practice room right during the night before the comeback stage, because you needed a rest, and ate fried chicken on the pavement?

Those are the same boys that won a triple crown with “The Chaser”, three consecutive music shows with “Man in Love”, filmed a music video at the Universal Studios in LA, won the MAMA award for 2013’s best male group and completed a World tour.

Thank you for remembering where you started and for paving your road to fame yourselves, on your own (fourteen?) feet. 

Sunggyu! Thank you for being so caring towards the boys. Thank you for considering them “the brightest part of your life”. Because if you don’t, who will? Us, maybe, but that doesn’t mean as much to them as a group. You are needed more than you realise. You are a wonderful leader, putting the right amount of love, friendship, ambition and severity into what you do. Thank you for teaching us that, regardless of the consequences that might occur, it is important to state our opinion.

Dongwoo! Thank you for helping everyone out both when they need it and when they don’t. When they don’t they probably do too. So good job on being on the spot and you have our never ending love and appreciation for bringing some more sunshine, for spicing up the interviews but at the same time for showing so much affection and sensibility towards both your members and your activities. Thank you for teaching us that we should always face the problems with a smile.

Woohyun! Thank you for your dedication to the fans that is out of this world. For the brightest smile you showed when your health condition wasn’t exactly perfect. For being impossibly strong and extremely sensitive at the same time. For your painful honesty when you talk about how impressed you were thanks to Inspirits. For performing like it was nothing when you had a 39 degree fever. For being an angel even if you like to act like the bad guy. Thank you for teaching us that it’s worth making sacrifices for the ones that we love and love us.

Hoya! Thank you for never backing off from challenges and for always being willing to show what you’re capable of. For having improved so much not only as a dancer and rapper, but especially as a singer. For your professional speeches and heartfelt words. Thank you for not giving up on your dreams when people kept telling you that you wouldn’t make it. For managing to climb to where you are now. Thank you for teaching us that no matter what others tell us, we should believe in our own strength.

Sungyeol! Thank you for improving your voice so much and please don’t lose your confidence when singing because you’re doing great. For running around and making everyone have a good time and for working hard to achieve your goals. For cheering the members up when they were in a bad mood and, in spite of all the pranks, for being a great friend. Thank you for teaching us that whatever you do can bring you satisfaction if you’re having fun.

Myungsoo! Thank you for being a good friend to your group and for erasing the bad decisions with good ones. For the passion that you put into everything you do and for your stubbornness that you dislike so much. Maybe you don’t realise that it often brings out the best in you. Good job on aiming for all your dreams and fulfilling them one by one, because the worst thing in life is wasted talent (quoting Robert De Niro lol). Thank you for teaching us that being ambitious is the key to success.

Sungjong! Thank you for never being afraid to do things your way and for always showing your sincere gratitude towards the fans. For standing your ground at all times, because being the maknae is difficult. For always being so endearing with the members and supporting them in everything they did. Thank you for teaching us that we don’t have to follow anyone’s commands or stay true to any label, because being ourselves is what makes us happy.  

Thank you for being yourselves, for staying strong through thick and thin because after all, just like Woohyun said, you’re Infinite. You never really end.

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Hello~ Can I get an Infinite Gif reaction to them walking into a room and catching their girlfriend trying to scratch her back by rubbing it against a corner or a door frame~? I'm sure we've all done this before lol



“Let me take care of that!”


“Want to use my hands instead?”


“Want me to help?”


“Come here!”



“Wow, you’re crafty!”

~ Admin S

Last Romeo has hit more than 5 million views!!!!

Omg guys we are totally rocking this, hitting major marks on all of Infinite’s mv’s these days, I’m so damn proud of us :’))

Don’t forget we are still on a missin for Back mv to hit a new big mark too, 4 million views ;)) We are only 47,000 views away so go and watch the mv so we can hit that mark too ;)


Hello hello ^^ so literally right after I hit post on my other account I started remembering a bunch of things. So this post will kind of include some of the things I remembered from yesterday. Also, I was in the middle of taking notes during one ment when my pen literally exploded. Idk what happened, maybe I was writing too furiously lol but the spring just exploded out and that was that so I’ll be doing a lot of it by memory again. Here we go~

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160110 Infinite Effect in LA Fanaccount

i got to the venue around 4:30ish.. there were several ppl going around and giving out banners and i got like 3… there actually weren’t a lot of people there when i arrived yet, and i had to go pee so bad lmAo so my friends and i went i to starbucks to pee… then we were just waiting around and i met up w some friends, including angie @noohyun and tracey @gyuuri !! (( ive met angie a few times before so i knew what she was like but tracey on the other hand i met for the very first time LOL SHE HUGGED ME RIGHT WHEN SHE SAW ME AND THEN WE TALKED FOR A LITTLE? IT WASNT AWKWARD BUT IT WAS WEIRD IDK BUT SHES SO CUTE AND BUBBLY )) omg ppl had rly nice outfits;; i was especially envious of ppl who had the back jacket :(((

ok so at around 6 everyone started lining up and i was confused bc i thought there was no point bc it was assigned seating??? but turns out u have to get in line to go thru the metal detector and for them to check your bags lol… while i was in line there was a cameraman and anchor that came up to my area omg it was a news channel (ytn news) and they asked us to say “saranghaeyo infinite!” to the camera. i was in the shot but when they counted to 3, i couldnt say it and slowly backed away LOLOLOLOL IM SO SHY IDK;;; also ppl were randomly screaming while they were in line and at one point i thought infinite peeked out or smth but yea right like hell that would happen lmaoooo??????? at 7 the doors opened like they said it would and i went in!!! the seats i had weren’t good but they weren’t bad either, it was really far to the right but i had a decent view

in the venue they played ifnt mv’s and everybody screamed whenever a new mv came up lolol that was fun, and it was nice hearing ppl sing along!!!

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[FAN ACCOUNT] 150723 Lotte Lovely Young Concert with EXO, INFINITE, Teen Top, Red Velvet, HALO and Berry Good

Yes, I have finally seen OT7 live. 

And yes, seeing them perform live was worth the lack of sleep from lining up overnight at the concert venue, dealing with unreasonable fan staff and all of the squashing from (as expected), EXO-Ls in the standing ticket area (more on that later). Not to mention standing in the downpour throughout the entire duration of the concert. 

I’m only going to talk about INFINITE, because that was what I was there for in the first place. The rookies were pretty good, I was surprised at HALO, Berry Good was really sweet and their songs were kinda catchy, Red Velvet was pretty good live, and Teen Top was okay. Probably tired from M!Countdown’s recording today as well, I guess (but then again, so was OT7). 

I’m not even going to bother talking about EXO because (no) thanks to the EXO-Ls at the venue I couldn’t see shit or even move during their turn, and almost had a claustrophobic panic attack thanks to all of the crap they were pulling during the performance and the entire duration of the concert. Which includes boycotting the rest of the artists’ performances (what the -). 

Anyway, seeing INFINITE perform live was definitely worth all of the emotional and physical turmoil I’ve had to go through in the past few days. They rushed from M!Countdown (since they won #1 for ‘Bad’ this week) and performed second to last in the line-up. 

The boys opened with 내꺼하자 (which was a surprise to be honest), followed by a talk segment where they were super sweet and told all of us to go home and shower, not to fall sick, and to attend their opening concert to the world tour happening in 2 weeks (which I’m missing -_- Thanks uni.). They also performed Back, followed by Diamond (!!!!!!), 마주보며 서 있어 and Bad from the latest album. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ FEELS EVERYWHERE RIGHT NOW. 

[EDIT] I didn’t realise that Sunggyu fell during the start of the Back performance since my view of him was blocked but now it makes sense why he covered his face at the start :-( He was really professional about it and it was almost as if nothing happened, except now I understand why he seemed hurt and something felt off during Back. 

I never expected them to perform Diamond, and they were so heartfelt too, I ended up crying in the audience, it was just so so so good. 

Their live ……… was ………. I can’t even put it into words. Amazing. I could tell they were worn out from their long day, but they gave their all and the choreography was so on point omg. Vocals were amazing, rap was amazing, dance was amazing. And Woohyun was freaking lame with his puns about the rain lol. “인. (Korean for ‘rain’). 니. 트”. Seriously omg. How expected of our Namu hur. And not forgetting the finger hearts. Dongwoo just kept asking us to buy stuff from Lotte and said to quote INFINITE for a discount, HAHAHAHAHA. He’s such a happy, fluffy angel, I love him.  He was a completely dorky happy pill and seeing him just made all the terror from EXO-Ls go away ^^

Gyu and Hoya were cringing from the secondhand embarrassment, and it was hilarious lmao. Myungsoo was pretty quiet today, and he honestly looked super exhausted, but his high notes were still really on point ^^ HE IS SO PERFECT IN REAL LIFE, I CAN’T EVEN DEAL. Sungjong is so freaking SEXY AND DON’T EVEN TALK TO ME ABOUT LEE SUNGYEOL. I cannot. HE LOOKS SO GOOD IN REAL LIFE. ALL of them do. But maknae line / INFINITE F especially. When Myungsoo walked over to our section I just lost it completely. 

The boys were the most generous with their fanservice as well, even though some EXO-Ls were being rude as fuck by deliberately turning their backs while they were on the extended stage -__- Most of the other groups just stuck to their arrangements on the extended stage, but all of the boys (except for Sunggyu) came over to our side as well to interact ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 

I seriously think the whole experience would have been way better if immature EXO-Ls didn’t fucking think they were entitled to demanding things from other fans just because they were the majority of the audience. 

Yeah sure, they had the biggest population of fans there (case in point: I was the only Inspirit in a sea of EXO-Ls in my section), but that doesn’t give them the right to bully other fandoms and disrespect other artists. So many of them turned their backs on the rookie groups, Teen Top and INFINITE, all except Red Velvet since they’re SM family or whatever shit logic they think they’re right about (I’m looking at you, EXO-Ls, who were directly at the edge of the extended stage). 

ALSO, there was no rule that we couldn’t take fancams during the concert, since the staff didn’t stop us. But EXO-Ls were basically screaming at other fans to lower their cameras during the other performances, yet when EXO’s turn came around, they all fucking pushed us out of the way, and even climbed on top of me by deliberately pulling on my backpack so that I slipped on the rainy ground, and used me as leverage for them to get a better view by pushing me down further. In the process I nearly got kicked in the face trying to find my footing, and was this close to suffering a claustrophobic panic attack. They didn’t even apologise?!?!?! -___-

And they yelled at us to put down our lightsticks because we “blocked their view of the stage” (obviously I did it anyway to spite them, ‘cause who the fuck do they think they are to demand that I put down INFINITE’s lightstick during INFINITE’S performance?!?!)

PLUS, these group of EXO-Ls (who look pre-pubescent tbh) were basically bitching about me in Korean thinking I couldn’t understand, saying I’m too tall and they couldn’t see the front. Er, well then. Hello, how is it my fault you haven’t hit puberty and can’t see your oppars?? 

Granted, not all EXO-Ls are this bad, but this experience was terrifying and just makes me want to stay farrrrrrrrr away from anything to do with the EXO fandom. I did meet a handful of nice EXO-Ls, but said to say, they are a rare find. One was nice enough to tell me I had confetti on my face when the concert ended, but that was pretty much the extent of non-life-threatening EXO-L interaction I had today. 

Next time, I’m definitely seeing INFINITE in an EXO-L-FREE space, please. They ruined the whole thing for everyone except themselves. No artist or fan deserves the shit we got from them tonight, where everyone’s mood was already dampened (no pun intended), by the heavy rain.

OGS Returns Day 2 fan account

Today’s Jongie highlights!

Zombie jong rises again
My korean sucks but I’m pretty sure he introduced himself as jjongbie today.

During one of the first MCs Myungie edged close to Jongie and handed him a towel to wipe his face. he had already done so, so it seemed a bit unnecessary but Jongie used it anyway. they seemed to have a little chat then and Myungie stepped away. jongie stepped back towards him and touched his waist; they talked again. Jongie laughed but then turned his face away, gah. the way Jongie touches him is so affectionate though, I… (*_*)

Sexy Dance
During an MC Jongie said hed prepared a sexy dance and ran down the stage. i mean really ran and bounded down it!! then he did a very sexy dance that i hope to god is on fancam. i didnt know the song. He looked so happy and confident doing it. then when he ran back to the main stage everyone was chanting his name. the whole stadium!! (^____^) i was so happy right then!!!

then when fans yelled for the others to do a dance too he helped them out! He showed Yeolie a sexy move, with a really good hip thrust!
to Gyu he said ‘down!’ and urged him to kneel down on all fours! *oh my gyujong feels*
myungsoo was unwilling, but got pushed down onto all fours by the others. after he did an embarrassed wiggle, jongie was laughing his ass off but helped him stand up again.
for i think namu, jongie sang a tune!
it was such an awesome section.

Can you smile
Yesterday i couldnt see Jongie doing can you smile, but today i got close to the extended stage and he came and did the dance right in front of my section. so i got to enjoy legs… ass.. the whole man in motion just in closeup oh dear god my heart. he also threw a flying kiss to a girl close by; ahhh he seems so confident and sexy doing this dance.
i got all emotional after that song ended and sobbed a bit about how beautiful and sexy he is IRL. i think most jong stans can relate.

Lately car wobble
for 'Lately’/white confession they were all in cars moving around the back rows of the stadium. jongie and hoya’s stopped abruptly and he kind of stumbled into hoya and then steadied himself.

i saw him take 2 selcas, the first was really good, because he took a selca with someone’s ipad very close to me. he took a little time figuring the angle which was really cute.
for the second he was just about to use someones phone then it was his turn to sing so he held it away and sang, before turning back.
someone gave him a headband with hangul on to wear briefly but he was too quick to give them back; i dont know what it said.

touching his back
i noticed yesterday when they stood for MC, he stood for a good part of the time with one hand behind his back, a bit like a posh waiter. today he did it again, and its not something i have seen that hes done before when they do MCs. so i wonder if this new therapy stuff hes having for his back is just making him change his standing positions a bit. any jong stans wondering if he acts any different in dances since the news of his back problems, i can reassure you hes just as sharp and low to the ground as always; theres no difference at all.

Fixing his clothes again
he turned away to do a big fix during one MC. like it looked like he was undoing his trousers or something but hey thats probably just wishful thinking.

i walked to the back of the venue to see cars waiting, and the guys came out not long after the concert. hoya & Dongwoo did a little dance; namu threw hearts at us. jongie was the last to come out, in sweatpants and hoodie and mask; but he waved to everyone before he got in the van.

and a few other random non jongie things.
- i saw several people get caught taking pics and they were all wrestled out by security. i also saw a sneaky fansite person take some pics. they are QUICK and good at hiding their cameras
-sungyeol gave toys to my section and he kissed one before he gave it away!
-myungsoo looked much more tired today compared to yesterday IMO, and part of his opening sequence equipment didn’t work.
- i didn’t see as many cameras around today so i think they may use yesterday for the dvd.
- hoya looked right at me and gave me the crossed fingers heart as he walked past our section. aw! hoya~~! but you saw me perving at jongie yesterday i know! Does this mean you approve? lol
-fansite masters gave us all a banner to hold up during the last song. they had printed instructions on the back in English too! <3

well thats everything from me… look out for fansite pics and thanks as always for reading!

anonymous asked:

hello! after seeing your answer abt infinite's ages, i was wondering if all the boys speak informally to each other or not? you said dongwoo still speak formally to sunggyu but what about the other boys? thank you for everything you're doing! <3

Brace yourselves everyone, this one is much more complicated than the age thing ㅠㅠㅠㅠ A quick answer is, yes. They all speak informally with each other. But, it’s complicated. Although there are formal and informal languages, there are still varying degrees of both. Within each you can have different levels of politeness/comfortability. The boys generally all speak informally with each other. If anything, Dongwoo speaks with the most formality with Sunggyu. He kind of does a half formal half informal way of speaking. It’s used in occasions when you’re close with someone, however you still speak somewhat formally to show respect. So, for example, the kind of formal speech Dongwoo would use with a stranger would be different than the formalities he uses with Sunggyu. It’s really hard to explain. In general though, Koreans use different levels of politeness within one conversation with the same person, it’s just kind of normal. There are times where it’s okay to flip flop between the formal formal pattern of (~ㅂ니다/습니다) and the formal but not as formal (~이에요/예요)

Think of the different levels of formality like as if you’re speaking to the president (extremely formal, ‘Hello sir, how are you today’) versus a stranger on the street (polite but not exactly super formal, ‘Hello, how’s it going?). And there are different levels of informal speech. If you’re somewhat close to someone (somewhat informal, ‘Oh hey, what’s up?’) versus your bestie (super informal, ‘Sup’). If you think about it like this it kind of makes it easier I guess. There are a few more variances in Korean but you get the point. 

Anyway, when it comes to the boys, if you’re older than others and close with one another, speaking extremely informal is okay. So Gyu pretty much speaks this way with everyone, unless they’re doing official interviews and such when they all speak formally with each other. As for how they all speak to him, it really varies. Dongwoo speaks somewhat formally, definitely the most formal out of all of them. Namu and Yeol speak extremely informally with Sunggyu. Like the most informally one can speak with an elder. Sungjong and Soo speak informally but still a little more formally than the previous two. Hoya kind of flip flops it seems, but still a bit more polite than Namu and Yeol. But you can kind of see why this is, based off of their personalities (B blood type lol) and relationship with Gyu.

A great example of another difference between informalities is actually in the most recent Showtime episode that we subbed (ep 4, part 2, 34-35 secs in). So when Namu and Soo ask Dongwoo what he’s talking about, Namu says “뭐냐?” and Soo says “뭐야?” Both are informal but you don’t really use the question ending grammar pattern of 냐 with people older than you. So Namu uses it with Dongwoo, which is normal since they’re both considered 90 liner friends (since Namu is an early 91er). Myungsoo does not use this grammar pattern because although they’re close enough to speak informally with each other, it’s not natural to say 냐 to someone older. So there are small, intricate things in the language that makes it a bit grey in the middle but yeah. Hope this helps!! Sorry for another novel. You guys are just asking all the right questions lol. Formalities are one of the hardest parts about Korean and comes with a lot of practice! Please let us know if you guys have any other questions and thanks for the ask!