myungsoo thinking


Hongbin really liked this chair


얄미운데귀여움: When you thought after quitting the club won’t get you any award…

nckii  asked:

How would Infinite react after you both fight hard he find you drinking with 3 other boys near your flat (it's 2am) and one of the boys gave you (GF) his jacket - pls ♥ :)

 I decided to combine three similar requests instead of making three reactions that would be as similar as identical twins. The fact your fought before would not change their reaction, I think, because they`d forget about it immediately. As soon as they see you and the dude.

 Basically, it is ‘When they think a guys is hitting on you



Sunggyu: [death glares until the guy backs off]

Dongwoo: `Kay dude, I`ll remember your face till the end of the world…

Woohyun: Is he hitting on Y/N?.. I see, I see… nice try.

Hoya: Does he have an extra life or are his balls made of leaden?.. There mut be something that makes him act like this..

Sungyeol: Didn`t your parents teach you it is rude to hit on someone who`s already taken?

Myungsoo: What does he think he`s doing? She`s got a boyfriend over here…

Sungjong: Y/N, what is going on?

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