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May I get a reaction of Infinite as overprotective sunbae's?

Hi hi there~You sure can, I hope you like it!



He’ll make sure the whole world knows that you’re under his watchful eye then he’ll send you a cute, reassuring video message letting you know he’s always there for you.

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Quietly observes you with other idols making sure they are treating you well, he wants you to be able to handle situations yourself but will glare down anybody who bothers you.

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Usually childish and happy, he immediately gets serious any time someone so much as glances at you the wrong way. He’ll keep a close eye on anybody who gets too close and step in if needed.

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He’ll video call you all the time to check up on you. “Are you eating well?” “Are people being nice to you?” “What happened with that trainee? Do I need to come over there?” And so on.

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Usually spends his time making you laugh so when someone says something rude about you and he sees your expression turn for the worst he goes into protective mode and questions what’s so good about the other person that they get to make you feel bad about yourself. 

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Encourages you to power through any hate comments and messages you may get, but will not stand around and let you be bullied. He’ll make his presence known whether he is right beside you or even in a different country, if someone wants to mess with you they have to get through him first. 

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Not afraid to tell anybody off that isn’t treating you in a way that he approves of and this will include your managers, staff, other idols, MCs, anti-fans, or anyone else under the sun. He’ll monitor your stages and performances and concerts, making sure you’re being treated well so you can do well in your activities.

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