myungsoo and hoya are amused

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gif reaction when they finally get to bring you to the amusement park


He’d be happy watching you have a good time. 


He’d be pretty excited himself. 


Smiling and in a great mood.


More than ready to have lots of fun.


Overly excited. 


Happy and relaxed. Ready for a nice day at the amusement park. 


Already planning cute and romantic things to do there.

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Sunggyu: *Eskimo-kissed Myungsoo

Myungsoo: *amused and happy (or shocked??)

Sungjong: “Whoaaa…” *clearly amused

Hoya: *judging his members per usual

Dongwoo: *lemme hide~ my eyes are too innocent *shifted behind Sungjong (or maybe actually he searched for a better angle XD)

Sungyeol: *M-myungsooo…. (・◇・) *frozed

Woohyun: *t-this Hyung, really…. *glared at Sunggyu, clearly unamused and unhappy


Someone need to give a lot of explanation at home after the recording (pt.2)

pt.1 here


Once again, I’m a delusional WooGyu shipper 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

(Actually I don’t know what really happened here~)

Btw, did Myungsoo still haven’t his first kiss yet??