myungsoo and camera


Q: You could’ve stopped photography after trying it out a couple times in high school. We want to know what about photography drew you in even to this day.

It felt nice to take pictures of my acquaintances with the camera that I bought with my own money, to the extent where I wondered if something that was more exhilarating than this could even exist. Maybe it was because I dreamt about it for a long time. And I like that you can look at the old pictures and reminisce in the past.(credit- togetherinspirit7)

So look at this.

Myungsoo casually waving at the camera so that the filter would notice him and appear on his face. While Sungyeol is just laughing at Hoya because he is without filter.

Hoya changes his angle. Maybe he’d find one where the camera would recognise his face.

While Myungsoo succeeded by just waving, Hoya tries to get close to the camera in hopes that the filter would appear now.

Tries making weird faces….

And VIOLA!!!