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Q: You could’ve stopped photography after trying it out a couple times in high school. We want to know what about photography drew you in even to this day.

It felt nice to take pictures of my acquaintances with the camera that I bought with my own money, to the extent where I wondered if something that was more exhilarating than this could even exist. Maybe it was because I dreamt about it for a long time. And I like that you can look at the old pictures and reminisce in the past.(credit- togetherinspirit7)

Myungsoo Scenario: When You Have Pillow Talk

Btw I was listening to the song Come What May from the movie Moulin Rouge and that was my inspiration for the feel of this scenario so listen to it when reading! x

“Hey, Myungie?” You whispered softly as you lay facing him on the bed, the sound of both of you breathing calmly was the only thing heard. Both of you had decided on a peaceful night in equipped with movies, kisses, and lots of cuddles. And now here you were, staring deep into each others eyes, him propped up on his side with his weight on his arm, and you lying comfortably against the soft mattress. 

“Mmhm?” He replied, and he closed his eyes to rest for a second while taking in the peaceful moment. You scooted closer towards him and then turned with your back against the mattress and your eyes on the ceiling.

“What’s it like?” You said almost as if you were talking to yourself, but he just smiled and replied, “What’s what like?”

“Performing, dancing, singing, taking pictures, practicing, acting, I don’t really know, I guess I mean to be you,” You mused as you closed your eyes calmly waiting for his response. He seemed to be lost in thought because you had to turn and poke him slightly to get him back to your question from his own little world. 

“Ya,” you smiled and laughed slightly, “You were in Myungsoo world again, Oppa," 

"Ah, mianhae,” he replied and then asked, “Well, what’s it like to be you?" 

"What do you mean?” you said confused at his deep question, but he continued, “What makes you you? You listed what makes me, being an idol and everything I do, but what makes you?” He continued and said gently while starting to play with your hair softly.

After stopping to think, Myungsoo interrupted your thoughts by saying, “Well, I know what makes you. 2 sugars and cream in your coffee. Butterfly kisses and cuddling, just like right now. Horror movies but always hiding behind your fingers. Singing and dancing to girl group songs secretly in the bathroom. Cooing over babies and animals. Laughing, lots and lots of laughing. Corny or cheesy jokes that make you laugh hysterically. Building blanket forts. Rainy days and tea. And more so, you and me.”

“Oppa, that rhyme was cheesy,” you giggled at his corny-ness and he merely smiled.

“But I’m right, wasn’t I? You love them, all of the things I said,” He teased slightly while continuing to play with your hair. 

“Do I?” You said innocently with a hint of amusement to your voice, and he shushed you quickly with a quick peck and nuzzle. After a moment of silence you asked again, “Oppa, you didn’t answer my question. What’s it like to be you?”

“Busy mostly,” he replied while chuckling, “Busy and hectic and crazy. But amazing and breathtaking and perfect. L and Myungsoo. Pictures and cameras, lots and lots of them. Travelling, lots of that too. Wonderful fans, incredible teamwork and blood, sweat, and tears. Six brothers I’ve gained. Infinite. And most importantly, you,” he answered in a nostalgic voice filled with passion as he talked about everything he loved. It was his nature to do so. Myungsoo would fight until the end for everything and anything he loved in order to protect his perfect world. Myungsoo’s world. 

“Does it ever get to be too much?” You asked quietly and he shook his head.

“I love it. I love you. It’s perfect. You’re perfect,” he answered honestly and then went to kiss you softly before whispering, “My world is perfect, and you are my world.”

Love Call (5)

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       Simon’s eyes widened when he saw you at the same place with him, you were focused on preparing the camera and lenses for today’s photo shoot. You didn’t aware that Simon kept staring at your movement, he carefully observing you even when Myungsoo explained to you how and what kind of photo shoot theme that you were going to do.

       Since the rumors blew up, Simon and you haven’t met each other for more than a month. Not even single message he sent to you and you thought he has never have feeling for you, his happy laughed when he put his arm around that girl earlier when you accidentally saw them, it was showing you the truth, he has no feeling for you. It’s just you and your stupid reverie. His company statement made everything clearer to you, it’s just a friendship between famous celebrity and ordinary people.

       "It’s y/n.“ Gray commented when he spotted you on the set, Simon kept looking at you as he nodded in Gray’s comment.

       “She’s pretty…” Simon murmured but Gray still could hear what he said.

       “Just confess to her.” Gray’s quick reply made Simon thinking hard.        


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Gif reaction when the members see you graduating?





*Impatiently waits for the ceremony to be over so you two could have a real party*


*proud smile*


When your name gets called…


*has his camera ready*


*gets a little emotional at the thought of how far you’ve come*

~ Admin S