“No…. No…” Myungsoo continued to flip through pages upon pages of sheet music, lyrics and compositions scrawled across every single one of them. He had been trying to search for a song that he had not played yet–or at least, one that he hadn’t played in a long time. He ruffled his hair messily, and soon gave up, leaving the papers scattered on his desk as he shot up and grabbed his guitar. He perched himself on the edge of his bed, crossing his legs and propping the instrument against his knee. It had been a while since he’d simply sat and played whatever came to his mind. He took a moment to think up a melody, and soon began to play. At first, it didn’t sound quite the way he’d imagined, and so he had to stop to adjust the notes, and then start over. But eventually, he played it to his own satisfaction, and began to hum along with it, closing his eyes as he lost himself within the music that was his safehold.