my first follow forever ye no one wanted to do an edit for me so i summoned my artistic talent i should major in art tbh

first of all i really want to thank all of you who stayed with me during my whole tumblr trip like wow i just i need to breathe pls give me some cpr 

also another thank to those of you who didnt unfolloW ME because of my spazzing about other fandoms other than exo (like myungsoo)(fuck i just mentioned mYUGnSoO DOnt LEtT me)(FUcKC)(bREtAHeS HEAviLy)

i was gonna do a ff for my 1k but I CANT EDIT SO LIKE SHIT IM UP TO MY NEXT K SO HERE IT IS MY FOLLOW FOREVER uhm what else do i say in a follow forever i’ve never actually known senpai pls tell me


 bold = i love you so much pls marry me we gon have de happy babies

italics = senPA I !!!!!!!11!11!!onE!!!1uno


disclaimer: if you changed ur url then i probably wouldnt know its you im solly 

this is not alphabetical bc im a lazy fuck

cheoks yixingdotjpg myunglips myeong-su greaseu acciomyungsoo ohdultz ohzehuns sehoneythighs zongren doctor-kim-kai zii-taos taosvagina xunren baeklin topgradesehun oshzt wufantastic zr-o xiolu krismegently xoxodult itskpopfashion call-1-800-crack-yeol kaisoo-s joomnyun sethun xehunter kaistellations enjoythehun yeoltube peasehunts sumireu a-slave-for-kyungsoo-s-lips ohmyguccigege welcome-to-on-crack-exo-zoo otp12exo ohmilk jonginyou ohreos merciless-kai kiyeo-bunbun kimjonguin masturbaek sehunniesmilk sebuns ziitao histoweewee ohsehunnie1 yu-gi-oh-sehun wufagulous eexu yixingology chanliette sehunny-bunny men-in-eyeliner xehunfexobyuntae wusfan 50shades-of-kai pornstarparkchanyeol still-waiting-for-exos-comeback taechans ivyclub chanyeolismysexualfantasy forever-an-exo-fan bigbenben sexyguy-kai yee-exom-exok-asdfghjkl-history oh-luhans chanyeolsvoice intoxikaition lusekais exolutely kkomi wufan-min baobae

i want to mention ppl who’s been with me since the beginning of time like wow i love you why are you still following me

2min-baekyeol xiuhuan pandasickness kriswux3chu thehuns-bubble-tea ruhannie minseokmydiq myotpcrack

that took so long jesus christ if i didn’t include you im sorry it doesn’t mean that i hate you i loVE YOU I SWEAR I DO IF IM FOLLOWING YOU I LOVE YOU TO THE FULLEST TO THE MOON AND BACK homygygod also if you changed your url there’s a high chance that when i see it on my followings list i dont recognize it so maybe that’s why i didn’t include you i LVOE YOU EITHER WAYS ArrAS$0

also shout out to my followers i love you so much why r u here goodby e (my fingers are hurt this took so much copy & pasting and the format is fucking off brb killimg myself)

(farts quietly)

There are two people that I’m closer here on tumblr and that I love to death. And don’t take it personal, but  I’m close to these two people because we talk a lot and we understand each other!

and they are

and if you want to make friends here on tumblr with anyone, these two are perfect. they’ll great you with open arms. they are kind and sweet. totally worth talking with :3 

wororo asked:

top 5 favorite movies

  • A walk to Remember (obviously) 
  • Lady & The Tramp
  • The X-men Movies
  • She’s the Man
  • i actually don’t have a fifth favorite movie (or no movies come to mind.) i watch too many movies, tbh. i watch a lot more movies than tv shows.