Myunghoon had woken up in a king-sized bed he didn’t remmeber falling asleep into and furrowed his brows in confusion. 

Only when he felt someone next to him shift, he turned around, reazling in whose bed he was sleeping and only frowned more, letting out a low sigh.

He carefully stretch, trying his best not to wake the vampire up, but then he remained where he was, laying on his back and staring up at the ceilings.

The memories of the day before rushing back to him as he then rubbed his face with an hand. He had let the vampire win their fight and submit him as if it was nothing. It still burnt his pride madly, but he would eventually get over it.

The problem now was what to do? It was obvious the master was interested in him and he couldn’t deny part of him was too. The only thing stopping him was the fact the other looked so much like a twink. But about that the werewolf had been proved how looks really meant nothing in the leech world.

He was so deeply focused into his own thoughts he got honestly starled when arms slipped around him, pulling him closer as well as lips pressed on his.

“You’re awake” he stated, looking at Isaac.


Myunghoon was soundly asleep when suddenly all mixture of different smells and sounds quickly awakened him. The castle was quite too noisy that day, wasn’t it? He just wanted to sleep couldn’t they  shut the fuck up?

Groaning his unhappiness, he covered his face behind an arm as he changed position on the bed…..On the bed? Wait, what bed? 

The werewolf quickly sat up and looked around in shock. He was in a king-sized bed in what looked like one of the suites the vampires used to own, but why was he there? He didn’t remember spending the night wiht a vampire so what the fuck was going on?

Now that he noticed it he was feeling weird, there was definitely too much noise around him and his ears were starting to hurt, not to mention all the different scents he could smell were making him nauseous.

Groaning he slowly sat up and walked towards what looked like the bathroom. He reached for the doorknob and turned it to open the door, pushing the door to step inside, but with his surprise the door just cracked and broke, falling down onto the floor, leaving him with wide eyes and with the knob still in his hands.

“Someone liked to keep it cheap uh?” he said, stepping into the bathroom and moving to the sink to wash his face, but what he saw left him speechless. He stared at his reflection, his hands shooting up around his neck where the collar he was used to wear had disappeared.

“What…..What the fuck?!”.

Myunghoon had been feeling quite pugnacious lately. Didn’t know if it was because of the approaching full moon or what, but it was a fact.

He was still trying to adjust to being a werewolf and on how much the Moon influenced his life. It was still pretty new and confusing to him, especially some aspects.

During one of his last tour he had found out about a certain secretary having a personal computer and he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about it.

He had waited for Isaac to leave the suite to sneak out as well. He quickly walked towards the room he remembered being Jerome’s office and easily forced the lock to sneak in. Once there he quickly rushed towards the pc and turned it on.

He truly hoped it had an internet connection and thanks lord it did. Finally things were working out for him. This could be his one and only chance to maek it out of Krov.

He quickly searched the net to checkfor some news about his old squad and boss before deciding to log into his email to write to one of his close friends who happened to be a journalist. His plan was to tell him everything, minus the supernatural part, about what happened to him. How he was framed and sold out to a prison and all that. He wasn’t sure it would have made any difference but it was worth trying. Maybe they would have sent a squad to rescue him or something. 

He quickly typed a long email and was about to click on send, when a voice startled him to death.

His yellow eyes shined in the dark for a moment as he scanned the room, feeling his blood freezing in his veins when his gaze stopped on someone he knew very well.

“FUCK!” he mentally cursed