; brothers for life

Sunggyu talking about Myungsoo (Infinite Showtime ep.1):

anyways, people don’t know well, but this friend’s attractiveness isn’t from his face but his tacitness and perseverance.

actually, not much after debut when we had a lot of schedules, we had one in front of a store that sells seafood. right before our performance it was a comedy skit so the floor was filled with broken eggs, so everyone started the event in a very crazy mood. and this day Myungsoo fell many times on the ground, getting the broken eggs everywhere on his body, but he didn’t show any sign of discomfort and got up quickly to continue dancing like nothing happened.

at that time i thought…. although he’s younger than me but i can really rely on him.

although others only look at his appearance, i think there are many traits he has that’s even better than his face.

i hope myungsoo will come to me or the members to tell us about his worries. i hope he doesn’t bear it all by himself.

crying ugly tears because wow, kim brothers ㅠㅠ