Sokka vs. fish key animation by Myeong Ga Young and Yu Jae Myung.


Hello, everyone! I just recently hit 10k followers, and my blog’s two-year anniversary was in November. So, I’ve decided to put together a follow forever. ^^ It’s been over a year since I released the last one, so I figured it was about time, hehe. The following blogs are amazing, and my Tumblr experience would be nothing without them. I tried to separate the blogs that post just Infinite (for the most part). Some blogs in the multifandom list may post a lot of Infinite, but post other groups on a regular basis as well. I really hope I didn’t forget anyone. ;;

And thank you so much to all my followers! I’m always delighted by the support I get here. You’re all wonderful~

Infinite: myung-sooo | myungbby | myungjongs | myungthoo | nambrows | namnambunny | namstar | namusoos | pokersoo | qzizi | sngyeol | sunggyu-u | teen-finite | teuwoo | woosbby | wowhw | yeolnah

Multifandom: busyeo | daeyeol | derpchann | kaiwaiian | pilsuks | seouldreams | thoulgyu | wooseu | yadoong


It’s 2014 and I feel so blessed to have finally reached 2k followers. Thank you all so much for supporting me and liking the things I post, please keep loving Girls’ Generation in this new year. Please have the best year possible! 

Here’s a small follow forever of my favorite blogs:

0-fivethirty, acciomyungsoo, adorkableplaygirlz, astrospace, baekyun, choinho, crispynut, cumbaek, d-aehyuns, dandyush, domino-fx, dorehan, enroutetoseul, exolutely, favoun, flawfreesuho, florensic, foreverfany, fqzpocky, gukdae, heartae, himdaes, hityourheart, howonssi, hyosic, hyunea, ibleedpastelpink, imjinah, jaejoongs, jesschest, jessicajuns, jinkinetic, jiyeolie, joomyun, justmyperfectgoddess, jvseok, kaiplushy, kairiseu, kaixes, kimhyoyeonjjang, kris-wu, kyuclam, kyung-soo, kyungins, kyungsol, leejieun, lehunn, littleshinee, m-iyoung, madeinperfection, mikimiyuki, milkkeus, minhonnie, mintokkies, monoka, myung-sooo, myunghs, myungthoo, naerong, narcissusroad, noona, oh-luhans, ohdults, ohshinee, only-seoul, ot12, pilsuks, pitdae, pohroro, prettaer, qorea, ruby-sica, rurouneko, s1cas, sailorseo, sarangtaeyeon, seo-mate, seoulers, shining-sooyoung, shinwoos, sicats, simplynine ,snowylifewish, snsd1k, soojng, sookyus, soonomi, southkoreans, sovvons, ssulranghae, sunchenboy, taejumma, taengastic, taengay, taenggyu, taenghan, taesunamo, taozia, teeyeon, telepany, tellsmeyourwish, thegenerationofgirls, thsmithgazer, toldyouseo, uhmyung, visualkpop, vogueras, vongjoo, wonkyuyoung, wooseu, wooyoung, wu-fan, wufun, wuxvn, wyfns, yiqie, yirumas, yoojaes, yosics, younas, yultisic, zelo, & zhonqrens

Thank you so much for making my dash lovely!♡