Sokka vs. fish key animation by Myeong Ga Young and Yu Jae Myung.


Hello everyone~

I’ve promised myself to make a follow forever once I hit a milestone and I did last month with 500+ followers! ::celebration:: Thank you guys so much for following me and my stupid tumblr. I’ve been on tumblr for a year and over now and just recently started getting back into the routine of making gifs earlier this year despite me being super busy with grad school and everything. Thank you my lovely followers for your patience and endless support.

Anyway, don’t really know what to say except for how thankful I am ;) So without further ado, here are some sunbaes and senpais I’ve been following and will follow foreverrrrr…(in no particular order)…

fyeahinfinitegifs | namnambunny | myung-sooo | chandoo | pitdae | nambrows | sungyeolchan | zoyeol | ifntsungyeol | loseryeol | supersnazzy |
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Also, some fyeahs I’ve been following:
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Sorry if I missed anybody. Once again, thank you for following :)