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1.   Action or comedy?  Comedy

2. Favorite quote?   “There sure is a lot of blood in people”  ~ Johnny Cade, The Outsiders

3. Any gulty pleasures?   comic books and knee socks

4. Your least favorite character of any TV Show?   hate Ruby from Supernatural

5. Longest book/fanfiction/work you’ve ever read?  The Host by Stephenie Meyer

6. Saddest TV Show moment you’ve ever seen?   Either when Sam died in season 2 or Violet telling Tate to go away

7. Favorite season?   Fall

8. Favorite villain?   Loki or Crowley 

9. Coffee or Tea?   Tea

10. Last sentence you said out loud?   Stop, please, I want to go home

11. Anything to say to your followers?   I love you guys so much and don’t ever let anything keep you down because there is absolutely nothing wrong with who you are.  Live long and prosper.  Stay strong and sarcastic my friends.

My questions for you

1.  Coke or Pepsi

2.  Who is your favorite youtuber?

3.  What is the last book you read?

4.  What’s your favorite subject in school?

5.  What’s you favorite band?

6.  What fandoms are you in?

7.  Do you have any imaginary friends?

8.  Do you perfer movies or books?

9.  Favorite 80’s movie?

10.  Thing you are most proud of?

11.  A song that you hate but love?

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