im so bored and in so much pain post-wisdom teeth i guess it took the full 48 hours for the mouth-numbing drugs to wear off because i felt totally great for the first two days but then thursday friday and especially today i have felt SOME SERIOUS MOUTHPAIN and just like all-around shitty and just been sleeping and reading and watching girls but i did just make this .gif “myuglygif.gif”

i’m feeling the type of bored where i might find some personality quizzes to fill out. so don’t be alarmed if i start doin that lololol. or i would love some shit in my ask box , tell me stuff, ask for some advice that i can try my darnedest to give, or suggest some feel-good films i can find on hbogo/netflix/amazon prime bc i have all that shit and i just watched the babadook with my parents and it was FUCKING SCARY! really good and well-done though but like yeah i need a visual ice pack like the one that is chilling in the freezer right now that i can’t wait to velcro the fuck back around my head. why isn’t “it’s complicated” on Netflix? because that’s exactly what i’d like to watch at this moment. (i tried watching that new-ish rob reiner movie with michael douglass and diane keaton that is now on netflix but it was NOT what i WANTED it only made the dull ache in my mouth more acute)