InstaQuote: Personalities 1

Last week, there was a major rampage of the human society caused by the iOS7. Some people loved it, some hated it. Either way, I ended up updating my iPad’s OS as well. With that being said, I got curious who was the person responsible for these intricate and well-crafted designs. Of course, before, it was Steve Jobs, who had a lot of innovative ideas, that did them. However, after he passed away, I never got to think who sort of replaced him. That’s where I knew Jonathan “Jony” Ive. He’s currently the Senior Vice President of Design at Apple and the person behind this iOS7!

As iOS7 is moving to a not-so flat combined with parallax effect trend in mobiles and tablets, I have decided to go that way also. Meaning, my blog will start to look neater/flatter and more friendly for readers. So, expect that change for about 2-3 weeks from now (well it still depends on how hell my week’s gonna be). I might post a screenshot of it soon!

Anyway, here are two of the genius human beings from Apple that shared a bit of inspirational quote for everyone. Hope you like it!