in college me and my friend were walking down the stairs and these 3 guys went past us in suits so my friend says to me “why are they wearing suits?” and i said “i dont know but they suit them” and she hasnt looked me in the eyes since

“I look back on my sjw days and laugh”

lol, you were never an ‘sjw’. You were just searching for 'i’m a good person cookies’ and you realized that you’re actually a horrible person and you didn’t like that realization, so now you’re trying to pretend that we’re all just overly sensitive and what we say doesn’t matter. Or you were drawn to social justice because you’re part of an oppressed group but you also learned from it that being part of an oppressed group does not absolve you of your privileges and you didn’t like that realization either, so now you’re again trying to pretend we’re asking too much and don’t matter.

If a transgender person tells you you’re being transphobic, there’s a pretty fucking good chance that they are completely right. Sooooooo if you really aren’t transphobic you should probably listen to trans people and make the menial effort to stop doing the thing you did, instead of going on a rant about how you are nice to trans people sometimes and therefore are not transphobic ever (newsflash: that’s bullshit).

some more thoughts

1. There is literally nothing “sjws” could have done to make this an okay reaction.

2. If these people think this is an okay thing to do they are dangerous people.

3. This attack is directed at women. This attack is directed at queer people. This attack is directed at all marginalized people (seriously, stay out of all the tags). This is an act of hate and don’t you fucking down play it.