what right did harry styles have to say ‘it just kinda happened’ about him LIVING TOGETHER with his bANDMATE louis tomlinson literally what gave him the right to disrespect me in this way

post regarding the frank situation

so…theres still a minority in the mcr fandom still acting like immature 5 year olds huh 

lemme just break this down to people

frerard isnt real ((anymore at least imo but whatevs)

mcr isnt a band anymore get over it you still have their songs to listen to like??? enjoy that

frank isnt obliged to meet fans he does it because he WANTS to im sure i’d be very appreciative if i was from a popular ex-band and still had people supporting my new bands career so the fact you even have the CHANCE to meet him is a big deal!!!!

if frank said on twitter when he meets people he doesnt wanna be hugged…dont hug him…its that simple..if he doesnt like it dont do it its just common sense to not do something you know someone would be uncomfortable with

dont shout stuff about frerard/mcr like…you’re at a show for franks new band you’re there for the music dont get caught up in your fantasy world where frank and gerard are happily married and mcr is still a thing because i have news for you it ISNT mcr broke up over a year ago and at the time yeah i took it hard bc it happened a day after my birthday i was devastated i never got to see them live but ive moved on and obviously into new fandoms (1d being the obvious) because i couldnt listen to mcr anymore it made me too sad

so think about how frank an EX-member of mcr must feel when people constantly bring up his band the band he wanted to be in because they were his FAVOURITE band (as he says himself in lotms)

and its no secret that frank was the most upset by the mcr break-up it was so clear for everyone to see not even commenting on it for a week (i think it was) because he didnt know how to comprehend what happened and then did it,by a much longer than the 85 words on the mcr official website post, on his own blog

also bringing up frerard is disgusting like believe what you want but dont bring it up when one of the guys is rIGHT THERE like if someone said something about me and my ex-best friend being together i’d be freaked out

tbh i understand why frank might be/is changing the age limit to 19+ so there isnt immature fans like those people who clearly upset frank at tat show in particular

it sucks though for the people who are respectful towards frank and the other ex-mcr members who just wanted to support them at a show

its always the negative people that we end up focusing on never the nice and kind people so thank you for people who genuinely support frank,gerard,ray and mikey in whatever they deicide to do in their careers next

(also incase you’re thinking ‘oh you’re just a 1d blog you shouldnt have an opinion’ well i was a hardcore mcr blog from 2011 all the way up to the end of april 2013 u might remember me as frerardandgerardssunglasses or mcrenttogether and i had lots of friends in the mcr fandom so yes i am allowed an opinion on a band that meant the world to me for 3 years thank you very much)

i hate whoever invented spoons because like yeah they serve their purpose but when u have to wash them all hell breaks loose like why has the spoon gotta do that thing why are u making it impossible for us to clean the spoon surely the creator of spoons knew we were gonna have to clean them at some point so why is it made to do that annoying water splashing thing im so stressed about this i need answers 

in college me and my friend were walking down the stairs and these 3 guys went past us in suits so my friend says to me “why are they wearing suits?” and i said “i dont know but they suit them” and she hasnt looked me in the eyes since

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why does l ouis even suggestt his l ike he soudns so seirous 

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seeing people say they love doctor who now are literally lying to themselves because no-one could like a show which has so many plot holes in every series and so little character development and offensive jokes and storylines that go absolutely no where in the end and it just leaves you sad and disappointed at the end of every episode because the actors/actresses could do so much more but they’re given a script which is badly written and isnt right for their character,those people who say they still like the show are just in denial because that show went bad as soon as david left and russell t davis stopped writing for that show and they just want to seem like a ‘good fan’ for still liking it