Long ago, in a valley far away, lived a girl. She was a true princess, sorceress, and witcheress. She was born a princess who wanted for nothing, had loving parents and a grandmother who was a great queen. She lived in palaces guarded by hundreds of knights. Everyone thought she’d become a powerful queen. But fate had other plans. Her parents died. Enemies butchered her grandmother and took the kingdom. Still, the princess survived. Her fate became bound to one particular witcher. 

She gained a new family at Kaer Morhen, the hold of the witchers. She learned to fight. Yet destiny once again made noise. The lass had magical talent. She was a source. The witchers afeared the uncontrolled power of a source and needed a sorceress to assist them.  She studied arcane magic. The sorceress loved a witcher and the two adopted the girl. She was truly happy and could have become a powerful sorceress… 

But war broke out and fate separated the family. Aggrieved, the lass disavowed magic and became a huntress, learning to love killing. Death followed her - everyone she’d loved had died. Only the witcher and the sorceress denied Death’s calling. 

Fate cast her to foreign shores, yet she returned. The worst assassin taled her, yet she emerged victorious. Agents of all kingdoms pursued her, yet none caught her. When she killed all her enemies and peace descended upon the world, she rejoined the witcher and sorceress, only to have destiny sneer at her again. 

What happened?

My shipper heart would love to believe that this is the moment in which Derek’s wolf recognizes Stiles as his mate, and it throws Derek off for a second. But this look really complexes me; I can’t pinpoint exactly what this look is. But it seems significant because Derek’s gaze isn’t harsh, isn’t a glare. It’s softer and more vulnerable, and I can’t figure out why. This is my theory:

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