So, I was having a pleasant Tuesday evening, taking in my usual broadcast line-up -  as I get some work done -  then just when the 9pm program almost ended I discovered that the CW has decided not to order further episodes, beyond the original 13, of Emily Owens, M.D.

According to reports the show is performing drastically below the required ratings, to remain viable among its targeted demo (18-49). It was also the lowest rated premiere for the network.  

Well just in case you wondered, this is what I really think of the whole thing….

Emily Owens, M.D, is a decent show! Mamie Gummer is talented and refreshing. Of course I see the similarities to Meredith Grey over at ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. However, Gummer’s character is particularly quirky and full with her exclusively charming attributes. 
I guess just like anything else on television, it is not filled with enough scandalous drama to maintain the attention of the targeted demo. How sad! 
Similar to why I follow Parenthood on NBC, though the CW show is somewhat soft on story lines, E.O. M.D. has heart and is wholesomely a breath of fresh air…….Yep, Just call me weird America!


Check out this video and get ready for the next season of ABC’s Once Upon a Time (OUaT). #MyTVWatch2Cnets

I am certainly excited about the return of the revolutionary television series. 

Go OUaT!

Click on the video, on the left, to watch ABC’s Once Upon a TIme - Season Two Preview (by ABCNetwork)