now we’re just two more dead could-have-been-kings


I don’t understand

Fingers twined together. Shoulder leaned on shoulder. Fist bumping fist. Hand dragging Adam up from the dirt.

Cabeswater rifled madly through Adam’s own memories and flashed them through his mind. It hurled images of Gansey, Ronan, Noah, and Blue so fast that Adam couldn’t keep up with all of them. (Chapter 39, Blue Lily, Lily Blue - Maggie Stiefvater)

For my darling Ronan ♥♥♥♥♥ (:* Thanks for 6 years of amazing love and friendship, bae~!)

Imagine ronan and adam picking out a christmas tree for monmouth though:

  • ronan tries to force adam to wear a hat because “dammit parrish you’re gonna get fucking pneumonia” and adam is all “no ronan im not cold”  even though he obviously is its just pride
  • but ronan just forces it on his head (you know it has a fucking pom pom on it because ronan is all about that life)
  • and the next thing adam knows hes got on gloves and a scarf too and they’re just wandering through the trees
  • ronan is pretending to look around for one but its so hard because adam just looks so damn cute in that stupid hat
  • ronan eventually finds this MASSIVE tree because fuck yeah why not
  • but adam finds this little spruce and its so perfect and it smells AMAZING and hes just got this look in his eyes
  • and ronan knows hes never had a real tree before so hes like “well we can just pump it full of fertilizers so it doesn’t look like a fucking charlie brown tree”
  • while they’re checking out ronan buys them hot chocolate
  • on the ride home their cheeks are all rosy and adams nose is a little drippy but hes just got the hugest smile on his face
  • then ronan has this amazing idea
  • he drops adam at monmouth and is like “oh i have to go pick up matthew and i dont have time to take the tree off the roOFSEEYOULATERBYE”
  • and he goes to st. agnes and uses the key we all know he dreamed up
  • he sets up the little tree in adams apartment and dreams up all these ornaments
  • the tree topper is a little figure of gansey in his boxers because what else
  • there’s a patchwork ornament for blue, a little raven with a santa hat for chainsaw, a little orb with sparkles for noah
  • lots of soft white lights and garland
  • decorating takes lots of swearing and he almost crushes the tree like fifteen times
  • adam has been calling for an hour because ‘RONAN YOU LEFT ME AT MONMOUTH WITH NO WAY TO GET HOME WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU’
  • ronan picks him up and adam is all ‘wtf did you do to my tree you demon’
  • and ronan’s all ‘oh it fell off the roof sorry parrish you’ll get over it’
  • and adam is just so heartbroken and mad
  • BUT
  • then they get to st. agnes and adam storms up to the apartment and slams the door and he’s so mad and
  • then he sees it
  • and hes so overwhlemed because hes never had this in his whole life and it makes his apartment feel like home for the first time ever
  • and then ronan is there and all ‘jesus parrish are you gonna fucking cry cause i can leave if you’re going to fucking puss-’
  • and adams is kissing him and its just magical
  • the next morning (ronan stayed over obviously) adams wakes up and sees that there is a ‘our first christmas’ ornament on the tree

sorry that got away from me…actually might make it a fic


voguenexxus  asked:

So have you thought about how every time Noah made those jokes and "tried to tell them" he was probably dreading that some one would realize what he really meant, because he knows it's important and he should tell his friends what's really going on but having them treat him like a real person is the most alive he's felt since he died

WHY?!?! why would you say this to me bc now im thinking

  • blue and noah are chilling alone in monmouth one day
  • theyve been jumping up and down on gansey’s bed and they collapse in heap tangled in the sheets giggling like idiots
  • theyre on their backs stairing at the ceiling as the laughter slowly fades into silence
  • noah breaks it
  • “yah know, i was so afraid of you guys finding out”
  • she turns to him “finding out what”
  • he looks at her with a soft, sad smile on his face and he looks older suddenly
  • “that i was dead. i was afraid that you wouldnt treat me the same. i was afraid of losing myself because-”
  • he’s got tears in his eyes
  • “-because with you guys around, doing things with you, when you looked at me like is was there. i felt alive.”
  • and blue is crying too because this smol ghost boy didnt deserve what he got
  • she jumps on him and smothers him with hugs
  • blue sniffles and says “youre one of the most alive people i know, noah”
  • he pats her hair
  • gangsey, adam, and ronan walk in to find them sleeping all tangled togther and gansey takes like 8 trillion pictures of them 
  • ronan rolls his eyes but when the other two go into the kitchen he pulls the covers up around blue and noah 


pininglynch  asked:

Hi! So I have an awful lot of hw, and I mean LOTS. So could you do some headcanons about Ronan being a super supportive bf when Adam is tired, stressed and just super busy with uni exams and homework? I need some pynch to keep going through this hell

mmmmmyes my dear friend i feel your pain

  • adams got exams coming up and hes been studying like crazy but stuff isnt sticking and hes doubting himself 
  • he calls ronan in a panic like ‘im stressed and my roommate is being a dick and im not going to pass these exams andandand-’
  • ronan hangs up on him mid sentence and adam is kind of hurt like ‘i know he hates talking on the phone and the idea of college but i mean”
  • he just slowly picks up his books and gets back to studying but his chest feels kind of tight and he just wishes someone was there to help him through this
  • and then he starts thinking about how he’s had to do everything all by himself since he was a kid; make flashcards, quiz himself, check over his own homework
  • and he’s just so tired
  • the next thing he knows he’s jolted awake from the textbook he fell asleep on by a pounding on his door
  • he drags himself over to it assuming its some drunk frat boy come to collect his burnout roommate
  • instead its ronan with his arms filled with all sorts of shit and adam is just gaping at him like ‘ronan? how- i mean- why-”
  • and ronan is just like ‘are you going to invite me in parrish jesus where are your manners?’
  • adam stumbles back to let him in and ronan goes to his bed to put down all the things he has in his arms
  • he steps back and starts pointing at stuff “redbull, monster, and coffee because i wasn’t sure what would work best; i also got apples because i heard that they’re as good as caffeine but that could be bullshit. cheetos even though i think theyre fucking disgusting i know they’re your favorite. some index cards here in like 5 different colors because i figured you’re a loser and you’d probably want to color code for different subjects.”
  • “i also got some eyedrops and oh yeah-”
  • and he just scoops up adam and kisses him 
  • ‘you’re gonna be just fine babe, they wouldnt have let you into this stupid nerd palace if they didn’t think you could handle it. now where are we starting?”
  • adam is just speechless and he’s fighting back tears
  • he smiles and points to his criminal law textbook and ronan scoops it up and pulls him onto the bed
  • they spend the night holed up in adams room, ronan quizing him and breaking for the occasional kiss (he may or may not throw cheetos at adam when he gets things wrong)
  • when adams roommate stumbles in ronan pushes him back out and when hes like ‘fuck you dude this is my room’ ronan just grabs his shirt and says ‘i dont care where the fuck you go but its not gonna be in here. got it?’ 
  • the guy basically shits himself and runs off and adam is doubled over laughing 
  • later on when adam gets stressed ronan rubs his back and kisses his forehead and talks him through it
  • eventually adam slumps over asleep onto ronans shoulder 
  • ronan stays through the rest of finals (he only complains about the college yuppies and adams tiny bed a total of 15 thousand times)
  • adam aces all his tests obvi :)

GOOD LUCKKKKKK hope me and the nerds helped :)

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okay so there's a dance at aglionby (there allowed to invite girls from other schools) and at first it seems like none of the gangsey is going to go but Ronan being the dork he is low key wants to take adam


  • so maybe like a little flyer gets mailed to every student (henry cheng is on the dance committee so obviously that shit is advertised in 15 different ways)
  • and ronan gets his and he sees it and makes a face and chucks it in the bin
  • but then throughout the day he finds his mind wandering…places
  • adam in a suit and adam drinking shitty punch and adam laughing at the decorations and adam whispering sarcastic comments in his ear about tad carruther’s hair and adam dancing and adam dancing with him 
  • he practically dumps out the entire bin trying to find the flyer
  • now he has to do this strategically because, well, dances really aren’t exactly their Thing 
  • but he’s like “if i can get sargent to see this she’ll bring it up and gansey will be sure to mention taking her”
  • so the nerd fucking starts putting it places he thinks blue will see it; the counter in the kitchenbathroom, gansey’s desk, gansey’s bed, the couch, the pool table
  • until finally he’s desperate and-
  • “why is there a flyer for a dance in your fridge?” 
  • blue isn’t even a little suspicious though because i mean come on they have a fucking toilet in their kitchen
  • gansey takes it from her puzzled and she asks him if they’ve ever gone to a dance before 
  • he laughs and says “nope, never really had the interest-” and then he smiles and *eyebrow wiggles* “-or anyone to go with.”
  • she rolls her eyes but he catches her smile
  • meanwhile ronan is like listening on the other side of the door with bated breath
  • “well jane, would you go if i asked?”
  • “maybe dick, but the others should go too. i’d feel like something was missing without them.“
  • ronan is like dancing a fucking jig and silently fist pumping when gansey whacks him with the door as he’s leaving the kitchen
  • the next day gansey brings it up to adam and ronan in the pig on the way to school
  • “…and it would mean a lot to jane. so what do you guys-”
  • “i’ll go!” ronan says it louder and quicker than he means and both gansey and adam turn to stare at him like wtf
  • then adam says quietly “well i dont think $25 a ticket is in my budget right now, you guys go though, please don’t abstain on my account.”
  • gansey doesn’t offer to pay for his ticket because he knows adam wont take it but he frowns none the less
  • but ronan’s thought about this small, sad detail and of course he has a plan
  • he finds himself wandering into the line for dance tickets at lunch and then chickening out
  • he does the same thing the next day and the next day until a day before the dance he gets all the way up to the front
  • henry cheng is like *eyebrows raised in shock* “wow lynch, never thought i’d catch you buying one of these”
  • “two actually.”
  • cheng’s eyeballs practically pop out of his head and the next thing ronan knows he’s walking away with two tickets clutched in his sweaty hand
  • that night he’s driving to adams and the whole way there he’s rehearsing like a loser
  • “okay parrish, fucking, willyougotothedancewithme?”
  • “parrish, dance, you, me”
  • oh hey, is that dance tomorrow? completely slipped my mind. it’ll probably be stupid HAHAHA but well fuck it we should go. together.”
  • “lets go to the dance, but not, not like seperate, like as a- a uh….unit
  • he paces outside the apartment muttering to himself for like 45 minutes until finally he goes up
  • adam turns his attention back to his homework at his desk after he lets ronan in
  • ronan gulps and god why is he sweating so much 
  • he walks up behind adam and with shaking hands puts the tickets on the desk
  • adam frowns at them and doesnt turn “what’s this?”
  • “okay parrish, here’s the deal. you cant go because you cant afford it, but i want you to go. i- i want to go with you. and yah know, its traditional to buy your dates ticket so it wouldn’t be charity and-”
  • he pauses and adam stares at him all wide eyes
  • “are you fucking with me?”
  • “wha- what no, jesus, im being sincere and shit i really- i really want to go with you parrish and its fine if you dont want to its stupid i just-”
  • “yeah, alright ill go with you”
  • and ronan is just like O_o
  • he gets all blushy and adam is smiling at him hesitantly and its a little awkward but ronan has never been happier in his life
  • until he sees adam in his suit when he picks him up the next night
  • until adam grabs his hand and smiles at him nervously when they walk into the decorated school gym
  • until adam whispers a joke in his ear so that he can be heard over the shitty pop music
  • until adam drags him out onto the dance floor
  • until adam looks up at him while he sways in his arms to the slow song
  • until adam closes the gap between them, right there, in front of everyone

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I love your head canons. They give me life in this desperate time between books. I've seen lots of yr Lynch family hcs and it made me wonder: did Niall ever sit the boys down for "the talk"?? Did he ever suspect that Ronan was gay?? Or did Declan ever try to assert himself as big bro and buy Ronan condoms or something?? I need to know!

mmmmmmmmthank you omgggggg 

  • OKAY i feel like niall MOST LIKELY was not around enough to give the boys the talk (or to know that ronan was gay)
  • and he’s an irish catholic male so the likely-hood that he would willingly go into the subject with his  sons is unlikely, i picture more of a slap on the back, gruff ‘haha dont get her pregnant’ kind of thing 
  • aurora however
  • she sat them down and was like, ‘listen here, you will respect whomever the lovely girl is that you decide to give your gift to and-’ ‘OH MY GOD MOM’ ‘declan lynch you will sit down and listen or i will show every girl you ever bring to this house your naked baby photos’
  • and i bet she left condoms under their pillows with little notes that said shit like ‘dont be silly, protect your willie’ and ‘cover your stump before you hump’
  • aurora eventually realizes that ronan is gay, maybe from the way he doesnt join in when declan oggles at girls on television, or the magazines she finds with pages dog eared over men under his bed
  • she doesnt try and force him to talk about it, mostly because i think she realizes he’s not even sure he knows fully yet, has accepted it fully yet
  • but she hugs him real tight and says whenever she can ‘i’ll always love you, no matter what, you know that right? there is nothing you could ever do to make me stop loving you.’ and he’s like ‘sheesh mom chill’
  • but she just smiles 
  • declan probably does try and talk about girls with ronan and he buys ronan condoms as a kind of joke birthday gift at one point
  • but ronan just shrugs him off and makes it clear he isnt interested in talking to him about that kind of stuff
  • because first off, ronan hates declans casual promiscuity and the way he treats most girls, and second, it scares him that he doesn’t see girls the same way that declan does
  • when ronan and adam are in cabeswater together one day visting her she is just beaming because she worried so much about ronan not accepting himself or that he would never find someone but adam is just so perfect and the way ronan looks at him makes her so. incredibly. happy.

the lynch’s will be the death of me i stg

anonymous asked:

Do you think that Adam is the type of guy to stop Ronan from pranking people? Or do you think he just joins in?

AH god okay thinking about this is the best because

  • adam parrish is the KING of pretending to be **exasperated** or **annoyed**  when it comes to ronan but we all know he has like zero resolve or conviction 
  • hence we have 
  • ronan: “im going to drag you behind my car on a plank of wood” 
  • adam: *exaggerated sigh* “okay”
  • so yes he joins in after some pestering
  • but he has RULES people he has BOUNDARIES
  • no teachers
  • not on blue because she is scary and its not worth her smol rage
  • it has to be well thought out, none of that whoopie cushion bullshit adam parrish goes hard 100% of the time
  • when he pranks it’s well thought out 
  • one day he and ronan race home early and they take LITERALLY every piece of ganseys furniture and move it and inch to the left
  • for DAYS gansey is walking into things and tripping over stuff and hes just like >:(  
  • “everything feels off in here and i cant place my finger on it”
  • ronan is barely containing his giggles 
  • but adam just straight faced says “you know what gansey i’ve been getting weird vibes from cabeswater lately, maybe the ley line is messing with monmouth”
  • and ronan has to leave because he is crying with laughter 
  • they don’t have the heart to tell gansey of course 
  • they try and prank noah but he just reads their feelings and figures them out before the prank ever gets going
  • he’s also only allowed to help with pranks on gansey during special occasions because most of the time he gets too excited and gives it away
  • ronan thinks up one where he dreams up this sort of perfume that is really pungent and they just put it EVERYWHERE
  • gansey’s bed, the kitchen, the pig, HIS CLOTHES, just everywhere
  • and gansey is like does anyone smell anything??????????????
  • they of course get blue and noah in on it and they’re all just like NAH NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT
  • “huh, i swear i smell something”
  • by the end of the week he’s ready to tear his hair out like “WHAT IS IT WHERE IS IT COMING FROM I KNOW IT WAS ONE OF YOU”
  • adam and ronan come up with most of the ideas together
  • even though he likes to act like its childish adam secretly likes spending the time with ronan doing non-school, non-glendower stuff

bless these children

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Ronan and Adam and a dream baby.


you’ve probably seen this but @welcometocabeswater‘s violet is my numbah one adam and ronan dream baby in “moonage daydream” 

but also consider

  • sleepy-eyed ronan lynch dragging himself out of bed to calm their baby girl in the middle of the night
  • rocking said baby back to sleep while singing the same irish lullaby’s aurora used to sing to him
  • adam reading to her every single night after work (she loves stories about fairies)
  • she has a little stuffed raven she sleeps with killllll meeee
  • heavily tattooed, black leather jacket wearing ronan lynch tearing up while dropping his baby girl off at her first day of kindergarten
  • she and ronan cooking dinner for adam and she’s barefoot standing on a chair to reach the counter with flour all over her face and using a spoon thats far too big for her little hands, singing and chattering nonsense and ronan is just so HAPPY
  • in the summer they go swimming in a pond nears the barns
  • adam is teaching her to swim, holding her up while she splashes around with her floaty clad arms
  • ronan has no chill and is pacing the beach like “DONT drop her adam- ADAM be careful heR HEADDOESNTGOUNDERADAM-”
  • adam just roles his eyes and is like “calm down babe i got it”
  • they have picnics all the time in the summer and the two of them chase her around the fields until the stars come out
  • they lay on their backs and teach her about the constellations and sometimes adam and ronan’s eyes meet over the top of her head and they are just so HAPPY AND IN LOVE PLEASE MAGGIE GIVE US THIS


anonymous asked:

can we talk about ronan aggressively holding adam's hand or dragging him into his lap and burying his face in adam's neck so he doesn't have to face everyone's amused looks (but when declan's there he looks him straight in the eye with adam in his lap lmao)


  • OKAY so the first time they hold hands they are in the caves under cabeswater or something and they are Super Serious On A Mission Walking Fast
  • and ronan looks down and their hands are linked and he’s all “wait, what’s this?” 
  • adam’s like “i thought you were doing it” and ronan’s like  “I THOUGHT YOU WERE DOING IT”
  • they are just all *blushing* okay whatever it’s creepy down here and i mean we’re looking for a dead king together we can hold hands damn 
  • after that everywhere they go they just end up holding hands
  • it’s in a shy way at first, tentative
  • soon enough though ronan goes out of his way to hold adam’s hand like out of his way
  • gansey: ronan, as happy as i am that two of my best friends are dating, could you please refrain from holding hands through noah’s body or form or uh- whatever you would call it.”
  • noah: “it’s kind of nice actually :)”
  • and LAPS
  • ronan only pulls adam into his lap when he knows adam is having a bad day
  • one night everyone is rushing around monmouth getting ready to go to dinner at nino’s
  • it’s Hectic
  • noah is begging blue to come look at the snow globe ronan dreamed for him in his room, she allows herself to be dragged in while she digs through her purse and yells back at ronan about stealing her tic tacs
  • gansey is tearing the kitchen apart looking for a glendower note he scribbled down and misplaced 
  • ronan and adam are left in the suddenly quiet living room-bedroom-thing
  • adam is silently packing up homework stuff and ronan is sitting on the coach watching him
  • he looks exhausted as usual, but there’s something slow and sad about his movements that tips ronan off
  • “bad day parrish?”
  • “huh- what no i’m just tired..” 
  • as he moves by ronan to get his bag ronan grabs his hand and gently pulls adam down into his lap, wrapping him up in his arms
  • adam stiffens at first but then it all suddenly hits him at once and he presses against ronan, sighing
  • when the others comes bursting into the room all energy and plans they stop short and start smirking at the two of them, adam has his face burried in ronan’s neck 
  • when ronan notices over adams head them all staring he blushes, flips them off, and burries his face into adam’s neck
  • on the ride to nino’s ronan holds adam’s hand from the front seat :)

hahaha woops that was long but these kids man they get to me

I’m just thinking about Blue and Noah dancing around Monmouth to “Uptown Funk”  

  • Ronan busts out of his room and they think he’s gonna bitch them out but he just joins them
  • Adam and Gansey walk in like o_0 
  • and then Blue drags them into dancing 
  • Adam is just the most awkward dancer in the history of the world
  • he’s all limbs and two left feet, with lot’s of blushing
  • of course Gansey is flawless because he’s Gansey and he’s good at everything except having a clue 
  • I’m not saying he dances like Carlton from Fresh Prince but I kinda am
  • they all end up in a heap on the couch laughing their asses off
  • “parrish I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get it up again after seeing that display”
  • “fuck off lynch”

anonymous asked:

The first time Adam kisses him, Ronan ends up crying because he's been bottling up his emotions for so long and he really never thought this would happen and he's a little overwhelmed and Adam freaks out a little thinking he did something wrong and Ronan's just "God, shut up Parrish, I'm fine I swear >:'("

ahhhhh god

  • they’re probably at the barns together or something
  • they get one of the cows to wake up and they are running around whooping  and screaming and are just so happy
  • and then adam grabs ronan’s face and kisses him and its everything that ronan has ever wanted and he is just slammed with this sudden realization that ‘this is happening, i am kissing a boy, the boy’
  • he never thought he could do this, that he would be allowed to do this and all of the emotion just over takes him 
  • when they break apart adam sees the tears in his eyes and he goes white
  • ‘oh god im so sorry ronan, i just thought that this- i thought maybe you- you wanted-’
  • and ronan chokes out a laugh with tears dripping down his cheeks and says ‘jesus parrish shut up’ 
  • and he grabs adam and pulls him back into a kiss
  • the tears are still coming down but its happiness because he is finally doing it and its wonderful and freeing and everything he ever wanted
  • he shudders and lets out a shaky breath when their lips break apart
  • adam reaches up to wipe the tears out of his eyes and smirks and whispers ‘wow i didnt realize my kisses were so good that they could bring you to tears’
  • and ronan smiles, sniffles and presses his forehead against adams and says ‘fuck off’
  • they spend the night at the barns curled up in ronans bed and when adam falls asleep ronan presses gentle kisses to his cheeks, his hands, his kneck, almost as if to prove to himself that ‘yes this is real, you are allowed to want this, allowed to do this’

kill me

Thoughts on TRC Christmas: 

  • Gansey goes home to be with the #fam
  • The Ganseys play trivial pursuit every Christmas Eve 
  • Gansey and Helen for sure are super competitive 
  • However Gansey II definitely schools them all
  • Ronan gets dinner with Declan and Matthew  (Ro and Declan fight only twice because hey it’s Christmas) 
  • They go to midnight mass and Ronan sings really loud to make Matthew smile 
  • MEANWHILE Blue has dragged Adam over to 300 fox way
  • It’s loud like loUD 
  • But it’s bright and warm and they just shower Adam with gifts (hand knitted sweaters, socks, books, yah know stuff that he doesn’t necessarily need but they all know will make his life a little warmer/happier) 
  • Someone gives Adam one of Persephones old scarves and he lowkey chokes up 
  • He gives Blue some old photographs of Victorian era women looking hella powerful with the idea that she can cut them up and put them on her wall 
  • Cue big Adam/Blue hug 
  • Adam falls asleep in Persephone’s old chair kill me 
  • Blue doesn’t want to wake him because it’s cold at St Agnes and he looks so peaceful ugh 
  • Plot twist he didn’t drive the hondoyota because it handles terribly in the snow SO ronan being the helpfulkindcaringnotinlovewithadamatall person that he is picks him up 
  • They drive around and Adam once again falls asleep
  • Ronan cant bear the thought of him sleeping in that cold ass apartment on Christmas Eve so he just is like “fuck it”
  • When they get to The Barns he wakes up Adam and is like “liSTEN PARRISH before you try and fight me, I was coming here anyways and it was easier for me to just bring you with me then to have to driveyouhomenandthenturnaroundand-”
  • but Adam just says a sleepy “okay”
  • Ronan is so shocked so he’s just fumbling around finding pjs for him and like stuttering 
  • Adams all calm and thank you's 
  • He’s wearing a pair of Ronans flannel bottoms and one of his sweatshirts don’t freak out
  • They stay up talking by the fire Adam falls asleep on the couch obvi Ronan puts a blanket on him before he goes to bed like fucking kill me
  • Middle of the night Ronan wakes up and Adam is standing in the doorway
  • “I woke up in the living room and I just- I just thought I….”
  • “For fucks sake Parrish I’ll show you where the guest room is you could have woken me up you don’t have to stand there like a freakin’ Stephen King character jesus-”
  • “No I just thought that maybe I could- nevermind I’ll just-”
  • And Ronan is just like 
  • !!!!!!
  • “You- you want to stay in here…with me?”
  • “Well yeah I mean I thought… nevermind it’s stupid just forget it I-”
  • And Ronan just pulls him into the bed and wraps him up in a blanket like “shut up Parrish” but he has just the biggest grin 
  • and they wake up all tangled and cuddled and AH just fucking kill me

too much this was too much don’t mind my rambling

anonymous asked:

Hey! Pssst, will you write some Pynch first times for me?

mmmmmof course dear child

  • first kiss to start??? yeah i think so
  • they’re at the barns, working on waking up the one of the cows
  • they’re so close they can feel it, there’s a lot of tension and hope and fear because they’ve tried so many times now 
  • adam is nervous mainly because he’s not sure if ronan can handle another failure
  • they are both so stressed out lately, gansey has been distant ever since he found out about his looming death and they are both so worried about a million different things, they need this
  • ronan’s heart is beating incredibly fast as he places a blanket over one of the cows
  • this is it, it has to be it
  • there’s this long beat where nothing happens and ronan can feel adam shifting nervously next to him and he’s not breathing because oh god he thought this time for sure it would work and-
  • the cow just let’s out this long breath and blinks it’s eyes open
  • there is a beat where literally they both do nothing, like its not computing
  • he’s laughing and running around and adam is smiling so big like the biggest smile ever and he’s saying “ronan you did it i knew you-”
  • and ronan just takes adams face in his hands and kisses him full on the mouth
  • adam just goes stiff because he’s so shocked 
  • ronan pulls away really quickly and is just blushing so hard like “oh god i’ve just ruined everything ohgodadamdonthateme-”
  • and adam just grabs the front of his shirt and pulls him back down into another kiss
  • when they break away ronan is flushed and awe struck
  • adam has this dopey smile on his face and he says “you just surprised me that’s all”
  • :) kill me

I’ll just do a bunch of separate first time posts so this isn’t like a mile long