We went to Cambodia to build houses and celebrate Christmas with them last year. It was really an exciting experience and an experience that will be part of me for the rest of my life. 

The people there are so poor that they only have 2 sets of clothes, some only have 1 set of cloth. Many of them stared at us during our lunch break because they have nothing to eat at all, seriously we felt really bad so we consolidated the leftover and some packet that have yet to open and spare some for them. They do not bath for many days not because they are lazy but because of how precious is to them. 

This trip got me thinking about our life anywhere in the world on how fortunate we really are. when we get to choose Macdonalds or KFC and other fast food restaurant. Sometime we even demand for high class restaurant. The clothes that we choose to wear and how important looks are; they don’t even have mirror to look at themselves. 

Travel allow one to be more understanding about what life really is…