Absolute Zero PLAY

Title: Absolute Zero REPLAY (Sequel to this)

Artist: ナゼベス

Translation: miyu-hearts

Cleaning & Typesetting: Woody

The long awaited sequel is here! This is most probably the last doujin I will be uploading on my blog. After that, my blog will just be used for reblogging stuff again and all the other doujin translations will be put up in the new scanlation group!

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Situation: Your club member looks like they’re about to quit! How do you delay them?

“Don’t quit”
“If you want to quit…do it at the same time as me”

“The first heart pounding experiences for the voice actors of “Kabukibu!”! Let’s learn Kabuki.”! First Episode (2017.03.30)

Cast: Ichikawa Taichi, Umehara Yuichiro, Osaka Ryota, Kawanishi Kengo, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Kaida Yuko


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Raws credit: sakura-chiyo
(Iffy) translation credit to me

The other alternate story for chapter 45 given in the fanbook (first one is here), taking place after Wakamatsu is talking to Hori about Seo’s boyfriend (aka Kashima). Kashima’s gender still isn’t cleared up even with Hori there (more like no thanks to Hori), Kashima is jelly of her precious senpai laughing with someone else (little does she know it’s because of her), and Seo becomes an unreliable messenger as Kashima and Waka start fighting over “Senpai”…

JD:这是什么?这是什么? What is this? x 2
MC: 盐 Salt
JD: 盐?盐..糖?糖?Salt?Sugar?Sugar?
MC: no candy no candy
JD: 这是盐?盐?盐? This is Salt?x3 
JD: 柠檬?(lemon?)
*Minseok tastes the salt*
MS: Blechhhhh *actually dying*
JD: 盐~盐~盐~盐~这是盐! (Salt x 4, This is Salt!)

Mobile Mail From Maiyan 2017-01-12




味が染みてるのね(*´˘`*) ​​​​

Maiyan’s Mobame Translation

I’ve started doing shoots for spring clothing

It’s so cold

I want to eat the daikons in oden
The ones that are thoroughly stewed(*´˘`*)


Hello, hello! Guess who’s back with another translation? This is the first time I’ve physically wrote on a comic, so please excuse the amateurish editing. This comic is done by うさ仔(Usako)! I made sure to ask if it was okay to translate it first, and she was really nice about it ;; You can check out this comic over at this link.

I took a few liberties with the translation since some phrasings in this comic wouldn’t have worked as well in english. Please enjoy! If you have any corrections to make, please do leave a comment. I’m not exactly Japanese master over here.

[Translation] Bam Bam’s Letter to GD

To G-dragon Sunbaenim

My name is Bam Bam from GOT7 and I just debuted. 

I liked you, ever since I was little. 

And because of that, I think I was able to come this far.

I will try my best so please look out for me.

You are my hero~

Thank you for everything

From. GOT7 Bam Bam 

Honestly, I hate myself and I can’t do anything about it. Of course, the self-complacency is also inside of me. It makes me very happy when people say I am attractive, but when I catch myself thinking like that, I want to mock myself. Again, this is the balancing of my internal disagreements. It‘s the source of injury inside of me. Furthermore, I even think that’s a driving force of my self-realization. It has always been a part of me and it will never change, I think.

Atsushi Sakurai (Rock & Read 042, 2012)

Kojiharu’s Twitter 2016-11-02 20:36



Kojiharu’s Twitter Translation

A late Halloween video clip🎃
It’s Yuko who is really good at being a zombie from watching too much Walking Dead😇

160419 SayaMilky part from TEPPEN Radio


Miyuki: Sayanee is friends with people who has the same hobby as her. Like Ripopo, Momoka
Yuuri: Mirukii-san is friends with her too, right?
Miyuki: With who?
Yuuri: With Sayaka-san.
Miyuki: You think so? It’s the first time I was told such a thing. hehe (lol).
Yuuri: When we saw you two talk during rehearsal, we’d be like, “*blush* SayaMilky ♪” and discreetly took pictures of you two (lol). You two are a great combination, you’re also the same like in height. I noticed it once again recently, “How great (you two are together)”.
Miyuki: Discreetly !?
Miyuki: However, I think that even though Sayanee has a cool character, but, it’s not that we particularly compete with each other, I think I’m cooler than her (lol). It’s refreshing, but like when we’re talking, she surprisingly likes to be lead.
Yuuri: She’s a girl, isn’t she?
Miyuki: I think that Sayanee surprisingly likes to be lead.
Miyuki: Therefore, I’m thinking that on the contrary, Sayanee is more like a girl (than me).
Yuuri: Mirukii-san is an ikemen, eh?
Miyuki: That’s right. I’m an ikemen (lol)