A little but of YuiParu’s sweet-salty consultation room

Yui: “Mostly, Paruru’s answer is always salty.”
Paruru: “Yuihan is too soft. Well, is this because my planning of life still immature? It can’t be helped.”
Yui: "Wait a second! What do you mean your plan of life is still immature?!“
Paruru: "I only say that it’s immature because it’s immature.”

Yui: "This kind of Paruru is too salty, you didn’t answer the problems of the listeners properly!“
Paruru: ”…Do you mean so far?“
Yui: "You have to deal with the listener better.”
Paruru: "I’m leaving!“
Yui: "Paruru!”
Paruru: "I can not do it with Yuihan!“

Yui: "That’s my line! Go away! Go anywhere………”
Paruru: "…I’m sorry.“
Yui: "Eh?”
Paruru: "It’s on me, the troublesome girl who can only live like this…“
Yui: "Paruru…”
Paruru: "The truth is I can’t scold Yuihan…“

Yui: "You better not cry… You’re not going to cry? I’m sorry, I talked too harsh.”
Paruru: "No… I should be the one (who apologize)…“
Yui: "I like Paruru.”
Paruru: "Me too… I like Yuihan! ♡"
Yui: "Paruru ♡"
Paruru: "Yuihan ♡"
Yui: "Softie.“
Paruru: "Stingy…!”

Just translating a really cute Exo’s fanacc: “I know an elder sister who works in a cafe. She said Exo visited once, she doesn’t remember exactly when, but they were saying smtg abt ‘babies’, so she went and eavesdrop. She thought they were talking abt girlfriends. In the end it turns out that ‘babies’ were referring to Exo-L. In Insta Exo-L, those drawings and all, if they see it, they’ll say it’s done by their ‘babies’”.

src: instiz, via @韩娱Doublek, chi-eng trans: doitlikethis123

Chinese netizens’ response to Kris’ attire after the boys went out for hotpot.

“He dressed like this to go have hotpot? This outfit is more appropriate for an upscale dining experience…”

“He’s strutting down the catwalk even if it’s just hotpot.”

“Is that leopard print on his shoulders…”

“orz the leopard print, did he have hotpot or did he go to the club?”

“This guy wore leopard print to have hotpot?!”

“He looks so domineering in this outfit.”

“He’s very stylish!”

“I can’t even…”

“Isn’t it just hotpot…no wonder the wallpaper on his phone is a picture of himself.”

cr: baidu tieba trans: exoticat


Kai and Sehun’s Injury from MBC’s Gayodaejaejun performance 

First: “Jongin oppa injured himself :( I think he hurt his hands during the waist/back dance move (Growl) because there was something on the floor”

Second: “I hope its only a minor injury. I don’t know how serious it is because after he got hurt he didn’t finish the performance and just left”

Third: ”I am at the venue of Gayo Daejaejun, I heard that jongin was in great pain because he injured his hands”

Fourth: “Sehun was completely off beat and Jongin couldn’t even get up. The members were surprised..”

Fifth: “Summing all of this up: during the waist/back dance move.. All of a sudden Sehun couldn’t get up and Kai as well. Kai massaged his hands, shook it off then stood up. He left the stage whilst massaging his hands”

Sixth: “Even though the pre-recorded stage is being broadcasted, at the actual venue they perform for the audience”

Seven: “Yes. They did organise it like that at Gayo Daejaejun and during the performance, Jongin’s hand landed on the sharp glass floor”

[cr: @myprinceJD, @0921X0326, @boriCHA93]

Once during IOIL cast & staff's gathering, Kyungsoo got drunk and started peeling off his handphone screen protector and sticking it on again. He did it repeatedly for over 10 times. After eating his fill and being drunk he wasn't noisy nor causing trouble, just taking off and sticking his handphone's screen protector. His OS might be "why aren't I sticking it well is it at the right angle?" Hahahaha... When the drama staff members spread this on Twitter all the Korean fans went crazy, hahahaha... You've heard of people kissing or scolding others while drunk but never one that will stick his screen protector.

via Sunnyk0, chi-eng trans: doitlikethis123

Free! みんなでアイス: Ice Cream With Everyone

Original: あどる - 冬だろってツッコミは無しで
Translation/Typesetting: omoinodensha

A cute ice cream sharing and more tsun tsun Haru~^^
Sorry I couldn’t keep consistent with the typesetting ^^;

[Fanaccount] At a fansign in Korea, a Thai fan who is a Lay stan bought 20 albums but was not chosen to get her album signed by the boys. Another fan told Lay about it, and he immediately asked where the Thai fan was standing. He got up and bowed 90 degrees to her. The fan cried upon seeing this.

cr: EXO潮流资讯

trans: exoticat

after the first date

They were asked to write their suppossed-to-be text message for their dating partner after their First Date.


“Did you go home safely? Today was fun!  I’ll call you <3”


“Go back home safely.”




“Did you go back home safely? Today was soooo fun! I alreay miss you~ (See you) in my dreams”

HEECHUL FTW!!!!!!!!!!! :D

[Fanaccount] In Taiwan, a fan told Kris that his mom was a babe; Kris chuckled at her comment. (OMG LOL) At the hotel, Tao meandered about the hallway in his bathrobe and visited his hyungs. He knocked, and when Xiumin saw that it was Tao standing at his door, he closed it and left him outside. The fans all laughed at this. Tao was embarrassed and hid behind a pillar.

cr: timelays_ trans:exoticat

Yesterday a reporter asked Kyungsoo does he feel stressed juggling singing and acting. Kyungsoo said, “No, regardless whether I’m doing acting or music now, I won’t feel any stress, just enjoyment and happiness. And I want to say, be it with acting or music, I will show the most handsome side, using the best production and music, to repay everybody.”

via dada_onlyDO, chi-eng trans: doitlikethis123

[Fanaccount] When EXO-M went out for hotpot in Taiwan, Kris, Chen, and Tao sat at the same table. Instead of toasting with alcohol, they toasted with bottles of cola. Because Tao ate so hungrily, a fan jokingly said that he must've eaten an entire cattle. She also added that the way he reached for the meat was sexy (see photo). Chen stretched and yawned when he was full.

cr: @_KNK @LemonNUNA trans: exoticat