Kai and Sehun’s Injury from MBC’s Gayodaejaejun performance 

First: “Jongin oppa injured himself :( I think he hurt his hands during the waist/back dance move (Growl) because there was something on the floor”

Second: “I hope its only a minor injury. I don’t know how serious it is because after he got hurt he didn’t finish the performance and just left”

Third: ”I am at the venue of Gayo Daejaejun, I heard that jongin was in great pain because he injured his hands”

Fourth: “Sehun was completely off beat and Jongin couldn’t even get up. The members were surprised..”

Fifth: “Summing all of this up: during the waist/back dance move.. All of a sudden Sehun couldn’t get up and Kai as well. Kai massaged his hands, shook it off then stood up. He left the stage whilst massaging his hands”

Sixth: “Even though the pre-recorded stage is being broadcasted, at the actual venue they perform for the audience”

Seven: “Yes. They did organise it like that at Gayo Daejaejun and during the performance, Jongin’s hand landed on the sharp glass floor”

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Free! みんなでアイス: Ice Cream With Everyone

Original: あどる - 冬だろってツッコミは無しで
Translation/Typesetting: omoinodensha

A cute ice cream sharing and more tsun tsun Haru~^^
Sorry I couldn’t keep consistent with the typesetting ^^;

after the first date

They were asked to write their suppossed-to-be text message for their dating partner after their First Date.


“Did you go home safely? Today was fun!  I’ll call you <3”


“Go back home safely.”




“Did you go back home safely? Today was soooo fun! I alreay miss you~ (See you) in my dreams”

HEECHUL FTW!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Hello, hello! Guess who’s back with another translation? This is the first time I’ve physically wrote on a comic, so please excuse the amateurish editing. This comic is done by うさ仔(Usako)! I made sure to ask if it was okay to translate it first, and she was really nice about it ;; You can check out this comic over at this link.

I took a few liberties with the translation since some phrasings in this comic wouldn’t have worked as well in english. Please enjoy! If you have any corrections to make, please do leave a comment. I’m not exactly Japanese master over here.

BIGBANG Anecdotes II

BIGBANG Anecdotes (Pt. 2/?)

  1. A fan saw TOP going to a convenience store and asked him for his signature. TOP paused for 3 secs and said, “Er……. I don’t have one….”. 
  2. TOP tripped whilst eavesdropping a fan’s convo with someone else.
  3. GD tripped on something in front of his fans, they started laughing at him so he ran away.
  4. During Lalala era, a fan was looking into BIGBANG’s van and saw GD looking at his phone gallery with a grin on his face. When GD noticed the fan, he quickly closed the phone. He only had selcas of him in his gallery.
  5. Seungri and GD went to a supermarket to buy 2 cup ramyeons. Seungri accidentally poured cold water into GD’s. He ended up swapping his hot ramyeon with GD’s. 
  6. Fans called the other members “Oppa” and Seungri by his name. Seungri asked, “Why aren’t you calling me oppa?”
  7. A sasaeng fan saw Daesung and gave him a whole bunch of snacks and said, “Give this to Seungri, this, this and this”. Daesung replied, “Then what do we eat?”
  8. When Daesung was still a trainee, a fan saw Daesung and shouted, “It’s Daesung!”. She started to run after him, she tripped on something and her knees started to bleed. Daesung came up to her and said, “Are you okay?”. Then he went inside the practice room and got her a band-aid.
  9. The same fan (who tripped whilst running after him) went to see BB and met Daesung. She said, “Daesung come and have some Ddeokbokki”. He walked over to her and got three rice-cakes and said, “Thanks”. He walked away saying, “Ah~~~~~ It’s spicy”.
  10. TOP asked,“Hey Youngbae, you wanna see something cool?” and started to fart in front of him. Youngbae’s reaction was, “Hul…….Daebak”.

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Shimazaki Haruka Mobame 2015/01/06


“It’s boring, isn’t it。
I’m even tired of sleeping。
I’m tired of watching movies。
I’ve read the script a few times。
I’m taking bath without meaning。
My insta looks like a movie presentation。
Maybe it’s because of my painful low pressure。

Since I couldn’t take part in handshake event, I want to do something to make my fans happy。
Ah, my friends have contacted me, jokingly asking me if I feigned my illness。 I don’t like it, it makes me want to (ノ‘△´)ノflip the table。
I want to make more friends with whom I can laugh about this kind of things。

I will send more mails today! Everyone, you can expect mails about various subjectsー。 Most readers are probably male, but it’s difficult to understand a man’s interests。 For girls, I can talk about make-up or how to diet, and many more thingsー”


“Subject: Exception

Because there are also female fans, I want to talk about make-up。
For men this is not interesting, so you don’t have to read it。(laugh)

I use 24h skincare products。 Because I have fragile skin。
I do not draw eyebrows, they’re very prominent, I apply some mascara and orange eye-shadow。 It makes them soft。
In order to have a deeper look, I contour my eyes with double-lines。I use dark brown eye-shadow and eye-liner。
I use the brown eye-liner and apply from the inner side of the eye until the outer side。 I don’t like to draw a lash line。
For the tear bags under the eyes, I use pink and very light brown shadow。
I apply brown mascara for the eyelashes。 It can be removed with hot water。
You can highlight your nose bridge。 You have to do it on both sides。 It will make the nose seem higher。
Recently I love using cheek blush。 Pink one。
I like using pink lipstick。 I do not like natural colored lips。

I introduced you the dark eyes pattern。
This is what I use, I also use foundation, and I do not particularly care for the brand。
In the picture I do not have double-line make-up。 No make-up for eyebrows and eye-shadow too。(laugh)

That’s it!”


“Subject: This time, for men

I enjoy watching sports like swimming and figure skating。

I’m bad at it (sports)。
In everyday life too I do not run。

In my memories, boys who were in basketball or football club looked cool。
But for me I was going back home, I liked those who could walk very fast。
(Note: I’m not too sure about this 2nd sentence)

For both men and women, my favorite type is interesting and fun person。
I laugh at things like Chiyori’s imitations on Ariyoshi Kyowakoku!
My favorite actress is Nounen Rena。She’s very, very cute。Too cute。I want to take her home。

Do you want to know about my ideal type?
(Note: I skipped one sentence here >.<)

Face: it needs to have some distinctive part
Height: 178~182
Personnality: funny, smart
Hair: not long or bald。Black hair if possible。
Body type: ordinary。
Age: same age~ It can’t exceed the age of my father。
I don’t like: too serious, too attentive, too talkative, stingy, share a hobby, dirty

In addition to this, being able to do chores is good。

(Note: I skipped 3 sentences here ^^;
can’t translate the ending of this post .__.)


“Subject: Favorite songs

I’m introducing them one by one

Michael Jackson / Ben
・Mr.Children / ShirushiAshiato
KANA-BOON / Silhouette
AAA / Sayonara no Mae ni
Flower / Akikaze no Answer
Dream / Darling
・Shiina Ringo / Ariamaru TomiSeishun no Mabataki
JUJU / Last Scene
・Sandaime (J Soul Brothers) / R.Y.U.S.E.ICosmos
Kanjani8 / Namida no Kotae
V6 / Namida no Ato ga Kieru Koro
・Wanoku (ONE OK ROCK) / C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.Wherever you are
Sumioka Rina / Kotoba ni Shitainda
GENERATIONS / Always with you
・Mush&Co. / Ashita moChippoke na Ai no Uta
back number / Takane no Hanako-san
Hata Motohiro / Himawari no Yakusoku

Basically, I like japanese songs and ballads。
And from AKB’s upcoming album, I like the duet of Yui and I。
I also love Maeda-san's Migikata and Sakura no Ki ni Narou
I love Maeda-san’s voice。”

That’s all! These mails are from some days ago,
Paruru fell sick and had to rest, she couldn’t do the handshake event,

she decided to send lots of mails to make fans happy, so sweet(。・ω・。)

I struggle a little to translate the 3rd one though XDDD
Either way I’m not fluent at all so it’s not a perfect translation

I just love how Paruru always care and thinks of her female fans,
and I love that she loves Acchan and Nounen Rena (I love them too).

Btw, you can listen to a short version of YuiParu’s duet here…♡♡
and I’ve added links to each song that Paruru has recommended,
so you can give a try to these songs! Some of them are very nice.

GSNK Chapter 72 preview

Scanlation for this will be released sooner or later by me, variationa plus a new third person!!! ((wriggles eyebrows))

For now enjoy this random (draft) page of the qts Sakura/Waka plus Mikorin secretly judging as always