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Top 10 of my favorite Pokémons

10. Blaziken

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9. Talonflame

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8. Snorlax

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7. Sylveon

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6. Groudon

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5. Mawile

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4. Roserade

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3. Flygon

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2. Charizard

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1. Gardevoir

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<p> This Fic is inspired from the series and is a continuation fiction, This episode is dedicated to my Makorrians mooomnooon msmakorra makorraftw sheervee deadspacegal otp-makorra korrawater11 gebbeh korramaniac korra-avatastic legendofkorraheadcanon makorra-fanfiction makorrafan13 makorra-infinity fireferretfuzzies dangankorra deesky forevergirlkorra forever-makorra officially-avatar-korra anothermakorra nuktuk mak-o korrasgotnoshitstogive <p> I will truly appreciate for everyone to reblog what they like, what they notice, whats bad, whats great, whats good, what they love, what they hate, criticisms, improvements I’ve made from past fics also can fan mail or message me. HOPE YOU ENJOY <p>Book 4 “Legend” Chapter 1 “Therapy” <p> Photo Cred to maratarran

It’s been a full month now since Jinora’s master ceremony. There’s improvements and healing but still bed bound & depressed, Korra moves her upper body actively but still needs nursing when she gets in pain. The crew all rotated and did there respective assigned duties to comfort Korra, which made her stronger everyday. Things wasn’t the same though, even though showed little improvements in her physical aspect, Korra’s mental and character was still shattered. Lin, Pema & Asami would usually help her with her bathes and hair as well as Jinora. Tenzin counseled her everyday, Jinora read to her, Ikki and meelo will sleep with her sometimes, Bolin will try to make her smile everyday and Mako… Mako was around, but you could say maybe two were effected by that deadly poison. Mako hasn’t been a mirror of himself. He either snuck in Korra’s room late night and watched her sleep and made sure he was gone in the morning or make sure he writes letters. He was never hands on with Korra, but it’s not like Korra welcomed him either. She always told Asami to try and keep Mako away from her, Asami asked why what did he do but Korra said she didnt want him to see her soo helpless. Asami lied to Mako made up excuses. Such as Korra was tired or she was in pain and Mako respectively stayed away but always sent his message, but everyone made sure they relayed his messages or actions to Korra. Those messages slowed down because no one didn’t want to pressure or stress Korra anymore than what she already is.

“Goodmorning Pema, I’m going to work.” Asami greeted Pema with a hug “Tell Korra I’m sorry , I won’t be back until tonight”

Mako walks in the kitchen with the two ladies and greeted them as such, “Goodmorning ladies”

“Goodmorning Mako” they said simultaneously

“Oh, and Asami only thing I can do is give Korra her breakfast, me and Tenzin have to go with Jinora, we’re going to the street circus this morning, Ikki and Meelo should be able to handle it.”

“I’ll call Lin, wait oh yea she’s patrolling that circus today. So whose going to watch Korra and the kids?” Asami asked

“I can..” the voice was faint but distinct.

There were three people in the room and two of them didn’t know where it came from at first.

(Clears throat) “I can” Mako says in a louder tone.

The ladies laughed..”Mako, Korra needs rest, you have to work today right?” Another failed divergent from Asami by Mako’s persistence. “But see you later And have fun at the circus Pema”

“Chief noticed ive been annoyed and fatigue lately, she said I’ve been off my game and she gave me the weekend off.” Mako said as Asami walked out.

it’s just Pema and Mako, Korra gotten guidance from Pema before and now it was Mako’s turn. “Are you ok?”

“Yea Pema, w-w-why wouldn’t I be. I mean I don’t get sick a lot” flustering with his words.

“No Mako. You know what I mean, are you ok?”

He sighed, the exhale was warm, the only thing that was warm since he’s a firebender but every since the fight with the red lotus, Mako has been cold. “Tenzin wouldnt be mad if you’re late?” Trying to get out of the conversation.

“He will be fine, now is everything alright with you? If you dont want to talk about it right now I understand.” Pema knew it was about Mako and Korra’s current relationship status that was taking it’s toll on him. As much he wants to be back together with her, he know now isn’t the time, but at the same time he’s upset and crushed about Korra’s health and state and he wants to be that guy she fell in love with and be there for her right now. He felt he was letting her down.

” I just dont know what to do Pema” his golden eyes turned a sunflower yellow, you seen the gloss in his eyes from the tears that were brightening up the color. “I-I- Lo..” Pema interrupted.

“ I know Mako, just give it time, can I tell you a story about your CHIEF OF POLICE?” She smiled jokingly.

Mako looked up and yawned to make his eyes water as if he wasn’t about to cry.

“Well Tenzin and Lin used to date when we were younger and I always had feelings for him. I was shy to tell him because he had Lin. But one-day I just came out and told him that I liked him and thought we were meant to be and as you see the rest was history” Mako wowed and he blushed a sort.

“Korra, said the same thing to me at the end of our quarterfinal match.”

Tenzin walks in through the door, “Pemaaaaa!! & Goodmorning Mako.”

“I know I know,I was just giving our boy some therapy before I left.” She explained

“Are you ok Mako?” Tenzin asked

“ W-well uh ” Mako fumbled again

“Yes he is, now Mako there is some water tribe noodles there with some soup there, a long with some vegetables and there is turtleduck there too. Make sure she eats all of it before 3 o’clock and give her some tea as well. Bolin is coming with Opal to pick up Meelo, they are going to see the baby bison, so if anything you can radio or call Lin and she will tell me if you need any help back here on the island ok?” Pema stated

Ok, and thanks Pema, you two have a good day” Mako took his jacket off while they walked out. He thought to himself what to do first. He was tired. Gloves still on with white t shirt, he wanted to work out but he didn’t want to get sweaty. He walked towards Korra’s room, diverted from the path Ikki ran into Mako in the hall.

“Sorry, oh hi Mako what your doing here so early?, are you helping me take care of Korra today?! In her screechy voice

“Hey Ikki, and yea” Mako smiled and walked back towards the kitchen, Ikki says she was hungry. She was old enough to make her own food but he saw ikki as a younger sibling so he was always protective and in control in situations like that.

“You want some noodles? Mako asked

“No, we cant eat none of Korra’s food, momma said thats all for Korra so she can get back to being big and strong.”

“ok, hmm what do we have here” Mako skimmed the shelf. “What about some Ferret Flakes?”

"That’s my favorite cereal!” Ikki screeched. “Mako you know your cool right?”

“aww really? Thanks Ikki, a lot of people dont think that sometimes. I’m glad you do.” Mako hugs ikki with one arm

“Why not? Korra thinks your cool, she talks about you all the time”

“Huh? Korra talks about me all the time?” Mako’s eyes widened

“Well, yea but no, well she always talk about you or say your name when she is sleep.”

“How do you know this?”

“Times when me and Meelo go to sleep with her in the middle of the night, the first time I thought it was Meelo being annoying but it was Korra. Sometimes she sweat a lot, sometimes I even saw tears. It’s like you guys were in trouble or something.”

“really? Thanks Ikki for telling me”

“No problem…. Hey Mako?!”

“Yes Ikki?”

“Do you love Korra?… you know like my mom and daddy type of love her or like how I love you and bolin and Asami type of love her. Well, if you love her like how my daddy love my mom you should tell her, it might make her feel better. Then take her to the rainbows so there can be confetti in rainbow colors rain down on you two.”

Mako nervously blushed “umm your cereal is getting soggy”

“ohhh no!!” Mako successfully dodged Ikki’s question as he eases out of the kitchen. Mako took everything Ikki said to heart. Even though she is young to know about Love he learned a lot about him and Korra. Ikki gave him wise advice except for the rainbow idea. Mako now making his way down the hall to Korra’s room. Her room door is cracked. He takes his face closer to see from his left eye through the crack to see if Korra was sleep or not. Startled when Meelo popped up behind him.

“Mako! Mako! Mako!”

Mako bumped his head “oh, hey Meelo”

“what you doing?”

“Nothing right now, just was seeing if Tenzin was home.

“you know that’s not his room.. Mako can I ask you something?”

” go ahead shoot”

“do you like Korra?”

blushing once again, Mako thought to himself how would the air babies know about Love “see you later Meelo..”

Mako finally walks inside Korra’s room. She’s sound asleep and he feels guilty to wake her up but he heard what Pema told him. She needs to eat. He walks to her bed and stares at his beautiful Avatar. He started to kiss her and tell her everything is going to be alright. He gets closer to whisper so she can gradually wake up but before anything is said Korra slowly opens her eyes and first thing she sees is Mako. He jumps back.

“uh, um, hi Korra I was just about to wake you up, it’s time to eat.”

” Where’s Asami?”

He sighed but kept being persistent “She went to work, but Pema made your favorite WATER TRIBE NOODLES”

“Where’s Pema?”

Mako’s eyes watered, his heart sank to his stomach, it was like she was ignoring him. But he kept trying. “Looking.great today Korra, lets keep you on the great path and get your plate” he turns to walk to the kitchen.

“Where’s Lin?” All Korra’s questions had no life, no interest, no attention towards him, it was just as if it’s not the answer I want to hear you can dismiss yourself. Mako felt his spirit break. A tear rolled down his eye, but he didnt dare wipe it to let korra see him cry.

I’ll just bring your food hopefully you want Ikki and Meelo to bring it. I’ll call Pema, to see if she can come home” he kept his back towards her and walked out.

Korra isn’t stupid, she knows she hurt Mako’s feelings. On his way out she closed her eyes tightly in a why would she do that expression. Mako prepared Korra’s plate and now decided to call Pema.

“Ikki! Meelo! can you guys come bring Korra’s food to her!!…. “Hello? Hey pema, no it’s not going well…I think you need to come home. Yes, I’ll call back to let you in for sure.” He hung the phone up the kids delivered the food to Korra as Meelo went back to pack his bags to go with Bolin when he arrived.

“Thanks Ikki” Korra said and cracked a smile

“Korra’s facial expression changed “Ikki, do you know why Mako is here?”

“Yes, to take care of you. I was suppose to be his little helper, I over heard him and momma talking about you this morning after Asami tried to convince him to go to work, but he said Ms. Lin told him to stay home because he wasn’t well.”

“Is he ok?” Korra’s breathing intensified. What went through her mind was why would Mako want to take care of her in this state that she’s in.


“huh, what?… sorry Ikki I dazed out”

“Thinking about Mako? & Yea, he seems like regular Mako to me. He made my cereal and he’s helping Meelo pack so he can go with Bolin… When I was mad at Jinora and Meelo and ran away to talk to jennifer love bug and blueberry spice head, Daddy found me and told me when im mad with Jinora and Meelo to express myself to them.”

“I’m not mad at Jinora or Meelo” Korra chuckled

“But your mad at Mako” ikki exclaimed

“wait, how? Forget it” Korra smiled and gave Ikki the biggest hug she can even though it was weak.

Knock Knock Knock Knock…. “Cha-Cha” knock on the door followed by bird noises sounded from the door. Mako went to answer the door. It’s Bolin with Opal, “Heyyy Big bro? Wait Mako? What are you doing here aren’t you suppose to be at work?

“Hi Mako” Opal said sweetly

“Hey Opal, Hey Bo, nothing just here home trying to take care of Korra with Ikki and naw Chief Told me stay home get my mind right for a few days”

“But Mako, you..”

“I know , I know”

“Alright, you know what your doing, I’m going to see Korra.”

“So Opal, how’s my brother treating you?”

“he’s great, just classic Bolin. He boasts about his Lava bending now.”

“Regular Bolin” Mako chuckled

” I want to see Korra too.”

“So go ahead”

“I’m going to go after Bolin, don’t want to overwhelm her. But, how are you holding up? Bolin tells me everything. Do you still love Korra?”

Embarrassed and ashamed and the inner thought to himself is how is everybody reading him so good, nobody was every able to read him, only Korra. He puts his head down in disappointment.

“Yes, I love her to death. But things aren’t good, I know I’ve been weird around her and when we reunited with them at the spirit oasis the emotions came back. I missed her soo much, I love her. Then the hug she threw at me right before we went to save you guys . I think she knows I still love her but there’s soo much in the way of a relationship between me and Korra.”

“That’s just it Mako, you see what your doing now. Do that in a relationship, your a great guy from what Bolin and everybody tells me, you can’t try and put Korra before your job and everything when your together. Exactly what your doing now while you guys aren’t together do it when you guys are. You are balancing everything. And she’s your main priority and joy even besides your great job at the force.”

“Thanks Opal” Mako gave Opal a big hug as tears streamed down his face.

“Anytime, big brother in law.”

Meanwhile in Korra’s room, the company of Bolin is lighting Korra up a bit. “So how are you feeling today?”

“I’m good Bolin, thanks for seeing me. I’m left here with Ikki and Mako everybody else abandoned me for the day” she chuckled. “Can I ask when you and Mako go out does he talk about me?” Her eyes glowed with enlightenment

” All the time, he talks about how much he’s glad he went on that mission with us, and he feels bad for drifting away from us and how he wants to kill Zaheer and he let you down.”

“what else?”

“nothing” Bolin cut his eyes, and immediately Korra picked it up

- “speak Bo, or when I get better I’m going to beat you up”

” He always talks avout you guys old dates, how much he really loves you. Pema called me this morning to confirm that Mako was here and Meelo is allowed to go with me and opal, but she told me to watch out for Mako, he was crying. I wouldn’t have believed it if last week sometime Mako cried in front of me and Tonraq”

“what? Why? Do you know why?” Korra looked worried

“Nope. But you didnt hear any of that from me. Can I ask you something? Do you still love him Korra?”

“Yes! Of course more than ever but it’s hard letting him see me like this. And it’s always something in between us. I feel like a burden to him, to everybody”

“your not, think about it like this, Katara had to be there When you was born right”?

“uhh yeah , what does that mean?”

” she had to accept the fact that her Avatar husband has reincarnated in you.”

“Is this a bad joke or something bc it’s not working.”

” No but Korra, Mako if he doesnt kiel over before you he has to see you die and watch you reincarnated into someone else. This should be a cake walk. Everybody gets injured , hurt, just let him in.”

“Your right.” She hugs bolin

” oww oww, your getting stronger everyday.” Bolin trying to cheer Korra up as it puts a big smile on her face.

As positions switched and Opal goes to see Korra and Bolin rejoins Mako, Bolin talks to Mako about the fire ferrets.

“Hey Airbending teacher of mine”

“Opal, Hey” for some reason this visit meant a lot to Korra her insides warmed up. Maybe it’s because of the comfortable level she has with Su and Lin and her an Opal hit it off great. Besides who can ever be angry at Opal

“How are you feeling?”

“Not like much, I feel like dead weight.”

A frown immediately took over Opals expression. Koh would of added Opal’s face to his collection after Opal’s sudden change.

“Don’t talk like that, you’re a bundle of joy Korra. The electricity you bring to all of us, your demeanor is always positive. My mom always told me whatever it is that hinders you, you have to get it out so you can be positive. That’s probably why aunty Lin was always mad. Now she’s more positive because she got out her frustrations towards mom. Bolin told me you don’t let Mako see you, and if not how is he here now?”

“You’re right & no because I don’t want him to see me like this. I’m the avatar and I’m helpless , he’s going to think I’m weak, but I understand everything your saying. I’m going to try and at least let him do for me a little.” Korra looked up towards opal with a new mission.

“I know Mako is not really the best nurse or doctor, Great detective but doesnt seem like the boy who knows how to nurse even though he tries.” Opal joked with Korra

A loud screech left Korra

“Im sorry Korra” Opal frantically covered her mouth

“Dont apologize, this is my first time really laughing. You’re right, good thing you have the emotional bending brother that looks like he does.” Korra laughed

“Hehehe, yea My Bolin sure is the Doctor when I’m sick”

“POAW!!!!” Suddenly Korra’s room door swung open startling the girls.

“Is everything ok, I heard a scream?!!!” Mako sweating, barely being able to breath, his chest is up to his chin.

“Yes, everything is ok Mako.” Opal chuckled ” See you later Korra me and Bolin are heading out now.” She kissed Korra’s forehead then gave Mako a big hug.

With Meelo gone it’s just Mako and Ikki, and ikki is sleep, as Mako still tries to get Korra to cooperate.

“Did you eat? Do you need anything Korra? Are you hot?”

“Yes, ummm, and no”

Mako didnt believe korra, as he took his glove off to feel her forehead.

“Sweaty” Korra mumbled

“I’m sorry” Mako apologized for the sweaty hands even he forgets he wears his gloves all the time except for when he sleeps or workout.

“It’s ok, but I’m talking about me, I feel clammy and my hair is sweaty”

“ok, ummm, when’s the last time you were bathed and or your hair washed. do you want me to call Pema or Asami, or Chief Beifong?” Mako talking at 90 MPH

” Pema bathed me and did my hair yesterday morning and calm down Mako.”

Mako didnt want to make Korra feel uncomfortable , so he decided to try and get in contact with Pema, Asami and Lin, no answers.

“Grrr Ughhh!!!” Mako screamed

” Whats wrong?”

No one is answering Korra, I guess you will have to wait until tonight or I co…” he stopped mid sentence

“You could what?” Korra asked

“I mean only if your comfortable, dont mean..” Mako tried explaining himself

“You could what?” Korra internally was cracking up at that sound of Mako bathing her and doing her hair, she wanted to hear him say it”

“umm do your hair and bathe you, I’ll wait outside the bathroom if anything”

Korra chuckled, “you can stay inside silly. Do you know how to wrap hair?”

” I can learn, on the job training right?” Mako’s first smirk with Korra. It was as the sun was rising on a sunday morning.

Korra reached her arms out, Mako was skeptical because he didn’t know what would hurt if he carried her. “Piggy back ride or carry you?”

Korra’s face lit with joy, “I want a piggy back ride.”

Mako carried Korra to the washroom, he sat her down in the tub as he ran back to the room to get pillows so he can kneel and help wash Korra. He ran the water over her body and in the tub she didn’t think it was too hot. Mako stuck two fingers in the tub to firebend to warm up the water. It was perfect for Korra. This was the most relaxed she’s been in a while. He took the sponge and smoothly rubbed every spot to make sure she was satisfied. He put the pillow on the edge of the sharp tub and leaned Korra’s head back.

“umm do you know which conditioner Asami or Pema uses on your hair. Korra looked puzzled”

“No, I remember Pema saying something about Earth Kingdoms Earthly scent, and a WaterTribe river conditioner. Asami had some cinnamon something.”

“Hmm, what about this Fire Frizz?”

“No Mako!!! THAT’S A PERM!”

“ok” Mako applied the WaterTribe River conditioner to Korra’s hair, he brushed and rubbed, and gently poured water over her hair to rinse it out. He took.the towels and wrapped her hair. You can tell he wasn’t use to this, the towel was barely hanging on. He carried Korra to her room and laid her down he pulled a short stool to the bed to comfort her while she laid there.

Mako, you don’t have to stay if you dont want to.”

“I want to, now shh.” Mako rubbed Korra’s forehead to check her temperature. She was regulated no fever or she wasn’t cold. He kissed her hand and she blushed.

Mako blinked and next thing you know he was fading out, he put his head down he fell asleep.

“Mako? Mako?” Korra called for Mako but he was sound asleep, he wore himself out all day worrying about Korra. She started to cry as she spoke to Mako while he was sleep.

“Hopefully you hear me, but I do love you. I love you soo much Mako, but it’s hard. We went through a lot and honestly I don’t know. The only reason why I’m not sure because we don’t know whose after me. Every new day there’s somebody new after me. I love you too death Mako but it’s just hard.”

Asami, Pema, and the Kids walked in but heard Korra speaking, Theu stood out of sight, as Mako started to wake up. They all teared up watching the beautiful sight of Korra and Mako being back to non awkward tensions anymore. To see they can work things out.

“Korra? Whats wrong? Why are you crying? Mako’s face was frowned distraught

“Nothing bad, did you hear anything I said to you?”

“No, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Nothing to worry about, just I still love you that’s all.”

Mako’s face gains character. “I love you more Korra. Don’t worry about anything or anybody, I’m here until my last breath. You will be just fine, I promise you.” He then smirked and winked. Korra smiled as hard as she can. Her cheeks started to hurt. She threw a punch at Mako’s arm but he dodged it and grabbed her hand. He kissed it and then kissed her forehead.

“Goodnight Avatar Korra” and he blew a kiss, she caught it and put it to her lips and then her heart. Mako walked out the room and heard scuffling in the hall, he turned the lights on and everybody was caught trying to run away.

Directed by. Curtis Gerard a.k.a LegendOfMakorraFan

Inspired by.

Michael Dante Dimartino

Bryan Konietzko

MY Top Breaking Bad Scenes (2 - Say my name)

Season 5 Episode 7 - Say my name

- Who the hell are you?

- You know. You all know exactly who I am. Say my name.

- Do what?  I don’t have a damn clue what hell you are

- Yeah, you do. I’m the cook. I am the man who kill Gus Fring.

- Bullshit, cartel got Fring

- Are you sure? … That’s right, now, say my name.

- Heinsenberg.

- You're goddamn right.