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anonymous asked:

Who are your favorite Characters and why?

Well prepare yourself anon for a long list….In fact.. I’ll also add Icons encase..

My Top Fav:

|Cad Bane| General Grievous| Rocket Raccoon|

Now I don’t want to go too deep into why I like these three. However I will tell you that I’m a big fan of bad-asses that make me smile and giddy like a complete dork. I can defiantly tell you that if I see anything new from them, I’ll be screaming with joy while rolling around on the floor with a pillow.To add to my fan-ism, every episode I come up with involving these three dorks either fighting or on a mission together.. just completes me. :’) <3  These three specifically describe a part of me that involves lone wolf days and fixing things.

My 2nd top fav:

| Darth Maul | Edward Elric | Inuyasha | Vegeta | Shadow |

So Shadow and Edward have always been my big but old fan characters, Especially when it came to owning a collection of most games, art, cosplay, & items. They have helped me through my suicidal days and have brought me to where I am today. In addition, all of these characters still make me fan derp whenever I see them.

My Other top Fav:

|Lord Beerus| Greed | Embo | Alphonse | Hondo Ohnaka | Scourge | Dr. Finitevus | Metal Sonic | Silver | Enerjak (Dark Knuckles) |

For the Sonic Group, I collected at least 500 comic books involving them and their story. Not to mention when I first joined gaiaonline in 2006 I joined a Sonic Guild. (In which that all went to super shit later on thanks to a certain “Nazi Knuckles” who literally “ahem” war bombed the guild, forcing most of my sonic friends into leaving Gaia for good.) Anyways! I like these characters because of their story lines and their slight-side of comedy. :)