This is one of my favorite goddesses of Norse mythology. she is called Nerthus / Njärd or Nalavi as she was known in my home province Närke. She was known as a part of the Vanir and was goddes over the summer, the earth and the oceans warm winds. She is said to be all Vanirs first mother when she along with the sea god Njord gave birth to Frey and Freya, which gave rise to the birth of spring.

Nerthus have just ben described two time in the norse mythology we know as today.
The first time was in Germany when she was pulled on a carriage of three red oxen (who was also her sons) she was covered with a white cloth seens she was too sacred to be seen during the holydays.

The second time was in southern Sweden and Denmark when she create Denmark’s islands and the lakes of Sweden when she with her red oxen plowed away large pieces of land from Sweden which she then threw into the sea after making a bet with the King of Sweden.
she is described to have have dark skin like the brown earth and her hair straight and black like the dark deep seas laying along her back down to the earth like a tree’s roots.

If you want to know more about her you can read about her in Brigitta Onsell’s book “Jordens Moder i Norden” (I’m sorry but I do not know of any good books about Nalavi in English.) you can also just seend me a message with the question and i will do my best to answer it.

I think you guys are more angry about the similarity between The Book of Life and Coco than us, as Mexicans.

I mean, we know that they have basically the same plot, we know about Disney trying to copyright the celebration, and we are also a little disappointment that probably this celeration is the only way to recognize Mexico, but men, I have seen more drama here, than from the mexicans in others pages(?

I still have confused feelings about it, because I love The Book Of Life and they did a great job, because Dia de Muertos is one of my favorite days, and because Pixar. But Coco looks pretty beautiful and even when we just see a little trailer, they show us a lot of references to mexican culture (the singer, the scenaries, and the dog, yes the dog; the dog is a xoloitzcuintle and is originally from Mexico. In mytology it was said that they accompanied the souls)

I have my doubts too, but I think we need to calm down and wait to see the movie and then, talk.

Also, now we have two movies about Dia de Muertos! Is not that so cool!?

P.D. sorry for my horrible english :‘p
The Creation Of The World In Norse Mythology
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Odin and his brothers created the world.

Ifølge græsk mytologi blev mennesket oprindelig skabt med fire arme, fire ben og et hoved med to ansigter. Zeus, der frygtede deres magt, delte dem i to halve, og ved at gøre dette dømte han dem til et liv tilbragt i en søgen efter deres anden halvdel.
Romance: Building it Slowly

Anonymous asked:

first omg i just i’m in love with your page sorry i don’t have tumblr but my name is angie btw, i think i read all of your answereds yesterday so i’m so happy to find you :) well here go my question, i’m writting a history and isn’t about romance, but will have a little of it, the thing is that when the boy see the girls he find out her beautiful, and she interesanting but i don’t want to be like love at first sigh or something, i want to build them slowly, i don’t even want to  them be in love in the first book/history, i don’t want to make it obvious that them will be together later, how can i do that? also, the girl is trying to live a new life after her past (she is a mytologic creature) but at the same time she don’t want to be close to people, so that sounds weird? is contradictory? or is bad? i will mean a lot if you help me :D also i will love to send you all but is in spanish :/ so probably i will talk with my literature teacher :) thanks

I’m so glad you found me! :)

My posts  Subtle Signs of Love, Stages of Love, and Getting to Know Your Neighbor have all the information you should need to slowly build a romance slowly in your story. How to Avoid Forced Romantic Sub-Plot has tips to help you keep the romance from taking over the story. The slower you build the relationship, the less obvious it will be that they get together later on. Especially if they’re more like close friends in the beginning.

I don’t think it sounds too weird for a mythical creature to distance herself from others a bit when starting out a new life. It doesn’t seem contradictory to me at all. In fact, it makes sense, I think. :)

Good luck with your story!

Hi, I’m Alexandra

Creature: Water Nymph

For the contest I decided to represent a water nymph from the greek mytology. This are female spirits, protectors of water bodies as rivers, sea and fountains. I envision them as shapeshifter who can turn themselves from humans to nymph as pleased. Creatures who possess water powers, hydrokinesis