H3R3 B3 DR4GONS >:]

So one of the Gr8 Frivolous Mysteries of Homestuck, in my experience, has been “How are Dragons Connected to Mind?”, and I think I might have an answer. I’m actually kind of surprised I’ve never seen it suggested before as I’m hardly the first, or even the hundred and first, HS fan to read the Discworld books.

Anyway, I just finished reading Guards! Guards!(I don’t have much to do out here so I brought a load of books, and I figured I’d get the Vimes stories out of the way), and here is what Terry Pratchett, through the dramatis personae of Tubal de Malachite, had to say about Dragons:

Yette draggons are notte liken unicornes, I willen. They dwelleth in some Realm defined bye thee Fancie of the Wille and, thus, it myte bee thate whomsoever calleth upon them, and giveth them theyre patheway upon thys worlde, calleth theyre Owne dragon of the Mind…

and then there’s a bit about how they may yet be a force for good, given a Summoner of decency, though given that Noble Dragons in that book are an allegory for tyrants and unbound passions, one can draw their own conclusions on the possibility of this.

Like Vimes does :] His response to reading this:

A realm of fancy, Vimes thought. That’s where they went, then. Into our imaginations. And when we call them back we shape them, like squeezing dough into pastry shapes. Only you don’t get gingerbread men, you get what you are. Your own darkness given shape…

And of course, in the book, they lie sleeping in a pocket of L-Space, Library-Space, the distorted and fantastical reality brought into being by the mere existence and agglomeration of Books; quite Literally, a Space of Imagination :] :]

So this isn’t Homestuck itself saying this, obviously, it’s Discworld. But, Homestuck’s a pretty referential work and Jack Noir and his band of miscreant civil servants(one fat, one small, one supernaturally competent) bear certain similarities to the original crew of the Night’s Watch as we meet them(and, being the Guardians of Derse, are themselves a sort of Night’s Watch, in a sense). But but, I don’t know if Hussie ever read the Discworld books and I’ve never seen any obvious evidence from his work that he did so I don’t think you can say, definitively, that he took this idea of Dragons and the Mind from Pratchett and ran with it as an incredibly subtle, plot-insignificant nod to a series of fantasy-satire-but-no-seriously-sincere-fantasy books.

But but but I do think that’s an interesting idea to run with, and one that might occur to anybody, naturally, thinking about Dragons. To make an exceedingly broad and over-confident claim, Dragons are the Quintessential Unknown-Populating Monster of the “Western Canon” and have been for centuries. Whenever Europe’s looked at someplace it didn’t know and wracked its imagination to fill it with something, giant fire-breathing(or toxin-spewing, or petrifying, or death-gazing) serpents(or birds) have been near the top of the list. In a very real sense it can be said that the natural habitat of Dragons, is the Mind.

Litteratur - Literature

(en) Anmeldelse - Review

(ei/en) Barnebok - Children’s book

(et) Bibliotek - Library

(en) Biperson - Secondary character

(ei/en) Bok - Book

(en) Bokhandel - Book store

(ei/en) Bokhylle - Book shelf

(et) Bokmerke - Bookmark

(en) Bokserie - Book series

(en) Bokstav - Letter (as in a part of the alphabet)

(et) Brev -  Letter (as in a written note) 

(en) Del - Part

(en Dikter - Poet

(en) Forfatter - Author

(et) Forlag - Publisher

(en) Forløper - Prequel

(en) Forteller - Storyteller 

(ei/en) Fortelling - Story 

(et) Hardcover - Hardcover 

(en) Hovedperson - Main character

(en) Illustrasjon - Illustration 

(et) Kapittel - Chapter

(en) Kodeks - Codex

(ei/en) Kokebok - Cookbook

(en) Kriminalroman - Crime novel

(ei/en) Krønike - Chronicle 

(en) Legende - Legend

(et) Leksikon - Encyclopedia 

(en) Leser - Reader

(ei/en) Lydbok - Audiobook

(ei/en) Lærebok - Textbook

(et) Manus - Manuscript 

(et) Motiv - Motif

(en) Myte - Myth

(ei/en) Novelle - Short story

(en) Oppfølger - Sequel

(ei/en) Ordbok - Dictionary

(et) Ordforråd - Vocabulary 

(en) Oversettelse - Translation

(et) Papir - Paper

(et) Pergament - Parchment 

(ei/en) Pocket/Pocketbok - Paperback

(en) Roman - Novel

(ei/en) Side - Page

(et) Sidetall - Page number

(en) Synsvinkel - Point of view

(ei/en) Tekst - Text

(et) Tema - Theme


Sjanger - Genre

(en) Biografi - Biography

(et) Dikt - Poem

Drama - Drama

(et) Eventyr - Fairytale

Fantasy - Fantasy

Humor / Komedie - Humor / Comedy

Krim - Crime story

Poesi - Poetry

Romantikk - Romance

Sakprosa - Nonfiction 

Science Fiction - Science Fiction 

Skjønnlitteratur - Fiction


Verb - Verbs

(å) Analysere - (to) Analyze

(å) Dikte - (to) Write poems

(å) Fantasere - (to) Fantasize

(å) Fortelle - (to) Tell (a story) 

(å) Lese - (to) Read

(å) Skape - (to) Create 

(å) Skrive - (to) Write 

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