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Let me introduce you to the last promotional video I made for my e-shop. This is a “behind the scene” of the making of one of the products I sell. 

The mobile device was mounted on a cheap tripod and the video was entirely recorded and edited from an iPod Touch. Here are the apps I used:

  • 8mm for filming
  • iMovie for editing
  • Video 2 photo for extracting views from the video
  • Phoster for the texts
  • Feature to compose the music

The global budget - iPod excluded, as I received it as a gift months ago - was 22€ ($28 / £17). The recording took me 2,5 hours, including the making of the pouch, and the editing 1,5 hour. 

I’d be glad to know what you think about this video. Thank you!

PS: there may not be any cover today… 2 videos from me on the same day, that would be too much, right?