I’ve been working on it since April so I’m very proud and happy to announce that my new online shop has launched today!!!!!!! Well, the french version of it, at least. I hope the english version will be live next month. 

I designed it and I’m the maker of all the products that are sold there. It replaces my previous e-shop, which I had to abandon for technical reasons. That was a hard work to do it all by myself, as “developper” is not my primary occupation - not even the second nor the third… - and there were times I thought I would never reach the end. But it’s done now, I already received a few orders today (YAY!!) and now… well maybe I can eventually go out and take advantage of the beautiful autumnal light we currently have in the south of France, and take some new photos for this blog :)

Do not hesitate to tell me what you think about my new website!! Thanks in advance :)


I’ve been quite busy these days so I didn’t post as many photos as usual.

Some of you already know that I have a e-shop where I sell fashion accessories designed and handmade by me. I’m also a graphic designer, and these days I’ve been working on an Android application for my shop. The development was made by Aeon Consulting and I’m very satisfied with the result. The application will be available on Google Play by the end of October. Here are some screenshots, it’s more colorful than the photos I usually take!

Watch on

Let me introduce you to the last promotional video I made for my e-shop. This is a “behind the scene” of the making of one of the products I sell. 

The mobile device was mounted on a cheap tripod and the video was entirely recorded and edited from an iPod Touch. Here are the apps I used:

  • 8mm for filming
  • iMovie for editing
  • Video 2 photo for extracting views from the video
  • Phoster for the texts
  • Feature to compose the music

The global budget - iPod excluded, as I received it as a gift months ago - was 22€ ($28 / £17). The recording took me 2,5 hours, including the making of the pouch, and the editing 1,5 hour. 

I’d be glad to know what you think about this video. Thank you!

PS: there may not be any cover today… 2 videos from me on the same day, that would be too much, right?

phrenzel a dit : adorable~

pabloluisgonzalez a dit : Such nice creatures!!

Haha… John, Pablo, thank you :)

trekbox a dit : I want one !!! or 3… I am having a tough time keeping anything but cactus in my yard…nature of the desert I guess.

It’s easy to have one… or 3… just click on the photo and it will bring you to my Etsy shop! ‘Cause that’s what I do for a living. Nice job, huh? :D