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Well, maybe something about Alpha!Suga and Omega!Hinata? It's my fav rareship and I have only seen one fic about these and it was a poly relationship, but anyways, something about daily acts OR how do they deal with Hinata's heats?

Suga loves Hinata’s enthusiasm. The little omega brightens his day just by walking into the room.

Hinata and Suga are very obvious about their relationship. They’ll sneak kisses and cuddles whenever they can, and scent each other so often that they always reek of each other. More than once, Hinata has been caught trying to wear Suga’s jacket when the alpha isn’t looking, because Hinata claims it ‘makes him feel so much safer and happier!’ And Suga can’t deny him anything.

Hinata likes to give Suga things. Anything he finds that he thinks his alpha would like. A rock he found, a little keychain, sometimes a flower. Suga thinks it’s the cutest thing ever, and lives to spoil Hinata right back. Suga gave Hinata a volleyball as their first official courtship gift, and the omega treats it like it’s something sacred.

Sugawara had excellent control over his instincts, especially for an alpha. When Hinata’s heats come around, he’ll occasionally be allowed to visit briefly, make Hinata a meal or bring him a shirt/plush/pillow that has his scent on it. Of course, Hinata’s alpha mom is never far behind just in case, but there hasn’t been an incident so far. Suga loves being able to take care of Hinata during his heats, because he loves to take care of his mate.

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//meep So can we get a view of how you draw the characters? I'm in love with your art style omfg-

[[lol sure– It’s not v helpful, but here’s the thing???]]

2. features - this is srsly just scribbles most of the time lol

3. jaw and neck - this is where you can establish a character as more masculine or feminine by determining how square the jaw is

5. hair, neck, and collarbones - this completes the shape of the head

6. yolo the rest and dress your nerd of choice in shitty clothing styled after his nerdass self

7. ????

8. scribble in colors and hope for the best by making him dress in boyfrand colors

[[That’s it that’s the thing this is how art on this blog is made congratulations now you are amongst the chose few who know the secret (?????)]]

Americano Man

Pairing: Aomine Daiki x Reader (Kuroko no Basket)
Theme: Coffee Shop AU requested by mythtree for kurokodrabble’s 100 follower giveaway special!
Word Count: 994
A/N: I love coffee shop scenarios. I could spend the rest of my life in one imagining that this will happen to me tbh. I hope you enjoy! :)

“Americano, please.” You nodded, ringing him up and taking his credit card from his rough hands – beautifully rough hands, you realized.

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“Do you ever think we should just stop this?” With Sans and Toriel because these two precious bbies need a pun show off

(bLESS YOU for unintentionally picking one of my like…three total ships)

- - - - - - -

“Hey, Tori?”

Toriel hums in acknowledgement of the summons but doesn’t look up from watering the flowers on the dining room table. She strokes a claw over the golden petals and feels the corner of her mouth turn up in a smile. She had been right, after all. Flowers and children alike needed the fresh air and wide open spaces of the surface to flourish.

“Toriiii…” She’s jerked from her musings at Sans’ sing-song voice calling her again.

“Sans, what is the matter? Honestly, you should be helping me prepare for our guests’ arrival, not…” She trails off, noting the mischievous glimmer in his eyes. That spelled trouble like nothing else. “What?” She asks, defensive.

“You wouldn’t mind explaining to me what’s going on with that diary–lying open, I might add–on your desk?” Sans’ grin gets impossibly wider.

Toriel sniffs. “Don’t know what you’re talking about. Besides, isn’t it rude to–”

“Why did the skeleton want a friend?”

Oh no.

“Because she was feeling bonely!” Sans completes the joke when Toriel fixes him with a panicky look. “Were you writing down jokes the entire time we talked through the door, Tori?”

“Nothing wrong with wanting to be a little humerus for my good friend,” Toriel coughs. It takes Sans a moment, but by the time he realizes that she had told another pun, Toriel is already grinning and shooting Sans a sly side eye. “What’s wrong, Sansy? Not gonna let an old bag of bones like myself beat you, are you?”

“Why, my dear, of course not,” Sans replies, sliding closer to Toriel. “After all, I’m the bone-a fide pun master.” He bows and extends a hand. “If anyone is going to get your goat, it’ll be me.”

Toriel laughs, delighted, and takes his hand. Sans leads her into a swaying dance around the dining room table. It’s not easy, given their height difference, but Sans’ honest and warm presence felt better to her than Asgore’s ever did.

“Ulna longer take this kind of disrespect lying down,” Toriel says, casting her expression into mock seriousness.

“Don’t be so sternum, Tori,” Sans chides gently. She wavers for a moment, but keeps up the facade. “Really? You’ve goat to be kidding me. Are my puns really that baaaaad?”

Finally, Toriel cracks, covering her mouth to hide her giggles. “Enough, enough, you win.”

“Aw, don’t let my ribbing bother you,” Sans says. Then, more tenderly, he adds, “And don’t hide your laugh either. You’ve goat the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.”

“Stop it, you flatterer,” Toriel replies, rolling her eyes, but Sans gets his wish. She can’t stop smiling. “Do you ever think we should just stop this?”

“Nah,” Sans says, near instantly. “Who else is gonna torture Papyrus and Frisk with bad jokes if not us?”

“You’re right,” Toriel hums thoughtfully. She leans down to wrap Sans in a warm hug.

“And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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Can I ask for a scenario with omegaverse if you know about it? Alpha!Suga and Omega!s/o! (most people get the omega!Suga vision and here I am aaaa I'm a sucker for this) Maybe something like Suga and friend being both still mateless from presenting time and knowing abt it (and being asked out by others constantly), Suga being in love with them for longer time decides to ask them to become his mate to avoid his crush from slipping away from him? (sorry abt being detailed much aaa)

// I feel you, suga could definitely be an alpha haha. And in all honesty, the more detailed the ask, the easier I find it to write, so you’re fine dear! -mod kat //

Another confession from an unknown omega, and another day filled with Sugawara’s hopeless crush on ___. They’d been friends for years, and everytime he or the sweet omega got another confession of love, Suga became more and more restless. Deciding that he really couldn’t take it anymore, the grey haired alpha realized he had to take action if he ever hoped to become ___’s mate. The entire ordeal was simple, but his heart was pounding as he walked up to them. After stammering a request to be alone to talk for a minute, he guided ___ over to where they could talk without interruption. After a few moments of being completely at a loss for words, he rushed the phrase out of his mouth, asking them if there was any chance for them to be together.

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Okay, here goes what I just imagined - SugaHina, but some nsfw headcanons catboy!Suga all over Hinata because he just loves the ginger too much I WILL WORSHIP YOU FOR MONTHS OMG

//ahhh yes! I feel this!!!!//

Suga being the cheekiest little shit, putting on a show and then acting oblivious when hinata gets turned on.

Suga always takes the lead and it makes hinata so flustered.

Whenever guests are over there’s literally only seconds before suga is on hinata’s lap and begging for attention.

the catboy absolutely hates kageyama and kenma, he wants his owner all to himself

Suga always pins hinata down playfully

Everytime hinata pets the base of suga’s cat ears is when suga melts

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Mama Michaela! I have a question that is very important to me, would you be okay with the fact that another visual novel might mention your visual novel? As in, one of the character played/plays one of your games? Is it alright with you? I just want to make sure before... Before something <3 (though this something might take longer than expected so ahem)


I am totally 100% okay with anyone referencing Seduce Me (as long as you don’t just like take the script and say “HAHA IZ MINE”)

Like, if a character talks about SM or like even a cameo of one of the guys comes up, I’m 100% okay with that!

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And another one since I want to- It's cold outside and Suga, Noya and Hinata are out with their s/o, walking somewhere around and suddenly their s/o starts coughing as if getting a little sick. How would they take care of them? (^v^)/ (I'm still gushing over your URL its prefect adhjas)

Aww thank you friend ~ 

Btw it’s my first time doing this thing I hope I get it right ehehehe.

Sugawara: Sugawara would immediately stop walking as soon as he notices that there’s something wrong with his s/o. He’d ask if they’re alright and would offer his scarf and jacket to help them warm up a little. He would feel guilty for what happened to their s/o. To make it up to them, he’d cook the best soup and shower their s/o with cuddles and kisses to show how much they’re making him worry. He’d also check up on them at least an hour each day until they’re fully recovered. (P.S. I assumed he’s great in the kitchen because of his motherly nature wink wonk)

Nishinoya: Nishinoya would worry as he noticed his partner turning pale from coughing too much. He’d take them home as soon as possible and help them settle into their bed. Being inexperienced in this kind of stuff, he would ask his partner if whatever he’s doing is helping them feel better or not. He’d also ask some of his teammates (preferably Suga) for some tips on taking care of a sick person. He’d stay over his partner’s house until they fell asleep and check on them every now and then.

Hinata: Hinata would panic a little as he isn’t sure why his partner is in a fit of coughs and sneezes. He’d ask if they were okay and would take them home as soon as possible. He’d also feel a little sorry for taking them out despite the cold weather. In return, he takes care of them by feeding them their favorite soup and settling into a cuddle session later on.

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ohmygod i love you- but please explain to my parents why am i screaming like i've seen a puppy but hiding the laptop's screen with a furious "NOPE"

hahah, well at least these are text posts, not pictures - you are safe from your parents :’D

Thank you tho!!!


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OKAY, QUESTION FOR ALL ADMINS - When did you ship yourself with your fav and why do you love them <3

I, Shay, ship myself with Asahi!!! Ahhh I love this giant kind-hearted teddy bear so much. He’s so sweet and amazing and strong both mentally and physically. I find it really admiring, especially as someone recovering from severe depression and anxiety,  that he’s able to fight his anxiety and work to get better for himself and teammates. He’s so adorable and cute and kind and ahh perfect!!!

1. i think you’re talking about my girls? i’m really glad you like them thank you so much! i love short messy / curly hair, it’s super cute. if you’d ever decide to cut your hair like this would you please show me a photo of it? 💕

2. ??? omg !! yES PLEASE ANYTIME and please let me know if you really cosplay him i want to see it so bad _(:3 」∠ )_ btw he’s going to have 10 different transformations in the story i’m working on right now, and i’m going to post some of them soon

3. i’m not sure myself yet, but if i give it into reprint once again i’ll update the info on here (this answer is very vague ;; sorry)

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Hello there, good luck with this tumblr! :D What do you think Karasuno babies favorite brand of tea is?

Sawamura would prefer Yunnan Golden Pu-erh Tea. 

Sugawara would prefer Golden Monkey Black Tea.

Azumane would prefer Spice of Life White Tea.

Nishinoya would prefer Dragonwell Green Tea.

Ennoshita would go for Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea. 

Tanaka would prefer Cucumber Melon Cooler Green Tea.

Kageyama would prefer Honeybush Vanilla Herbal Tea.

Hinata would prefer Slimful Chocolate Decadence Oolong Tea.

Tsukishima would prefer Strawberry Blush Rose Oolong Tea.

Yamaguchi would prefer Caramel Almond Amaretti Herbal Tea.

Hori and Shortcake used this as reference. (´⌣`ʃƪ)