So to follow Goblinweek and Witch Week, it is now Mythology Week!

In the interest of being as obscure as possible, this is me as a fusion of a nattramn and a valravn - two raven-themed beasts from Scandinavian mythology.

The nattramn is a Swedish critter that is believed to be the spirit of a dead, unbaptised child left to die in the woods (an apparently common enough practise that Scandinavian folklore has multiple kinds of dead-child-spirits) - they fly at night and their cry is like the creak of a creaky wagon-wheel.

The valravn is a Danish creature - a creepy shape-shifter thought to be born when a raven eats the bodies of battlefield-dead. They are restless souls in search of redemption, but the only way for them to slip out of their animal shape is to devour the heart of a child, after which they can shape-shift into knights. … I imagine it’s kinda hard to find redemption when you’ve been eating children, but hey, that’s folklore for you.

Modern day gorgon anyone?

Obviously since it’s currently winter, the snakes would need to stay cozy too.  Either they can stay curled up under my hat or sport their own winter gear.  On a regular basis they’d help me remember the little things, you know, keys… charlie card… the essentials (anything they could pick up on their own).

Fun fact, they’d all get party hats for birthdays too.

Inspired by last week’s Witch Week, how about we do a Mythology Week this time around?  There seemed to be a bit of interest on twitter!

My mythsona is a forest faun (but took some artistic liberties - half deer and not half goat)!

Draw yourself as any mythological creature from any culture or country! Maybe you are a dashing Greek centaur, a wily Japanese nekomata or a friendly Scandinavian troll??  Here are a couple places to start.

Tag your art with #mythologyweek on tumblr or twitter!