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dont u see how harmful it is to people who actually went through being put in mental institutions????

Yeah, I do but that’s the way life is. We’re not living in some sort of safety bubble where nothing can harm us or trigger us, or bring back bad memories. Maybe I’ve had too much shit thrown my way and it made me cynical to a point where nothing can trigger me but I view the mv as a mere work of visual art.

What is ableism? It’s a form of discrimination or social prejudice against people with disabilities. I don’t see that in the MV. Mental illnesses are very real but you act like we’re supposed to pretend they do not exist. It’s important to bring these topics up in the media, especially in Korea. It’s important that people see that you can be someone who leads a, at first glance, successful and happy life and yet there’s a fight boiling inside of you.

I’ve been dealing with depression for nearly 3 years. At one point I reached a line where taking my life seemed like a very real option. I could count on one hand how many people know of this. You put on a mask and you go on with your life. My head became my own personal hell where I tried to mend myself without it spilling outside. And even now there are days when I would love to walk into moving traffic and call it a day.

Me aside, let’s not pretend Namjoon is the healthiest person. You all are worried if he has a girlfriend or what’s his sexual orientation but you completely miss so many things he’s been saying. He’s been very vocal about feeling lost, lonely, having a hard time finding meaning in the things he does. Everyone just brushes it off as ‘hahaha our leader is so funny being philosophical and all’ (isn’t that ableism??) while it is much more than that.

The mental hospital is his mind where he is the patient, the doctor and the guard. Try and don’t take things so directly. The mv represents his fight with his inner demons. It’s raw and graphic and intense but calling it ableist is completely missing the mark.

And lastly, as someone who is planning on switching for an art major, I must say that I’m very alarmed. It seems that any kind of expression is immediately picked through and labelled as problematic without even trying to understand what is shown..


“A mixtape is like a last-ditch effort. Even if someone says something, nobody can come inside. From outside the line, I will still probably be concerned, but since I listen to good music and make it based on my own standards which long for good music, it’s good, right?” —RM

#防弹少年团##RapMonster# 드디어 방탄도 웨이보가 생겼군요!! 중국 아미들 앞으로 잘 부탁해요!!

#BangtanBoys##RapMonster# Finally Bangtan has made a weibo too!! Chinese ARMYs, in the future, please look after us!!

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- Monster Hunter - Climbing Mechanics (Monster Hunter Parody) -

By EpicFaceFist