myths about getting pregnant

agent-washingbutt  asked:

so after a trans guy takes testosterone for a while, he stops getting periods, right? does that mean he can't get pregnant?

No, not necessarily.

Testosterone does affect fertility, and it does eventually stop periods, but studies have shown that many transmasculine people taking testosterone have gotten pregnant, whether on purpose or not. The chance of this will go down the longer that you’ve been on testosterone, but it’s best to play it safe.

You can’t take the pill if you’re taking testosterone, because the pill affects your body’s estrogen to work, but many transmasculine people use IUDs, such as the Mirena, because very little estrogen will go into your bloodstream that way, it will stay in your reproductive system, and doesn’t affect testosterone.

This is what I opted to do as I’ll be going on T soon. Keep in mind, insertion can be a very dysphoric process, but the Mirena works for 5 years.
Some say the IUD is very painful to insert, but with some strong painkillers beforehand and some valium I personally was fine, though the nurses said I was very brave.


Bonus info: If you’re taking T and you get pregnant you will need to stop taking T for the term of the pregnancy.

-Solar the Sea Turtle