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Freyja is a goddess associated with love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, war, and death. Freyja is the owner of the necklace Brísingamen, rides a chariot pulled by two cats, is accompanied by the boar Hildisvíni, and possesses a cloak of falcon feathers.

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I came out to my mother a while ago, and ever since, she's been coming to me with all these 'reasons' why I shouldn't start T, why I'm not trans, and why this would be the biggest mistake of my life. How do I convince her that the media loves horror stories, and that this is not, in fact, me desperately reaching out to ANY group of people who'd accept me. She thinks my transness could be 'cured' by extra estrogen or more contact with friends. Help?

You can counter her with facts, if you think this would help, or you can bring her to doctor apts to have them help you.  It sounds like she’s not ready to accept you and sometimes that can take a while if she ever comes around.  It feels like, to me, that women have a hard time letting go of their “daughters” when they transition to their sons, and men are the same way, when their “sons” transition to their daughters; but overall the ‘opposite’ parent (if you’ll forgive my gender binary) is are more accepting… i don’t know why but my theory is it feels like “a betrayal to the team”
You know your mom better than most people (her other family members, your siblings, her friends might be able to offer suggestions if they are supportive of you).  You might have an idea of what things have helped change her mind on controversial topics in the past.  
Above all, be patient with her.  this topic is surprising to her, and she’s likely not considered it as a possible future for you when she was planning all the roads you might go down.  She’s got to get a chance to wrap her head around it.  
*Help correct any myths she might hold (like trans regret)
*Offer her support when she begins to come around (local groups, trans 101s, solid answers to real questions)
*There are no respected medical or psychological professional organizations that i’m aware of that support treating transgender males with “extra” estrogen, and every one that i’m aware of has issued a statement saying that medically necessary (appropriate) hormones, surgery, therapy, etc for transition care should be available, with insurance coverage if required for access.  

If you need help countering arguments that keep coming up, write back.  we’re here with the science.  
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tag yourself: greek gods

athena: unsatisfied with a 99 test grade, could probably commit the perfect murder, underestimated, likes french bakeries, early riser

poseidon: chill, likes beaches, doesn’t try in school but still does fine, filled notebooks, kinda a dick sometimes, sleeps a lot, environmentalist, collects seashells

aphrodite: really good looking and knows it, acts sweet but will legit kill you if you get on their bad side, perfect makeup, fancy starbucks drinks, intimidating

zeus: says they can burp the alphabet but just burps twenty six times, gives zero shits about others, an asshole, rapist, get off my blog if you’re a zeus

hestia: warm coffee shops, has a sweet smile, journals, kinda sad inside, a bit of a loner, messy hair, easily likeable but doesn’t know it

hades: listens to emo music, spends 96% of their time on tumblr, hopeless romantic, looks like they can kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll, pretty stressed

( minor gods: )

I’m all for fantasy stories where supernatural characters protect their human friends, but does anyone else want some stories where the humans are the ones who are looking after their supernatural friends?

  • A human girl exchanging her silver engagement ring for a cheaper one after she realises why her werewolf friend has been refusing to high five her.
  • A group of humans throwing coats over their vampire friend because he forgot it was the Summer solstice and was caught out by the sunrise. Those same friends coming to visit him when he wakes up in the late afternoon, bringing him blood from the butcher’s and putting up with his whining about the nights being shorter.
  • A human hearing that someone stole their selkie friends pelt and coming over to her new “husband"s house immediately and threatening to punch his lights out unless he tells them where it is.
  • Humans petitioning the counsel to build a wooden climbing frame in the local playground because the old one has iron parts and their fairy friend’s kids can’t use it without burning themselves.

I’ll post more if I can come up with any.

I feel like at this point Carrie Fisher has ascended past just being a revered figure and has kinda passed into myth/goddess level. I don’t just mean people building personal memorials or shrines to her. I mean that there is a genuine, dedicated group of people living their lives in honor of her and who she was and her values, giving thanks to her, asking her for guidance and protection. Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia are not just cultural symbols or inspirations, but as one entity they are seen to watch over and safeguard her ‘followers.’ There are things these followers do in her honor: endeavoring to become more confident and kind, following her footsteps by raising awareness about mental health, speaking out on behalf of minorities and the undervalued. They do these things because these are things Carrie did and entreated others to do. This, essentially, fulfills the classic definition of a religious organization.

Congratulations, Carrie. You’re a goddess in our eyes.

Greek Myth Asks

by @wonderbreadwoman and @spidcrsman

GODS: Life

Zeus: What’s your name or nickname?

Hera: Where are you from?

Athena: How old are you?

Hephaestus: When is your birthday?

Aphrodite: What’s your relationship status?

Poseidon: What are your pronouns?

Dionysus: Are you and extrovert or an introvert?

Demeter: Do you have any pets?

Apollo: What kind of music are you into?

Artemis: What do you first notice about new people?

Hades: What’s a big fear of yours?

Ares: What’s a big pet peeve of yours?

Hestia: Where do you consider home?


Pegasus: Last movie you watched?

Mermaid: Last tv show you finished?

Centaur: Last book you read?

Siren: Last song you listened to?

Gorgon: Last thing you ate?

Cyclops: Last time you cried?

Minotaur: Last time you were truly happy?

Sphynx: Last text you sent?

Chimera: Last call you made?

Griffin: Last thing you did before going to sleep last night?

Nymph: Last dream you remember?

Satyr: Last time you couldn’t stop laughing?

HEROES: Experiences

Heracles: Have you ever had a dream come true?

Theseus: What is your worst regret?

Perseus: Have you ever been arrested?

Cadmus: Have you ever had your heart broken?

Achilles: Have you ever had to be hospitalized?

Actaeon: Tell about a memory you wish to forget.

Bellerophon: Have you ever passed out?

Agamemnon: What is an achievement you’re proud of?

Oedipus: Have you ever been in love?

Jason: Have you ever travelled abroad? Where?

Atlanta: Have you ever stood up for someone else?

Hippolytus: Tell an experience you will never forget.

MAGICAL ITEMS: Favorites  

Trident: Who are your favorite people?

Lightning Bolt: What are your top three favorite movies?

Sun Chariot: What is your favorite mythological creature?

Lyre: What are your top three favorite songs?

Caduceus: What is your favorite color?

Aegis: What is your favorite book or series?

Scythe: What is your favorite tv show?

Bident: What is your favorite way to spend free time?

Harpe: What are your top 3 favorite places?

Cornucopia: What is your favorite place to eat?

Winged Sandals: What is your favorite thing to do when you hangout with your friends?

Golden Fleece: What is your favorite animal?

PLACES: Goals and Wishes

Olympus: Describe your dream job.

Tartarus: What’s a short term goal you hope to achieve?

Underworld: Describe your dream vacation.

Styx: How would you like your life to look like in 10 years?

Athuna: If you could live anywhere in the world for the rest of your life, where would it be?

Sparta: Do you have a bucket list? If so, what’s on it?

Elysium: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Ogygia: Describe your dream husband/wife/life partner?

Troja: What is the craziest thing you wanna do before you die?

The Labyrinth: Have you ever died and came back to life as a vampire?

Delphi: Are you currently doing anything to pursue your dreams?

tag yourself: minor greek gods + titans

hecate: into astrology, sleep who?, observant, spends a lot of time alone, wants to dye their hair, kind, likes coffee shops, a bit in love with the stars

asclepius: likes helping people, wants/has a dog, really smart, essential oils, nice smile, takes long showers, probably drinks herbal tea

hypnos: tired all the time, warm milk, smells like lavender, soft skin, doesn’t get angry easily, a bit sad, pretends to be calm all the time but is actually internally screaming

hebe: likes baking, pastel colors, flower crowns, runs on impulse and instinct, glitter highlighter, probably still goes to the playground, dumps a ton of toppings on their ice cream

khione: legit goes out in -10° weather with only a sweater, likes makeup, iced coffee, loves snow, brutally sarcastic, pretends not to give a shit about school but actually gets straight a’s

nike: #fIGHT ME, protects their friends, would die for fictional ships and/or characters, always on the leaderboard in kahoot, city person, minimalist, loves the satisfaction of winning

Persephone: Roses are red, violets are blue…sunflowers are yellow…tulips come in all kinds of colors…daffodils are also yellow.
Apollo: Was that supposed to be a poem?
Persephone: No, I just like flowers.

But imagine Hades, the God of the underworld, the mighty and powerful seated on a throne of skulls handing out punishment to sinners cowering in front of his dark and fearsome aura and suddenly Persephone skips in the room, humming a bright tune, twirling in her pretty colourful dress and she skips to Hades and places a flower crown on his head and Hades is like ‘Honey, I’m trying to do my job here.’ or 'I have an image to maintain, I’m the God of Underworld!’ and Persephone just smiled cutely at him and pecks his cheek and Hades just kinda sighs because he’s so whipped by his little sunshine but it’s just so hard.

As a fairly non-religious jew I don’t think I ever appreciated how badass the story of passover was until I considered how it would look to your average egyptian dude living through it

Imagine growing up all your life being waited on by a race of slaves who despite living in squalor cling to the belief that they were the chosen of this omnipotent elder god. You laugh this up, pray to Horus and then go about your day

Then one day, a slave with a robe and staff barges into the palace claiming to be the hand of an elder god and demands liberation. You grab the popcorn and try to get a front row seat while the two highest level clerics in the entire kingdom demolish the guy, then watch in shock as he summons a giant cobra and kills them both in one go.

Then, Over the next 10 days you watch this warlock proceed to flood your rivers with blood, summon hordes of wild vermin, drop a pestilence on your people and livestock.

All the while your king goes off and says “we don’t negotiate with terrorists”

Its at this point that the hand of a dark and ancient god has had enough, and with a wave of his scepter like a conductors baton, he calls down the fucking reckoning. As meteors stream from the sky, the warlock yells out his incantation. It’s not an ancient tongue, or poem of dread. Just four simple words: “let my people go”. With one more breath he raises his staff, and with the screaming of a million angels he puts out the sun

At this point I should point out that with each plague this sorcerer has turned the domain of one of your gods against you, starting with Sobek: god of the Nile and working his way up until it appears he has struck down Horus: the god of gods.

Your gods are dead, and the only one still alive is your pharaoh: the representative of the gods on earth

Now, with extreme prejudice, this sorcerer summons a fucking angel of death, and one by one it slaughters the heir of every family until your own king, a firstborn himself pleads for mercy and gives in.

As the freed slaves retreat, your king grins and unleashes a sneak attack, pinning the sorcerer and his people between an army and the sea. Finally this sorcerer, who the whispers say was a fallen prince, raises his staff in mock surrender, and when he brings it down the fucking ocean shatters. Leaving a jagged crack for his people to escape

God fucking damn that’s hardcore