mythos: spider man


- Babe, I know we were going to go to the cinema, but I have to stay home to help aunt May and…

- Pete, are you ever gonna stop lying to me?

- What?

- Peter, you’re in the building in front of my window, I can see you. Your suit is pretty flashy, in case you didn’t notice…

- H-how do you…

- How do I know? Remember that time, two weeks ago, when you sent me upstairs to look for a box inside your wardrobe?

- Holy crap.

- Yeah, maybe you’ll need a new secret place. You know, a real one.

- Yeah, I probably do. Okay,I gotta go save the city. Do you want to go out tomorrow? If, you know, nobody decides to destroy New York?

- Okay… Take care, Pete.

- I always do, honey.