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/breakdances nervously/ pls dont take this as rude but why is chihiro persephone when sonia is like the actual persephone bc sweet flowery princess whos occult as hell and (im rlly sorry if this sounds mean or attacking ur choices)

(grabs anon and waltzes with) I couldn’t really see Sonia getting kidnapped all that easily, and Chihiro fit Persephone pretty well as a cute sweet princessy character who also has strength/power (if not necessarily occult in canon). I couldn’t think of someone who fit Chihiro better, but I had more than one choice for Sonia so I made her Aphrodite. Also I wanted Sonia to be Aphrodite because she’s beautiful/sweet/whatever and also i wanted her to ignore the fuck out of Souda(Hephaestus) because it cracks me up

Also I wanted to mix things up a bit! Sonia/Gundam is great and all and it would have been a cute and strong parallel but you can get Sonia/Gundam most anywhere, ya know? Feel free to take the Sonia sprite i made and have her be persephone though, do whatever the hell you want!! but the stuff I’m gonna put out will mix up a lot of character interactions because 1) I enjoy seeing new character combinations and 2) there are a lot of choices and directions this AU has and I suck at balancing shit.

So yeah! (dips anon)