mythos art

Man, the art in European Call of Cthulhu is staggeringly good. Moon-Beast pictured above.

That is a brilliantly alien and intelligent Servitor of the Outer Gods.

Ah, the Elder Things. Considering my book has a shoggoth cop in it, I’m definitely bringing them up in a sequel.

You know, a lot of books use the Yithians as the closest thing to good guys in the Mythos. These dudes uproot entire races and throw them into the meat-grinder on distant planets to ensure their own survival. They’re monsters, but just ones you can hold a conversation with.


Hope | Love | Devotion | Loyalty

“May those who follow their fate be granted happiness; may those who defy it be granted glory.”

I finally finished the set! I’m very happy with how these all turned out! Princess Tutu is definitely one of my favorite series. I’ve seen it many times and I really love the messages that it puts out- it treats all of the main characters so well and they’re all important and well-developed. Just… many feelings <3</p>

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Ahiru | Mytho | Rue | Fakir

Yuri x Princess Tutu

My silly headcanon for this was that Yurio started getting more interested in Japan after his time in Hasetsu, and he asked Yuuri about anime. Yuuri didn’t watch much, considering he always chose to spend his time skating, but he remembers Princess Tutu from his childhood and how much he loved it, even getting Minako-sensei to watch it with him. 

Yurio is skeptical when he sees the cover but watches it anyway, and falls so unabashedly in love with it that he forces Otabek to watch it, too (he doesn’t get it, but he likes that Yurio likes it so much). Yurio muses about putting on an exhibition show for Yuuri’s birthday, and eventually gets really into it, putting a lot of effort into his Mytho costume and coming up with the choreography on his own. It’s a ballet-heavy skating program, and Otabek ends up not doing much but lifts for Yurio’s dramatic (and super indulgent) performance.