Book Review: "Demigods and Monsters" by Raye Wagner | Spoiler-Free

Book Review: “Demigods and Monsters” by Raye Wagner | Spoiler-Free

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Hello! So I literally just finished this book and I really liked it. It was a fabulous installment in this series, but before I get into my thoughts a little bit, let me just say that this is a spoiler-free review for those who have read Curse of the Sphinx. If you haven’t read it, do not stay because you will be spoiled and you don’t want that. So goodbye! Synopsis: “Can Apollo’s curse be…

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Multiverse of the Rimelands

The Rimelamds are a universe inspired by a mixture of Norse and Medieval cultures and mythology while also taking heavily from the existing worlds of dungeons and dragons.

Taking place millennia after the apocalyptic events of Ragnarök the mythology while containing all the same figures is radically different.

The first of the gods to return after the rebirth of the world is Baldr, the God of Peace and Light. Baldr in this world is the king of the gods (Odin is busy chilling in his rebuilt hall of Valhalla or running about Midgard being his nerdy self, and practically Gandalfing people into adventures.)

With Baldr in charge a good afterlife is no longer limited to those who died in battle, but instead it is granted to any who lived a virtuous life. (Good characters who die go to Asgard)

Those characters who have little care for obeying or objecting to the moral virtues of the gods remain as one with the realms of Midgard (Neutral characters who die stay in Midgard, becoming spirits of the land)

And finally characters who oppose the morals of gods and mankind are sent to the frozen pits of Helheim. (Evil characters who die go to Hel (with one l, not like the Abrahamic one)).

Fantasy Review: The Emperor's Railroad by Guy Haley

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Falling somewhere between King’s The Dark Tower saga and Brooks’ Shannara series, as seen through the achingly vibrant lens of Discovery’s Life After People, The Emperor’s Railroad is a remarkably unique approach to post-apocalyptic fantasy. While I felt the choice of a 12-year-old narrator put some unfortunate constraints on the tale, and held it back from realizing its true potential, I am genuinely excited to see where Guy Haley goes with his Dreaming Cities series.

Here we find some of the best post-apocalyptic world building I have come across in quite some time. Every step of the journey reminds us of what’s been lost, and what remains of our ‘modern’ civilization. It’s not just window dressing, either - in addition to the visual scenery we have a cultural shift in society, a very different sort of political era, and a whole new world of monsters and mythologies. There’s so much depth to it that you almost feel the series could continue on indefinitely.

As much as I would have preferred to experience the tale through the eyes of Quinn, Knight of the Dreaming City of Atlantis, the narration itself is my own quibble with young Abney. He is, in fact, a very well developed young man, in a story that captures his fears just as well as his sense of wonder. His relationship with his mother rings true, and it’s through her that we really get a sense of just how much the world has shifted in terms of culture and society. Yes, there is a sentimental aspect to the tale, but it’s an honest one, and it helps ground the sense of the fantastic that surrounds Quinn. He’s a quiet man, confident and self-assured, with a clear purpose in life, but not so focused on the epic quest that he cannot lend himself to a mother and her child.

The story starts out slowly, allowing us to become comfortable in the vast concept that is the Dreaming Cities, but quickly begins to pick up pace once we get moving along The Emperor’s Railroad. It’s a story that has a tarnished sort of faery tale feel to it, with architectural ruins, mechanical monstrosities, swords, guns, zombies, angels, knights, and dragons. Yes, dragons. Clearly, there’s a much larger story being told her, but this chapter is a complete story in and of itself, entirely satisfying, with real closure for Abney and his mother. With The Ghoul King coming this summer, and introducing a little more sci-fi to the mix, the Dreaming Cities is a series to get hooked on now.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary ARC of this title from the publisher in exchange for review consideration. This does not in any way affect the honesty or sincerity of my review.

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In the deepest places, where physical norms collapse under the crushing water, bodies still fall softly through the dark, days after their vessels have capsized. They decay on their long journey down. Nothing will hit the black sand at the bottom of the world but algae-covered bones —  China Miéville. ( independent & selective original greek mythological siblings, written by gabi. )  


Hit up Kiro’o Games and played through their demo. It was the first time playing any combat since I didn’t have time to play before I left for Boston. Also met and spoke with the founder Madiba Olivier (he’s on Twitter, btw!) Very nice guy. Super excited for this studio’s future projects.

Rajasthan Worried sick Town Bhangarh At this moment Part Of Cwg Tourists' Packages

This merciful is going to a one big ballad among the tourists on a Rajasthan tour. Rajasthan government has decided to bills contemporary Bhangarh- a haunted precinct near Jaipur during the 2010 Commonwealth Games. The remembering ruin of Bhangarh is going to be biggest tourists’ attritions amongst the visitors during the Conjunct Liquid assets Games 2010.
Rajasthan Transit Part Corporation (RTDC) have decided so as to cage haunted ruins of 16th century town, Bhangarh in Rajasthan tour packages ]http:\\] during the duration of the games, especially blueprinted in favor of the officials, delegates and athletes in re the Dull Great abundance Games 2010.

Manjit Singh, Chairman and ALLOPATH, RTDC, linguistic “This is mainly time we chose in transit to pocket this worth-visiting place means of access our campanile packages. It is a collaborator city as after local mythologies and we greatest it up to reasonably boost trajet up-to-the-minute this area,”
Furthermore he said.
“We have designed dissonant tour packages during the CWG along these lines the event is sure to put forward tourism in the bailiwick. We are expecting a good response for all the packages which have been determined administration schedule touching the event in mind,”

Archeological Survey of India has put to signboards asking travelers that say “Entering the borders of Bhangarh before break of day and after sunset is strictly prohibited” People can take in this place during day time till get a make out of the beset places associated with the city and mid this and RTDC wants to take Rajasthan locomotion popularity to a new heights. People are not allowed to introduce the place after dawn because of the spooky stories federate with this remembering burgh.

The RTDC is offering 11 tour packages from Delhi for Rajasthan during 15-day long CWG 2010 along with ten adapted to cent discount from September 1 to October 10 this year.

Rajasthan, the manor relating to royals is popular for its glorious architectural features of the historical palaces fabricated by the rajputanas. This part of the country boasts many magnificent palaces, forts, havelis, terrific temples, dramatic deserts, enthralling wildlife and epidemic on and on. Rajasthan Tour is a euphoric experience in itself and surpasses the standards of a world heritage abode.


Gallery Visit - Generation Gallery

Pictures from top to bottom : Undine, Ophelia

Last week I visited the Generation Gallery in Manchester, I went there specifically to see Kerry Darlington’s work. I have been a fan of Darlington’s work for around a year. I first encountered her when I was working at Baron Fine Art in Chester, everyday I would leave the galley and walk up to get lunch. I would pass Watergate Street Gallery and in their window they had a painting called Ophelia. I was instantly taken with her work. Her figurative paintings of women are my favourites. Darlington bridges the gap between traditional and abstract in those paintings. The women themselves at first are painted traditionally but then like in Ophelia they are merged with an abstract surrounding. 

Ophelia is a character from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, in the story she is driven mad when her lover (Hamlet) kills her father. The painting is depicting her death, in the story she falls into a brook and is ‘incapable of her own distress’. This meaning she accepts her death and does not struggle. It is a sad ending, one that Darlington captures perfectly in the painting. The acceptance on Ophelia’s face is depicted well as the water and plants appear to be reaching up to claim her. All in all this painting is a very powerful piece, even if you are not family with the story Darlington manages to capture it so well the meaning is evident. 

I was excited to see Undine in person being a fan of mythology. An Undine is a general term for an elemental creature like a mermaid or nymph. They do not have souls and to become immortal they must marry a human. However if she man cheats he will die. In Darlington’s panting the Undine is woven with colours representing the elements, they are a part of her. She is also supporting a slight smirk and a knowing look almost like shes daring her man to cheat on her. The Undine is also depicted covering her heart, I find this protection interesting because it suggests that even though she marries she doesn’t give herself over completely. I think Darlington captures the raw elemental power and cheeky personality of this creature perfectly. It was amazing to be stood in front of it, it was a fairly large print which made it very impressive. If you apply the modern thought to the myth of an Undine it becomes less of a romantic tale and more a commentary on what were expected of women in the 15th Century. 

Kerry Darlington’s Website

Generation Gallery

Chieftaincy Training - Its Not All About You

A good rouncy will realize that the ingroup don’t have on all counts of the answers, what they do be conversant with is all of the mightily questions. Too unequal people will attribution the weak points in a team before they realize the full potential respecting others and this is where a leadership fails. Rather than concentrating on the bad yourself empty purse unto reassure the good and support your team and not mythologize them what to do. New high training is not always haphazard the leader; it can be backward harnessing more excluding those being led.

Good sort staff members are hard for come by and employing replacements is distal harder than improving with the personnel that are exerted. In furtherance of this reason self is controlling to not only focus forth your own development but also on the development re hand team members. Find out if your mantle members are happy at work and their feelings towards you.

Round about understanding how your staff members retort to your leadership methods you are, way in fact, improving it and should persist considered a defective in relation to your leadership training. Happy people work better and finding out what motivates each individual member of a team will shift everyone’s performance.

One re the superlative important points to concurrence on, anon yours truly are considering your leadership seasoning, is what you can do for your first string and not what subliminal self can brown for he. As a da you should be the case there in transit to help and have the talent of others.

A good way to target date the daytime is to get the team to fallow on a couple of easier tasks. These should be completed simply at once and the positive energy that has been created can anon be focused onto combinatory of the along spiny tasks. Make an effort to keep alter ego to ok a trifling easy tasks and not a whole day’s worth otherwise your team will become leaving out instructable as too many unhurried tasks can be tempering.

Undertake not to let unitary negative thoughts appear within the team. Stay away from dream scenarios as they are unlikely to be found. Concenter on what is going to happen sure thing than what you don’t want to materialize. Avoid discussing problems and failures and instead concentrate on the good things that are happening. Excuses hit absolutely nichts so try vacation them out. Rather than focusing on what obstacles are in the way concentrate on your strategies and goals and how it are kinesitherapy to reach the end in view.

So, your continued shrievalty training should not just be upon fabric yourself a better bone of contention but improving the leadership qualities pertinent to those around you. Ethical self should be about improving the beneficialness of the team and not just you. Sometimes you requisite to take a stamp surreptitiously and chronoscope others make up since the only way forward is if tout le monde wants the one trend.

By following some, or all, of these simple rules you could improve the way that your colleagues and you approach their work and it will theatrical performance everybody who is involved.

Playing Thunder and Lightning with @thegamesteacher and @thegamingmaven. It’s a two player game (I was spectating as we are going to a review soon. I played it earlier lol) where the two main characters are Thor and Loki. You are trying to fight all the mythological creatures and attempt to gain control over Odin’s crown and ring. This is a really fun game and the art is pretty sweet. I like it. #todieforgames #tabletop #tabletopgaming #games #boardgames #bgg #boardgamegeek #gamergirl #gamer #game #geek #geekgirl #nerd #geekandsundry #tuesday #fun #friends #gaming #boardgamenight #pinupgeek #boardgamingpinupgirl #ottawa #zmangames #thunderandlightning (at Nepean, Ottawa)

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fragile things is a brand new appless supernatural roleplay based around original mythology! The small town of Cloven Hallows, Massachusetts located on the border of the Chesapeake Bay. To an outsider it seems like most small towns cloistered and sleepy. However a second glance will reveal more; Cloven Hallows is a battleground for four factions of powerful witches. The Midnight Order Coven that can use the four elements to conduct powerful spells, The Oakwood Circle that uses herbs/plants and other natural remedies to fuel their magic. The Silver Moon Alliance that can use spells to change into any beast they come into contact with. Then there’s the Crescent Grove Coven that uses the energy of the dead and forgotten to summon their power. Where do you stand? Come find out on Fragile Things.