mythology ask

magical/mythical asks
  • satyr:have you ever been drunk?
  • fairy:what would you call your aesthetic?
  • scarab:have you ever eaten a bug?
  • changeling:is there a part of yourself that youre especially insecure about?
  • faun:do you enjoy being outdoors?
  • siren:do you ever sing in the shower?
  • selkie:are you a strong swimmer?
  • ghost:are you a shy person?
  • phoenix:do you like hot weather?
  • sprite:what is your favorite combination of colors? (ex. purple and blue, orange and pink)
  • pixie:what is your favorite joke/pun?
  • shapeshifter:if you could choose to switch places with any celebrity/actor/etc who would it be and why?
  • dragon:would you rather grow wings and soar through the sky or grow gills and dwell in the water?
  • sylph:have you ever wished you were invisible? if so, when?
  • angel:what are three things you love about one of your close friends? (you can name them or not)
  • griffon:what's your favorite animal?
  • succubus:are you a virgin?
  • valkyrie:is there something that you would fight to defend? if so, what is it?
  • gnome:what's your favorite plant or flower?
  • doppelganger:do you know anyone who looks like you?
  • goblin:what do you fear losing the most?
  • mandrake:when was the last time you screamed out loud and what were the circumstances?
greek myth asks
  • zeus:if you could have one power, what would it be?
  • poseidon:do you prefer the ocean or land?
  • apollo:what are your favorite pieces of poetry?
  • aphrodite:do you believe in true love?
  • athena:what are your favorite classic novels?
  • ares:are you a confrontational person?
  • artemis:do you prefer night or day?
  • hera:who makes up your tumblr family?
  • hestia:where do you live or want to live?
  • demeter:do you enjoy nature?
  • persephone:what's your favorite season?
  • hades:do you believe in an afterlife?
  • hephaestus:what do you enjoy making?
  • hermes:where do you want to travel that you've never been before?
  • odysseus:what's your favorite place to travel?
  • echo:what's something you can't stop talking about?
  • narcissus:what's your best trait?
  • icarus:what's your fatal flaw?
  • orpheus:what's your favorite song or type of music?
  • eurydice:what's something you regret?
Signs as Demigods

Aries: child of Aries

Taurus: child of Hestia

Gemini: child of Aphrodite

Cancer: child of Hera

Leo: child of Dionysus

Virgo: child of Athena

Libra: child of Apollo

Scorpio: child of Zeus

Sagittarius: child of Hermes

Capricorn: child of Hades

Aquarius: child of Poseidon

Pisces: child of Demeter

Baba Yaga 

Baba Yaga hails from the place where fear and wisdom meet, she straddles the gap between life and death and holds the secret to both.

Also known as Jezda or Jazi Baba, Baba Yaga is an old witch who lives in the forests of Eastern Europe. It is said that her teeth, nose, and breasts made of iron and that her hair is made snakes. She moves through the forest using a mortar and pestle. Her house sits upon chicken legs which allows it to spin around and move. Her fence is made out of the bones of people who have displeased her. Baba Yaga is a very complex women who is thought to be the personification of death as well as having dominion over fertility, fate and nature. She has the gift of prophecy and can impart great wisdom.  If you wish to benefit from the gifts of Baba Yaga you must undertake an arduous journey to her house and then you must survive the tasks Baba Yaga puts forth to test you. 

To people claiming JK Rowling doesn’t know Native American Mythology... please shut up and read more RESEARCH books.

On second thought I’m not going to reblog the post I was going to respond to. This is snarky enough without me being a bitchy punch with a brick to the face. Unfortunately reassembling the first part to be less of a fuck you to someone you can’t see is too much a bother and I don’t want to pretend to not be aggravated.


Regarding having supposedly a No-Maj & no Native American named founders……

Congratulations on missing the point entirely with picking animals to represent the houses rather than themselves.  In Hogwarts, the pride of the lineage was very strong, and indeed, the Houses were named after the founders, not their attributes, colors, or anything else. In Ilvermorny, they’re named after favorite magical creatures specifically to AVOID that pride.

Do you know how Native American names are earned/received/given? Not by lineage, but by CHOICE, DEED, actions, and personality.

Oh and they usually favor colors + animals. :| /cough cough points to own name: Silverwolf and paints a bright red circle around it./

Not to mention, the founder was following the footsteps of an Irish witch animagus who could turn into a crow. Meanwhile the animagus witches & wizards were more common among Natives, but various tribes sometimes had frauds (which is a real thing!) who discouraged any such thing out of jealousy (also real as hell).

Are you also aware of how distrustful many Native tribes are of snakes and those who idolize them?  My tribe won’t even use them in art, and they’re not alone in that.

You’ve got the Great Horned Serpent or in Lakota: Uncegila, who 1) helped get wands for her adopted sons 2) true to mythology 3) is as NorthEast Atlantic Native mythos as you can GET. It was such a thing in NE Native tribes that it transferred over heavily to the settlers, especially since it was said to be hypnotic. NOW GRANTED, she made the horned serpent “friendly” (ish?) whereas, I always rooted for the Thunderbird and like I said, snakes were often associated as evil/vengeful. BUT SEE THAT LAST PART? REVENGE. You HAVE to give her credit for making that a key aspect to the story! And all monsters being “evil” is almost anti-Native in itself given the respect we have for wolves, and killer whales, and bears, and leopards, and alligators that could and still do, eat humans.

You’ve got the amazing mishmash of Irish + Native American brownies. LITERALLY NAMED PUKWUDGIES AFTER THE WAMPAONOG PUKWUDGIES!

Don’t even get me started on Thunderbirds and wampus. You cannot GET more Native American than Thunderbirds, and wampus?


Aren’t they pretty :333

Look instead of smacktalking shit for not being “researched enough” do some god damn research yourselves.

You know another thing she kept in tact? The founder delivered twin girls. In the legend of the sky woman who fell from the sky, she had twins. But rather like a panda, could only care for one, so the strongest was sent to the West to try to survive on his own.  The other she kept close, but as they grew up they found each other again and helped shape the world. The son from the West wanted harsh rocks and rigid cliffs and mountains, no rivers, and all food had to be fought very hard for. Whereas the boy from the East was used to a much easier life and wanted food everywhere easy to obtain, and twoway rivers so you never had to row, they would just carry you. They were able to always compromise and that helped create a world where you have to work hard, but will still be easily rewarded, and with help protected. Just as one daughter was a great witch, but the other was a squib, together they helped balance the world out.

I heard SO MUCH shit about how she didn’t research enough I was prepared for the worst and instead I got an A+ example of how I’d like to see others try to emulate if they wish to use Native American mythology. RESEARCH. Before you DARE say anyone else didn’t do enough? You better do fifty times what they did because if you end up wrong, you REALLY look asinine as fuck.

And the first students enrolled were 3 Wampanoag other than her adopted sons. AN ADDITIONAL NOTE? Native American tribes in the region commonly adopted outsiders into their tribes in order to keep the lineage as strong as possible, you couldn’t GET more of a fuck you to Gormalaith. It literally takes the idea that in-breeding = purity, and flips it completely inside out. And J.K. Rowling actually NAILED that.  Something I’ve yet to see any mainstream American functionally DO.  On top of which, Irish, Wampanoag, Iroquois, and quite a few other tribes were matriarchal, as was the founder’s family because of her magic.

Go pretend to get Brownie points for spouting nonsense somewhere else WITHOUT dismissing my people’s heritage and mythologies alongside it, okay?  We’re fighting tooth and nail to keep these stories alive, and you want them erased or going unknown all the faster for what? Please, go research. Just. Seriously. Make your own stories, but don’t you DARE presume to tell someone how to represent something you clearly don’t even CARE to look up.

– CC Silverwolf

Classics inspired questions!

Zeus: what is one quality of your personality which you think makes you complex?
Hera: what do you think people’s first impression of you is?
Poseidon: what’s the most intense dream you can remember having?
Hades: what would your dream job be if money or location weren’t an issue?
Apollo: what is something you’ve always been proud of resisting?
Dionysus: what is your happiest memory in the past year?
Hermes: if you could tell anyone you no longer talk to something, what would it be?
Aphrodite: what is a scent that reminds you of a specific time or place?
Ares: when was the last time you fought with someone you care about?
Hephaestus: what is one craft/trade you would like to learn?
Athena: if you could tell your fifteen year old self anything, what would it be?
Pan: if you were an animal what would you be?
Iris: which five historical figures would you invite to a diner party?
Hestia: what does your dream home look like?
Cassandra: what’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?
Paris: would you rather have power, wisdom, or love?
Perseus: which member of your family are you closest to?
Theseus: what is your biggest regret?
Icarus: if you could go back in time and change one thing what would you do?
Odysseus: where have you felt most at home in your life?
Achilles: what’s your biggest weakness?
Penelope: what have you been waiting for recently?
Agamemnon: what are you most jealous of?
Narcissus: what is your favourite part of your anatomy?
Aeneis: what is your cultural or ethnic background?
Echo: who do you admire?
Daphne: if you were reincarnated as a plant, which one would you like to be?
Alexander the Great: if you could name your own city, what would you call it?
Hephaestion: what is one thing you’d like to be buried with?
Ptolemy: what is your favourite nickname?
Socrates: what is something you find really annoying?
Plato: Who was your favourite childhood teacher?
Aristotle: what was your favourite class in high school?
Diogenes: what is the grossest habit you have?
Pericles: what would you like to be remembered for?
Solon: how would you describe your political views?
Antinous: who is the prettiest individual you’ve ever encountered?
Aristophanes: what is your Twitter bio?
Homer: what is your favourite movie?
Augustus: would you describe your aesthetic as brick or marble?
Tiberius: what is your ideal party?
Caligula: what is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen?
Claudius: what is something you dreaded doing in the last year?
Nero: if you were to have a statue made of yourself, what pose would you be making?
Vespasian: who is your problematic fave?
Titus: have you ever witnessed a natural disaster?
Domitian: have you ever had a friend you wished you had never met?
Trajan: do you know any members of the military?
Hadrian: did you ever have a crush on an animated character?
Antoninus Pius: do you resemble anyone in your family strongly?
Marcus Aurelius: how much sleep do you get on an ideal night?
Lucius Verus: how sick is the sickest you’ve ever been?
Commodus: what is your dream Halloween costume?


calypso (greek: kαλυψώ, kalypsō) was an oceanid in greek mythology, who lived on the island of ogygia, where she detained odysseus for several years. calypso enchants odysseus with her singing as she strolls to and fro across her weaving loom, with a golden shuttle. during this time they sleep together, although odysseus soon comes to wish for circumstances to change until he cannot be away from his wife penelope any longer and wants to go to calypso to tell her. his patron goddess athena asks zeus to order the release of odysseus from the island, and zeus orders the messenger hermes, to tell calypso to set odysseus free, for it was not his destiny to live with her forever. she angrily comments on how the gods hate for goddesses to have affairs with mortals, but eventually concedes, sending odysseus on his way after providing him with wine, bread, and the provisions to build a small raft.


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Things NOT To Do When You Meet an Actual Witch
  • say, “so wait… you think magic is real?”
  • or “do you have a mental illness?”

  • *insert comment about how we’re “childish” for believing here*

  • Have you ever cursed someone?? (this puts someone in a position where they feel like they have to justify it if they did, and sometimes there are stories people just don’t want to tell

  • Say something that implies Christian superiority

  • Tell a christo-witch (Christian witch) that practicing witchcraft invalidates their identity as a Christian

  • Tell a Pagan witch that they can’t follow a pantheon because it’s “already been labeled as mythology”

  • Ask them to do magic right now, on the spot (There are days I don’t want to do magic or can’t really feel my own magic, especially if I’m out of practice/have been too busy)

  • demand they do things that are very clearly not possible. (Do you have ANY clue how powerful someone would have to be to move something? APPARENTLY NOT!)

  • explain to them in detail why you think their beliefs are invalid

  • treat them like doing witchcraft means they’re morally abhorent
mythological creatures asks
  • dragon:if you could build a hoard of any item, what would it be?
  • siren:are you a flirt?
  • dullahan:what do you fear?
  • satyr:what's your favourite drink?
  • kitsune:if you could choose to change into any animal, which one would it be?
  • lamassu:what are you protective of?
  • succubus:what's your sexuality?
  • gryphon:from where do you draw your strength?
  • werewolf:how do you deal with your inner demons?
  • phoenix:do you do believe in light after death?
  • selkie:ocean or land?
  • harpy:earth or sky?
  • kelpie:ocean or lake?
  • nymph:if you had to inhabit any natural area, where would you choose?
To Nico: how offended do you get on your dad's behalf that his planet isn't a real planet any more?
  • Nico:well um....
  • Nico:I dunno how to answer this.
  • Nico:you see I'm Greek.....and Hades is Greek.
  • Nico:Pluto is the planet....
  • Nico:Pluto is Roman....
  • Nico:uh.
  • Nico:does Pluto even count as my dad?
  • Nico:'cause like....
Greek Primordial Gods Asks
  • Aether:Do you tan or do you get sunburnt?
  • Ananke:Do you believe in fate/destiny?
  • Chaos:How do you think the universe was created?
  • Chronos:If you were able to time travel once, would you go back to the past or forward to the future?
  • Erebus:Are you nocturnal or diurnal?
  • Eros:Do you believe in soul mates?
  • Gaia:Top three places you want to visit?
  • Hemera:Do you prefer the sunrise or the sunset?
  • Nyx:Moon or stars?
  • Ourea:Have you ever seen mountains? If so, which ones?
  • Phanes:What is one thing you would change about your appearance if you could?
  • Pontus:Have you ever been to an ocean?
  • Tartarus:Do you believe in the afterlife?
  • Thalassa:Favorite sea-based animal?
  • Uranus:Have you ever been on an airplane?