mythological fruit

I wonder how angry Ancient Greeks and Romans would be today having their religion being called mythology because it’s too unbelievable to a bunch of people that have complete faith in the fact that fruit doomed their entire race


The Pantheon | Persephone, goddess of nature and queen of the Underworld.

The earth provides. And then takes your soul.

Proserpina, consort of Hades, the mixed daughter, harbinger of spring, mother of the dead, produces and destroys everything, the savior maiden, bringer of fruit.

(Finally got hold of my computer! I’ll be able to write my stories again! Yay! Anyway, this has been staying on my drafts since last, last(?) week)

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Name: gdesertsand, Joke! You can call me Fuji. 

Nickname: Fuji, G, Sand 

Birth month: New Year’s 

Height: 4'10" (yeah, I am small) 

Ethnicity: South East Asian 

Orientation: It is also the name of god of the wild in Greek mythology

 Fruit: apple, especially Fuji apple 

Favorite season: rainy (as long as it will not cause floods) 

Books: PJO and HOO, Magnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard, A Silent Star, Mercy at Midnight, Miss Peregrine’s House of Peculiar Children. 

Favorite flowers: Jasmine, forget me not, roses, Gumamela (Hibiscus) 

Favorite scent: the smell of rain before it pours down. 

Favorite animals: as long as they are fluffy and cute. 

Favorite beverages: Hot chocolate and Ice coffee. 

Hours of sleep: 4-6 hours (normal), 2-3 hours (if I have an exam)

 Favorite fictional characters: of course Lance from VLD, Nico di Angelo from PJO and HOO series, Gaara, Allen Walker from DGM, Edward Elric from FMA, Jack Sparrow, Trafalgar Law and Corazon (Donquixote Rocinante) from One Piece,….I got so many favorite characters… 

Number of blankets you sleep with: One, because it is not that cold from where I live.

Dream trip: a trip around the world of course! 

Blog Created: February 2016 I guess? That was the time I joined the Hetalia fandom XD 

Number of followers: 600+ (yay!) 

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Here is the painting process video for my painting “Night Blooming”. Set to classical music, which I think automatically makes it classy af. Perfect Sunday night chill out.