Guelph Adventurist Society Presents:

The Silence and the Earth

a thirty minute multimedia shadow PLAY exploring
a cosmic environmental story of love, loss of home &
letting go, with small characters & tiny, moveable parts.
a conversation between the last human and the Earth.
performed by Jess X Chen and Beyon.

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AND Zine reading by byron. (

What : The Silence and the Earth (shadow puppet play, with animation, poetry and music)
Where : 70 Huron st. (
When : Tuesday November 5th, 7:15pm
How much : 5$ or pwyc to support touring playwrights and musicians.

tracking coyotes through winter forest

my companion’s ducking
below dark shadowed pines
with downwise eyes,
while i hold tense threatening branches from springing back.
i also look down to the new snow
as it’s settled beneath the trees.

it seems the tracks have unfolded themselves,
blossomed thricewise and now instead of one
there are three coyote’s we are tracking
through this silent morning forest.

fluidly, from one to three, as they loosen their form
shed shared skins, paths and prints.
a trinity of ghosts, who'se lingering shadows
we study to know.

we’re slowed by deep snow, growing cold, and
the fast temptations of home.
rumbling stomachs which lead us one way,
and the coys another.

there is no clock to watch,
no sun to follow as grey clouds part
to grey clouds
though, we never look up to try and tell,
to reassure ourselves of distance or Time.

in whispers it’s decided we’ll head back to camp,
through the same worn path,
lost to snowpants, gloved hands, and
thick with signs of two lost men
scrying the snow
for a different map home.

still working on this one. that first verse isn’t nearly complete. needs some tweaking. i could use some help. feel free to use the asks for critiques or slander.