Hope | Love | Devotion | Loyalty

“May those who follow their fate be granted happiness; may those who defy it be granted glory.”

I finally finished the set! I’m very happy with how these all turned out! Princess Tutu is definitely one of my favorite series. I’ve seen it many times and I really love the messages that it puts out- it treats all of the main characters so well and they’re all important and well-developed. Just…..so many feelings

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Ahiru | Mytho | Rue | Fakir


Little Fairytales AU - The main cast are all little kids, and have the most happy-cheesy adventures ever! Mytho is still a prince, Fakir is a squire, and Rue is his little sister. Somehow, Rue finds an egg that is supposedly the legendary Princess Tutu, who of course is actually Ahiru as a duck. Eventually Ahiru becomes human, and did I mention they go on fun adventures? Just some silly sketches that I had fun with. :3