Little Fairytales AU - The main cast are all little kids, and have the most happy-cheesy adventures ever! Mytho is still a prince, Fakir is a squire, and Rue is his little sister. Somehow, Rue finds an egg that is supposedly the legendary Princess Tutu, who of course is actually Ahiru as a duck. Eventually Ahiru becomes human, and did I mention they go on fun adventures? Just some silly sketches that I had fun with. :3

Mythology meme 7 Norse Gods/Goddesses → Freyja

Freya (Old Norse Freyja, “Lady”) is one of the preeminent goddesses in Norse mythology. She’s a member of the Vanir tribe of deities, but became an honorary member of the Aesir gods after the Aesir-Vanir War. Her father is Njord. Her mother is unknown, but could be Nerthus. Freyr is her brother. Her husband, named “Óðr” in late Old Norse literature, is certainly none other than Odin, and, accordingly, Freya is ultimately identical with Odin’s wife Frigg.

Freya was a warrior goddess, a Valkyrie, and also the goddess of sensual love. Freya was a spectacular beauty known for her appreciation of romantic music and stunning floral arrangements. That was her softer side; she was also known as the goddess of war and death.

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