• Percy: Wait here.
  • Annabeth: Percy, you shouldn't go alone.
  • Percy: Well, unless you can breathe underwater...
  • Annabeth: You are so annoying sometimes.
  • Percy: Like when I'm right? Trust me, I'll be fine. I've got the curse of Achilles now. I'm all invincible and stuff.
  • Annabeth: Just be careful. I don't want anything to happen to you. I mean, because we need you for the battle.
  • Percy: Back in a flash.

Danny Jones singing “If U C Kate”

Last year I sent a message to John and I put my heart on it. I told him about my life, my fears, my problems, how everything was complicated and how I was tired about basically everything. This was his reply.

I didn’t posted this before, cuz I thought that was something between me and him, but I’ve realized that everyone deserves to read this because, honestly I can’t put in words how much that ‘letter’ means to me and how much this helped me. So, maybe this can help some people too.

I read this everyday and I’ll never forget that when I was completely alone, he was here for me.