In response to this post x

Well.. maybe we aren’t the biggest fandom, maybe our boys don’t have tons of money and followers. But we don’t care, they don’t care. We have something special, we’re a fanmily. They’re here for us, they care about us, they help us a lot.

We DON’T care if you spend your day talking bullshit about us, or spreading hate. We don’t care.

We’re here for them, and they’re here for us and you can’t change that.

And remember, hating won’t do it.

Last year I sent a message to John and I put my heart on it. I told him about my life, my fears, my problems, how everything was complicated and how I was tired about basically everything. This was his reply.

I didn’t posted this before, cuz I thought that was something between me and him, but I’ve realized that everyone deserves to read this because, honestly I can’t put in words how much that ‘letter’ means to me and how much this helped me. So, maybe this can help some people too.

I read this everyday and I’ll never forget that when I was completely alone, he was here for me.