I went to the zoo today it was fun

In the car on the way I felt really horrible but it was better when we got there

We saw lots of animals and I think we all had fun it was a nice family day

My leg hurt quite a lot after a while though

I wanted to feed the lorikeets so we got a pot of the nectar stuff for me and my brother but I can’t hold my arm up for long enough so mum did mine and I watched

I took some pictures but not loads because I used mums lens which is a lot heavier than mine so my arms aren’t that good at holding it

I also got an elephant teddy that’s really cute and soft

I thought I would be crashing really badly at the moment but it isn’t too bad yet, I feel like tomorrow will be though, I do feel like I’m about to crash which is understandable considering how much energy I have used today

But I had a really nice time :)

Listening to Never Grow Up

Is that song that I love, but it isn’t one of my favorites songs in the album (I mean, Speak Now is too perfect, there are a lot of songs that I fuckin’ love).

But when I listen to it, I just fall in love with it everytime. And it that song that makes you cry, because you have 23 years, you just wish you had never grown up, and you see a lot of difficult steps in front of you.

I mean, I was bullied in my school, but even with that, when you’re a child, life is easier. At least when you’re very young…