Robbie gets hurt and Sportacus’ crystal doesn’t go off. After a few days Sport checks on Robbie to find him still hurting but attempting to move on. Sport patches him up and feels horrible. He never really forgives himself and visits often to make sure it doesn’t happen again and that Robbie is happy and doing good. After awhile and a lot of protesting Robbie starts to like Sportaucs’ company and him. He ask him out and Sport says he’s not good enough and runs off. Robbie waits and eventually has to go find him and explain that he thinks Sport is good enough and like what does that even mean? And Sportaucs explains how he failed Robbie and Robbie tells him all the good hes done for him since then. Robbie explains to Sport that it’s not the elf’s choice whether or not he’s good enough or Robbie. Robbie is an adult and can decide that himself. Sport is still a little unsure but he really does like Robbie. He tries to promise to keep the villian safe always but Robbie tells Sportacus that life happens and he can’t always be there or stop everything just, as long as he’s there to hold him after they’ll be good.

We all write about the angels who fell, but what about the demons who rose?

Devils who are too pure to be burning in dark pits, but not quite divine to be taken through pearly gates. Devils who love the sky and count the stars. Demons who take the sun and the moon as new lovers and the planets as new friends. Demons who laugh and dance in the rain the first time those watery drops touch their skin.

Demons who try to be good. Demons who rebel. Demons who still have a little malice in their hearts. They play practical jokes, lie, cheat, steal…sometimes they apologize. Most of the time, they just make it up with another grand gesture. Forgiveness comes because the sentiment is there, even if the words aren’t.

Demons who make friends with fallen angels. Demons who trace their scars where the wings used to be. Demons who remind them that they’re not evil because they fell to Earth, and angels who reassure them they’re not bad because they came from brimstone and fire.

Demons who read books and hate the movies that are made out of them. Demons who don’t read the books and love the movies. Demons who read poetry. Demons who think science is a lot like magic and just as complicated to master.

Demons who start to appreciate humans, and secretly root for them to be good. Demons who have nightmares about Hell, and call each other at 4 am. They don’t have to say anything, and they stay, phones on their ears, in silence, because they understand. No one wants to go back.

Demons who are thankful for Earth, happy for a middle ground. If they can’t go up to the Heavens, and they don’t want to go back down to Hell, then at least they have this. The one place they can be both good and bad, and no one will hold it against them.

The town thinks Robbie is the lonely one but really he enjoys the peace. When he wants to join he finds his own way.
Sportacus is the real lonely one. He waits for invitations and doesn’t seem to like to be alone as much as Robbie does.
Robbie picks up on this and starts to hang out with him as the kids get older and need him less.