• Hermes: stupid adulting
  • Dionysus: yeah it sucks, but at least I can buy wine so it all comes out in the wash

Robbie and Sporto start dating and Robbie has trouble wrapping his head around it. He wakes up and is like “no, was a dream” goes up to sneek on the ppl and Sporto sees him and runs over and kisses him. This keeps happening for a while. Robbie is just like “How? This wonderful man.” And Sporto is just like “???” And tries to reassure him without seeming worried about Robbo’s mental state. Until one day it just clicks and Robbie’s like morning honey and Sportacus is like thank God finally.

  • Voltage guy: yeah I'm not interested in dating or falling in love with anyone.
  • Me: ( aww why tho? U hot and I know I'm ugly but who the fuck cares man oh well *sigh* )
  • Voltage guy: I am interested in a certain someone..
  • Me:'s me.

yuichiro  asked:

how about... star headcanons. a lot of pokemon reference the stars in some way, so what sort of roll do you think the stars themselves serve in-universe? are they mystical? revered? are they pokemon themselves?

This is quite a tough one. I’m not sure how I’d make a structured headcanon about something like this, so I’ll just share a few miscellaneous ideas here:

-An ancient text, believed to have come from another world, describes a tale in which a solar deity was usurped and devoured by his animal companion. This companion, a lion of immeasurable strength, made the sky burn hotter, brought fair weather to a world of ice, and went on to rule the planets in the deity’s place. Solgaleo’s status as ‘the beast that devours the sun’ therefore resulted from a translation error - it is in fact ‘the beast that devoured the sun god’.

-In the same text, Lunala was said to come after Solgaleo, to provide light in the places that the lion could not reach. When the two departed from that world, it is claimed that they left the sun and the moon to fulfil their roles in their absence. 

-Some hypothesise that the number of stars in the universe correspond to the number of Solgaleos in existence, but there is no concrete evidence to suggest this.  

-A portion of modern theorists argue that Solgaleo merely has the ability to produce large volumes of light, and that it is only human interpretation that has linked it to the stars. For the most part, scientific theory surrounding stars in the pokémon world is the same as it is in ours.  

Elves only fall in love once and the pain from unrequited love can litterly sad them to death. Sportacus confesses to Robbie who thinks he’s teasing him so he turns him down. Later, after it’s been oddly quiet for a few days, the kids come shouting for help. Robbie has to go convince Sporto he really does like him and that he was only scared so Sportacus doesn’t die.